All Music Videos Released in January 2009

Bosse '3 Millionen' music video

3 Millionen (2009)


Gojira 'All the Tears' music video

All the Tears (2009)


Director: Jossie Malis

Fall Out Boy 'America's Suitehearts' music video

America's Suitehearts (2009)

Fall Out Boy

Director: Matthew Stawski

Of Montreal 'An Eluardian Instance' music video

An Eluardian Instance (2009)

Of Montreal

Director: Jesse Ewles

Captain Squeegee 'By The Light' music video

By The Light (2009)

Captain Squeegee

Director: Sean Oliver

Bring Me The Horizon 'Chelsea Smile' music video

Chelsea Smile (2009)

Bring Me The Horizon

Director: Adam Powell

Cristyle 'Dance With Me' music video

Dance With Me (2009)


Director: Nezih Sava?kan

Jon Lajoie 'Everyday Normal Crew' music video

Everyday Normal Crew (2009)

Jon Lajoie

Director: Jon Lajoie

Catman Cohen 'Fade Into You' music video

Fade Into You (2009)

Catman Cohen

Director: Michael Canyon Drebert

Glasvegas 'Flowers & Football Tops' music video

Flowers & Football Tops (2009)


Oren Lavie 'Her Morning Elegance' music video

Her Morning Elegance (2009)

Oren Lavie

Director: Oren Lavie, Yuval Nathan, Merav Nathan

Disidente 'Igual Que Tu' music video

Igual Que Tu (2009)


Director: Carlos Cruz, Emma Branch

Coldplay 'Life in Technicolor II' music video

Life in Technicolor II (2009)


Director: Dougal Wilson

Ilse DeLange 'Miracle' music video

Miracle (2009)

Ilse DeLange

Mayday Parade 'Miserable at Best' music video

Miserable at Best (2009)

Mayday Parade

Kelly Clarkson 'My Life Would Suck Without You' music video

My Life Would Suck Without You (2009)

Kelly Clarkson

Director: Wayne Isham

PG 'Nike Boots' music video

Nike Boots (2009)


Omar Simons 'One Day' music video

One Day (2009)

Omar Simons

Director: Buki Koshoni

Pink 'Please Don't Leave Me' music video

Please Don't Leave Me (2009)


Director: Dave Meyers

La Roux 'Quicksand' music video

Quicksand (2009)

La Roux

Director: Kinga Burza

Aerodrone 'Scene Boy' music video

Scene Boy (2009)


Annie Lennox 'Shining Light' music video

Shining Light (2009)

Annie Lennox

Director: Phil Griffin

Pendulum (3) 'Showdown' music video

Showdown (2009)


Director: Nick Bartleet

Escape The Fate 'Something' music video

Something (2009)

Escape The Fate

Director: Zach Merck

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons 'Take Off Your Sunglasses' music video

Take Off Your Sunglasses (2009)

Ezra Furman & The Harpoons

Director: Antoine Wagner

Mr. Lif 'The Sun' music video

The Sun (2009)

Mr. Lif

Hjaltalín 'Traffic Music' music video

Traffic Music (2009)


Franz Ferdinand 'Ulysses' music video

Ulysses (2009)

Franz Ferdinand

Director: ThirtyTwo

t.A.T.u. 'White Robe (Beliy Plaschik)' music video

White Robe (Beliy Plaschik) (Version 1) (2009)


Director: James Cox