All Music Videos Released in May 2019

Duilio 'Abramović' music video

Abramović (2019)


Vicente García 'Ahí Ahí' music video

Ahí Ahí (2019)

Vicente García

Linea 77 'AK77' music video

AK77 (2019)

Linea 77

Au/Ra 'Assassin' music video

Assassin (2019)


Rammstein 'Ausländer' music video

Ausländer (2019)


Director: Jörn Heitmann

ROSALÍA 'Aute Cuture' music video

Aute Cuture (2019)


Director: Bradley & Pablo

Carlie Hanson 'Back In My Arms' music video

Back In My Arms (2019)

Carlie Hanson

Tananai 'Bear Grylls' music video

Bear Grylls (2019)


sarasara 'Blood Brothers' music video

Blood Brothers (2019)


Charlie Charles 'Calipso' music video

Calipso (2019)

Charlie Charles

Director: Attilio Cusani

Summer Cannibals 'Can't Tell Me No' music video

Can't Tell Me No (2019)

Summer Cannibals

Brooks Forsyth 'Cast My Dreams To The Wind' music video

Cast My Dreams To The Wind (2019)

Brooks Forsyth

Madonna 'Crave' music video

Crave (2019)


Director: Nuno Xico

Nick Murphy (2) 'Dangerous' music video

Dangerous (2019)

Nick Murphy

Sons of an Illustrious Father 'Don't Cha' music video

Don't Cha (2019)

Sons of an Illustrious Father

5 Seconds Of Summer 'Easier' music video

Easier (2019)

5 Seconds Of Summer

Director: Grant Singer

Sofi de la Torre 'Estamos Mal' music video

Estamos Mal (2019)

Sofi de la Torre

ScHoolboy Q 'Floating' music video

Floating (2019)

ScHoolboy Q

Director: Jack Begert

BANKS 'Gimme' music video

Gimme (2019)


LPX 'Give Up The Ghost' music video

Give Up The Ghost (2019)


The Black Keys 'Go' music video

Go (2019)

The Black Keys

Director: Bryan Schlam

Liberato 'Guagliò (Capri RDV Ep.01)' music video

Guagliò (Capri RDV Ep.01) (2019)


DJ Khaled 'Higher' music video

Higher (2019)

DJ Khaled

Director: Eif Rivera

Cat Power 'Horizon' music video

Horizon (2019)

Cat Power

Ed Sheeran 'I Don't Care' music video

I Don't Care (2019)

Ed Sheeran

Director: Emil Nava

Shawn Mendes 'If I Can't Have You' music video

If I Can't Have You (2019)

Shawn Mendes

Director: Bardia Zeinali

Foals 'In Degrees' music video

In Degrees (2019)


Therapie TAXI 'J'en ai marre' music video

J'en ai marre (2019)

Therapie TAXI

Director: Marion Castera, Kelzang Ravach

DJ Khaled 'Just Us' music video

Just Us (2019)

DJ Khaled

Director: Joseph Kahn

Hatari 'Klefi / Samed' music video

Klefi / Samed (2019)


Black Mountain 'Licensed To Drive' music video

Licensed To Drive (2019)

Black Mountain

Izzy Bizu 'Lights On' music video

Lights On (2019)

Izzy Bizu

Bring Me The Horizon 'mother tongue' music video

mother tongue (2019)

Bring Me The Horizon

Director: Chris Muir

Katy Perry 'Never Really Over' music video

Never Really Over (Version 1) (2019)

Katy Perry

Director: Philippa Price

Fjer 'Never Work' music video

Never Work (2019)


Kylie Minogue 'New York City' music video

New York City (2019)

Kylie Minogue

Liberato 'Niente (Capri RDV Ep.05)' music video

Niente (Capri RDV Ep.05) (2019)


Director: Francesco Lettieri

Halsey 'Nightmare' music video

Nightmare (2019)


Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Florence + The Machine 'No Choir' music video

No Choir (2019)

Florence + The Machine

Gabrielle Aplin 'Nothing Really Matters' music video

Nothing Really Matters (2019)

Gabrielle Aplin

Liberato 'Nunn'a voglio 'ncuntrà (Capri RDV Ep.03)' music video

Nunn'a voglio 'ncuntrà (Capri RDV Ep.03) (2019)


Liberato 'Oi Marì (Capri RDV Ep.02)' music video

Oi Marì (Capri RDV Ep.02) (2019)


Director: Francesco Lettieri

Lil Nas X 'Old Town Road' music video

Old Town Road (2019)

Lil Nas X

Director: Calmatic

Avalon Lurks 'Papi Chulo' music video

Papi Chulo (2019)

Avalon Lurks

Sarah Bethe Nelson 'Paralyzed Waltz' music video

Paralyzed Waltz (2019)

Sarah Bethe Nelson