All Music Videos Released in May 2009

Glasses Malone '60 Million Dollar Flow' music video

60 Million Dollar Flow (2009)

Glasses Malone

John Mellencamp 'A Ride Back Home' music video

A Ride Back Home (2009)

John Mellencamp

Director: Jamie Anderson

The Classic Crime 'Abracadavers' music video

Abracadavers (2009)

The Classic Crime

Radiocore 'Além dos Meus Olhos' music video

Além dos Meus Olhos (2009)


Aventura 'All Up To You' music video

All Up To You (2009)


Pooh 'Ancora una notte insieme' music video

Ancora una notte insieme (2009)


Jessica Mauboy 'Because' music video

Because (2009)

Jessica Mauboy

Director: Mike Corte, David Murrell

Vanessa Williams 'Breathless' music video

Breathless (2009)

Vanessa Williams

Peter Daily 'Bright Lights' music video

Bright Lights (2009)

Peter Daily

Eg White 'Broken' music video

Broken (2009)

Eg White

Body in the Thames 'Butter' music video

Butter (2009)

Body in the Thames

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti 'Come Dio comanda' music video

Come Dio comanda (2009)

Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti

The Lonely Island 'Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions' music video

Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions (2009)

The Lonely Island

Amanda Lepore 'Cotton Candy' music video

Cotton Candy (2009)

Amanda Lepore

Director: Bec Stupak

Kap Bambino 'Dead Lazers' music video

Dead Lazers (2009)

Kap Bambino

Director: James Lees

Sing It Loud 'Don't Save Me' music video

Don't Save Me (2009)

Sing It Loud

The Crystal Method 'Drown in the Now' music video

Drown in the Now (2009)

The Crystal Method

The John Butler Trio 'Funky Tonight' music video

Funky Tonight (2009)

The John Butler Trio

Freemasons 'Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer)' music video

Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) (2009)


Director: Chris Sweeney

Hey Monday 'How You Love Me Now' music video

How You Love Me Now (2009)

Hey Monday

Kelly Clarkson 'I Do Not Hook Up' music video

I Do Not Hook Up (2009)

Kelly Clarkson

Director: Bryan Barber

A Rocket To The Moon 'If Only They Knew' music video

If Only They Knew (2009)

A Rocket To The Moon

RuPaul 'Jealous of My Boogie' music video

Jealous of My Boogie (Version 1) (2009)


The Bastard Sons of Dioniso 'L'amor carnale' music video

L'amor carnale (2009)

The Bastard Sons of Dioniso

Director: Gaetano Morbioli, Enrico Tomei

Youri Skamolov 'La Mort' music video

La Mort (2009)

Youri Skamolov

Giusy Ferreri 'La scala (The Ladder)' music video

La scala (The Ladder) (2009)

Giusy Ferreri

Director: Gaetano Morbioli

The Lonely Island 'Motherlover' music video

Motherlover (2009)

The Lonely Island

Director: Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone

Elias & the Wizzkids 'Mr. Right Guy' music video

Mr. Right Guy (2009)

Elias & the Wizzkids

Toxic Holocaust 'Nuke the Cross' music video

Nuke the Cross (2009)

Toxic Holocaust

Jonas Brothers 'Paranoid' music video

Paranoid (2009)

Jonas Brothers

Director: The Malloys, Tim Wheeler

Zero Assoluto 'Per dimenticare' music video

Per dimenticare (2009)

Zero Assoluto

Director: Cosimo Alemà

Indochine 'Play Boy' music video

Play Boy (2009)


Director: Patrick Boivin

Aventura 'Por Un Segundo' music video

Por Un Segundo (2009)


Director: Jessy Terrero

Modà 'Quello che non ti ho detto (Scusami...)' music video

Quello che non ti ho detto (Scusami...) (2009)


Maxïmo Park 'Questing, No Coasting' music video

Questing, No Coasting (2009)

Maxïmo Park

Florence + The Machine 'Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up)' music video

Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) (2009)

Florence + The Machine

Director: Tom Beard, Tabitha Denholm

Phantogram 'Running From The Cops' music video

Running From The Cops (2009)


Modà 'Sarò sincero' music video

Sarò sincero (2009)


Amy Grant 'She Colors My Day' music video

She Colors My Day (2009)

Amy Grant

Clubbticket 'Sunshine' music video

Sunshine (2009)


Röyksopp 'The Girl and the Robot' music video

The Girl and the Robot (2009)


Director: Michael Baldwin

Ninja Dolls 'The Last Song About You (For This Time)' music video

The Last Song About You (For This Time) (2009)

Ninja Dolls

The Killers 'The World We Live In' music video

The World We Live In (2009)

The Killers

Director: Danny Drysdale

Immanuel Casto 'Touché (par l'amour)' music video

Touché (par l'amour) (2009)

Immanuel Casto

Final Drive 'Two Thousand Miles' music video

Two Thousand Miles (2009)

Final Drive