All Music Videos Released in July 2009

Lily Allen '22' music video

22 (2009)

Lily Allen

Director: Jake Scott

Kelly Clarkson 'Already Gone' music video

Already Gone (2009)

Kelly Clarkson

Director: Joseph Kahn

Drake 'Best I Ever Had' music video

Best I Ever Had (2009)


Bilderbuch 'Calypso' music video

Calypso (2009)


Franz Ferdinand 'Can't Stop Feeling' music video

Can't Stop Feeling (2009)

Franz Ferdinand

Director: Russell Weekes

XLR 'Can't Take It' music video

Can't Take It (2009)


Imogen Heap 'Canvas' music video

Canvas (2009)

Imogen Heap

Director: Tom Kelly

Poets Of The Fall 'Carnival of Rust' music video

Carnival of Rust (2009)

Poets Of The Fall

Four Minutes Til Midnight 'Cold Lonely Train' music video

Cold Lonely Train (2009)

Four Minutes Til Midnight

Paolo Nutini 'Coming Up Easy' music video

Coming Up Easy (2009)

Paolo Nutini

Director: Dan Henshaw, Julian Fletcher

Arctic Monkeys 'Crying Lightning' music video

Crying Lightning (2009)

Arctic Monkeys

Lucy and the Teenage Monster 'Dance Steps' music video

Dance Steps (2009)

Lucy and the Teenage Monster

Dino-Mike 'Dork Whore' music video

Dork Whore (2009)


Ben Harper & Relentless 7 'Fly One Time' music video

Fly One Time (2009)

Ben Harper & Relentless 7

Big Sean 'Getcha Some' music video

Getcha Some (2009)

Big Sean

Simply Red 'Go Now' music video

Go Now (2009)

Simply Red

Dolly Rockers 'Gold Digger' music video

Gold Digger (2009)

Dolly Rockers

The Builders And The Butchers 'Golden And Green' music video

Golden And Green (2009)

The Builders And The Butchers

The Killers 'Goodnight, Travel Well' music video

Goodnight, Travel Well (2009)

The Killers

Director: David Slade

Demi Lovato 'Here We Go Again' music video

Here We Go Again (2009)

Demi Lovato

Sour 'Hibi no Neiro' music video

Hibi no Neiro (2009)


Director: Masashi Kawamura, Hal Kirkland, Magico Nakamura, Masayoshi Nakamura

Kaya Jones 'Hollywood Doll' music video

Hollywood Doll (2009)

Kaya Jones

T13C 'I'm On A Float!' music video

I'm On A Float! (2009)


Mew 'Introducing Palace Players' music video

Introducing Palace Players (2009)


Director: Martin de Thurah

Britney Spears 'Kill The Lights' music video

Kill The Lights (2009)

Britney Spears

Director: Puny

Colby O'Donis 'Let You Go' music video

Let You Go (2009)

Colby O'Donis

Emmon 'Lips on Fire' music video

Lips on Fire (2009)


Sally Shapiro 'Love In July' music video

Love In July (2009)

Sally Shapiro

Filthy Dukes 'Messages' music video

Messages (2009)

Filthy Dukes

Maradona (2) 'Mexiko' music video

Mexiko (2009)


Of Montreal 'Mingusings' music video

Mingusings (2009)

Of Montreal

Enter Shikari 'No Sleep Tonight' music video

No Sleep Tonight (2009)

Enter Shikari

Bloc Party 'One More Chance' music video

One More Chance (2009)

Bloc Party

Maria Mena 'Our Battles' music video

Our Battles (2009)

Maria Mena

Britney Spears 'Radar' music video

Radar (2009)

Britney Spears

Director: Dave Meyers

Ellektra 'Real Love' music video

Real Love (2009)


Little Boots 'Remedy' music video

Remedy (2009)

Little Boots

Kele Le Roc 'Retro' music video

Retro (2009)

Kele Le Roc

Booty Luv 'Say It' music video

Say It (2009)

Booty Luv

Director: Emil Nava

Air 'Sing Sang Sung' music video

Sing Sang Sung (2009)


Serial G 'Streetlife Shop' music video

Streetlife Shop (2009)

Serial G

Brutal Truth 'Sugar Daddy' music video

Sugar Daddy (2009)

Brutal Truth

Beyoncé 'Sweet Dreams' music video

Sweet Dreams (2009)


Director: Adria Petty

Jack's Mannequin 'Swim' music video

Swim (2009)

Jack's Mannequin

The Cab 'Take my Hand (Remix)' music video

Take my Hand (Remix) (2009)

The Cab

Director: Luga Podesta