All Music Videos Released in January 2022

ADA '25 or 6 to 4' music video

25 or 6 to 4 (2022)


White Lies 'Am I Really Going to Die' music video

Am I Really Going to Die (2022)

White Lies

George Ezra 'Anyone For You' music video

Anyone For You (2022)

George Ezra

Director: Andrew Donoho

corook 'Bad Friend' music video

Bad Friend (2022)


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard 'Black Hot Soup (DJ Shadow “My Own Reality” Re-Write)' music video

Black Hot Soup (DJ Shadow “My Own Reality” Re-Write) (2022)

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

Blinders 'Blind Love' music video

Blind Love (2022)


Ghost 'Call Me Little Sunshine' music video

Call Me Little Sunshine (2022)


Director: Matt Mahurin

Franz Ferdinand 'Curious' music video

Curious (2022)

Franz Ferdinand

Nemahsis 'Dollar Signs' music video

Dollar Signs (2022)


Lucy Gaffney 'Easy Come Easy Go' music video

Easy Come Easy Go (2022)

Lucy Gaffney

Samuel 'Elettronica' music video

Elettronica (2022)


CLOAKROOM 'Fear of Being Fixed' music video

Fear of Being Fixed (2022)


Alison Wonderland 'Fear Of Dying' music video

Fear Of Dying (2022)

Alison Wonderland

Maia Friedman 'First To Love' music video

First To Love (2022)

Maia Friedman

Bonobo 'From You' music video

From You (2022)


The Weeknd 'Gasoline' music video

Gasoline (2022)

The Weeknd

Director: Matilda Finn

Doja Cat 'Get Into It (Yuh)' music video

Get Into It (Yuh) (2022)

Doja Cat

Director: Mike Diva

Subwoolfer 'Give That Wolf a Banana' music video

Give That Wolf a Banana (2022)


Glass Town 'Half' music video

Half (2022)

Glass Town

Let's Eat Grandma 'Happy New Year' music video

Happy New Year (2022)

Let's Eat Grandma

Alt-J 'Hard Drive Gold' music video

Hard Drive Gold (2022)


Director: Joe Newman, Darcy Wallace

Alexis Lynn 'House On Fire' music video

House On Fire (2022)

Alexis Lynn

Léa Sen 'Hyasynth' music video

Hyasynth (2022)

Léa Sen

Fontaines D.C. 'Jackie Down the Line' music video

Jackie Down the Line (2022)

Fontaines D.C.

Director: Hugh Mulhern

FKA Twigs 'jealousy' music video

jealousy (2022)

FKA Twigs

Director: Aidan Zamiri

Mavi Phoenix 'Just An Artist' music video

Just An Artist (2022)

Mavi Phoenix

Sinead Harnett 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2022)

Sinead Harnett

Dark Funeral 'Let the Devil In' music video

Let the Devil In (2022)

Dark Funeral

Charlie Puth 'Light Switch' music video

Light Switch (2022)

Charlie Puth

Tash 'London Boy' music video

London Boy (2022)


MARINA 'Loner' music video

Loner (2022)


Director: Brendan Walter

Sofia Carson 'LOUD' music video

LOUD (2022)

Sofia Carson

Teddy Swims 'Love For A Minute' music video

Love For A Minute (2022)

Teddy Swims

Mitski 'Love Me More' music video

Love Me More (2022)


Director: Christopher Good

Alicia Moffet 'Lullaby' music video

Lullaby (2022)

Alicia Moffet

Stromae 'L’enfer' music video

L’enfer (2022)


Director: Julien Soulier, Luc Van Haver, Coralie Barbier, Stromae

FKA Twigs 'meta angel' music video

meta angel (2022)

FKA Twigs

Director: Aidan Zamiri

Ama Louise 'No Angel' music video

No Angel (2022)

Ama Louise

Paul Cherry 'No News No Blues' music video

No News No Blues (2022)

Paul Cherry

Greta Isaac 'NUH UH' music video

NUH UH (2022)

Greta Isaac

Kyla La Grange 'Nurture' music video

Nurture (2022)

Kyla La Grange

Adele 'Oh My God' music video

Oh My God (2022)


Director: Sam Brown

Night Talks 'On and On' music video

On and On (2022)

Night Talks

Goldmyth 'On Melancholy Hill' music video

On Melancholy Hill (2022)


Ignite 'On the Ropes' music video

On the Ropes (2022)