All Music Videos Released in December 2009

Paul McCartney '(I Want To) Come Home' music video

(I Want To) Come Home (2009)

Paul McCartney

Birdman '4 My Town (Play Ball)' music video

4 My Town (Play Ball) (2009)


Director: Gil Green

Orianthi 'According To You' music video

According To You (2009)


Director: Marc Klasfeld

Califone 'All My Friends Are Funeral Singers' music video

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers (2009)


The Good China 'All Nothing' music video

All Nothing (2009)

The Good China

Katherine Jenkins 'Angel' music video

Angel (2009)

Katherine Jenkins

Justin Moore 'Backwoods' music video

Backwoods (2009)

Justin Moore

Critical Bill 'Beam Me Up' music video

Beam Me Up (2009)

Critical Bill

Young Money 'BedRock' music video

BedRock (2009)

Young Money

Director: Dayo Harewood

Florent Pagny 'C'Est Comme Ca' music video

C'Est Comme Ca (2009)

Florent Pagny

Seether 'Careless Whisper' music video

Careless Whisper (2009)


Director: Tony Petrossian

We Are The World 'Clay Stones' music video

Clay Stones (2009)

We Are The World

Redman 'Coc Back' music video

Coc Back (2009)


Sub Focus 'Could This Be Real' music video

Could This Be Real (2009)

Sub Focus

Crazy Frog 'Daddy DJ' music video

Daddy DJ (2009)

Crazy Frog

Marco Borsato 'De Bestemming' music video

De Bestemming (2009)

Marco Borsato

RuPaul 'Devil Made Me Do It' music video

Devil Made Me Do It (2009)


Revocation 'Dismantle The Dictator' music video

Dismantle The Dictator (2009)


Jay Sean 'Do You Remember' music video

Do You Remember (2009)

Jay Sean

Jay Rock 'Dollars Make Sense' music video

Dollars Make Sense (2009)

Jay Rock

Holiday Shores 'Edge Of Our Lives' music video

Edge Of Our Lives (2009)

Holiday Shores

Monty 'En till himmel' music video

En till himmel (2009)


Anberlin 'Feel Good Drag' music video

Feel Good Drag (2009)


Director: Steven Hoover

Despistaos 'Física o Química' music video

Física o Química (2009)


Francesca Battistelli 'Free To Be Me' music video

Free To Be Me (2009)

Francesca Battistelli

Eels 'Fresh Blood' music video

Fresh Blood (2009)


Lifehouse 'Halfway Gone' music video

Halfway Gone (2009)


Protest The Hero 'Heretics And Killers' music video

Heretics And Killers (2009)

Protest The Hero

Frikstailers 'Hold the Line (Major Lazer Remix)' music video

Hold the Line (Major Lazer Remix) (2009)


White Denim 'I Start To Run' music video

I Start To Run (2009)

White Denim

Jamie Cullum 'I'm All Over It' music video

I'm All Over It (2009)

Jamie Cullum

Rammstein 'Ich tu dir weh' music video

Ich tu dir weh (2009)


Kendrick Lamar 'Jason Keaton & Uncle Bobby' music video

Jason Keaton & Uncle Bobby (2009)

Kendrick Lamar

Ascii Disko 'Jawbreaker' music video

Jawbreaker (2009)

Ascii Disko

ZALE 'La Vita e Bella' music video

La Vita e Bella (2009)


Director: Chill Brothers

Gucci Mane 'Lemonade' music video

Lemonade (2009)

Gucci Mane

Cartel (2) 'Let's Go' music video

Let's Go (2009)


Maximum Penalty 'Life and Times' music video

Life and Times (2009)

Maximum Penalty

The Almost 'Little Drummer Boy' music video

Little Drummer Boy (2009)

The Almost

Bob Dylan 'Little Drummer Boy' music video

Little Drummer Boy (2009)

Bob Dylan

Mac Miller 'Live Free' music video

Live Free (2009)

Mac Miller

Aleks Syntek 'Loca' music video

Loca (2009)

Aleks Syntek

Director: Ricardo Calderón

Rogue Traders 'Love Is A War' music video

Love Is A War (2009)

Rogue Traders

David Bisbal 'Mi Princesa' music video

Mi Princesa (2009)

David Bisbal

Camila 'Mientes' music video

Mientes (2009)