All Music Videos Released in February 2022

Whatever The Weather '17ºC' music video

17ºC (2022)

Whatever The Weather

Enumclaw '2002' music video

2002 (2022)


Foals '2am' music video

2am (2022)


Highsnob 'Abbi cura di te' music video

Abbi cura di te (2022)


The Marías 'All I Really Want Is You' music video

All I Really Want Is You (2022)

The Marías

Montaigne 'Always Be You' music video

Always Be You (2022)


Gianni Morandi 'Apri tutte le porte' music video

Apri tutte le porte (2022)

Gianni Morandi

Director: Leandro Manuel Emede

Porridge Radio 'Back To The Radio' music video

Back To The Radio (2022)

Porridge Radio

Blind Channel 'Bad Idea' music video

Bad Idea (Version 1) (2022)

Blind Channel

Sukie Hong 'Best Of Luck' music video

Best Of Luck (2022)

Sukie Hong

Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Black Summer' music video

Black Summer (2022)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Director: Deborah Chow

Isaac Dunbar 'Bleach' music video

Bleach (2022)

Isaac Dunbar

Mattiel 'Blood in the Yolk' music video

Blood in the Yolk (2022)


Maud Geffray 'Break' music video

Break (2022)

Maud Geffray

Mahmood 'Brividi' music video

Brividi (2022)


Director: Attilio Cusani

Alfie Templeman 'Broken' music video

Broken (2022)

Alfie Templeman

Orville Peck 'C'mon Baby, Cry' music video

C'mon Baby, Cry (2022)

Orville Peck

ROSALÍA 'Chicken Teriyaki' music video

Chicken Teriyaki (2022)


Director: Tanu Muino

Ditonellapiaga 'Chimica' music video

Chimica (2022)


Khruangbin & Leon Bridges 'Chocolate Hills' music video

Chocolate Hills (2022)

Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

La rappresentante di lista 'Ciao Ciao' music video

Ciao Ciao (2022)

La rappresentante di lista

Director: Simone Rovellini

Alice Martin 'Cocaine Blues' music video

Cocaine Blues (2022)

Alice Martin

Running Touch 'Come With Me' music video

Come With Me (2022)

Running Touch

Deer Scout 'Cowboy' music video

Cowboy (2022)

Deer Scout

My Idea 'Cry Mfer' music video

Cry Mfer (2022)

My Idea

FKA Twigs 'darjeeling' music video

darjeeling (2022)

FKA Twigs

Luby Sparks 'Depression' music video

Depression (2022)

Luby Sparks

Il Pagante 'DEVASTANTE' music video


Il Pagante

Pusha T 'Diet Coke' music video

Diet Coke (2022)

Pusha T

Nicki Minaj 'Do We Have A Problem?' music video

Do We Have A Problem? (2022)

Nicki Minaj

Director: Benny Boom

Achille Lauro 'Domenica' music video

Domenica (2022)

Achille Lauro

bülow 'Don't Break His Heart' music video

Don't Break His Heart (2022)


Claudia Bouvette 'Douchebag' music video

Douchebag (2022)

Claudia Bouvette

Ana Mena 'Duecentomila ore' music video

Duecentomila ore (2022)

Ana Mena

Director: Mauro Russo

Cody Frost 'DWYSSWM (Don't Worry Your Secret's Safe With Me)' music video

DWYSSWM (Don't Worry Your Secret's Safe With Me) (2022)

Cody Frost

Machine Gun Kelly 'emo girl' music video

emo girl (2022)

Machine Gun Kelly

Director: Drew Kirsh

Alice Glass 'Everybody Else' music video

Everybody Else (2022)

Alice Glass

Cavetown 'Fall In Love With A Girl' music video

Fall In Love With A Girl (2022)


sangiovanni 'farfalle' music video

farfalle (2022)


Director: Late Milk

Deserted Fear 'Follow the Light That Blinds' music video

Follow the Light That Blinds (2022)

Deserted Fear

Oliver Tree 'Freaks & Geeks' music video

Freaks & Geeks (2022)

Oliver Tree

Tyga 'Freaky Deaky' music video

Freaky Deaky (2022)


Director: Christian Breslauer

G Flip 'GAY 4 ME' music video

GAY 4 ME (2022)

G Flip

Halsey 'Girl is a Gun' music video

Girl is a Gun (2022)


Carlie Hanson 'Girls in Line for the Bathroom' music video

Girls in Line for the Bathroom (2022)

Carlie Hanson