All Music Videos Released in 2009

Weezer '(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To' music video

(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To (2009)


Nephew '007 Is Also Gonna Die' music video

007 Is Also Gonna Die (2009)


Amerie '1 Thing' music video

1 Thing (2009)


Plain White T's '1, 2, 3, 4' music video

1, 2, 3, 4 (2009)

Plain White T's

Pop Evil '100 In A 55' music video

100 In A 55 (2009)

Pop Evil

Phoenix '1901' music video

1901 (2009)


New Kids On The Block '2 In The Morning' music video

2 In The Morning (2009)

New Kids On The Block

Soilwork '20 More Miles' music video

20 More Miles (2009)


Green Day '21 Guns' music video

21 Guns (Cast Version) (2009)

Green Day

Green Day '21 Guns' music video

21 Guns (Band Version) (2009)

Green Day

Director: Marc Webb

Green Day '21st Century Breakdown' music video

21st Century Breakdown (2009)

Green Day

AsDSSka '25' music video

25 (2009)


Cryptidz '2:22 (It's Time To Die)' music video

2:22 (It's Time To Die) (2009)


Eminem '3 a.m.' music video

3 a.m. (2009)


Cheryl Cole '3 Words' music video

3 Words (2009)

Cheryl Cole

Star Fucking Hipsters '3,000 Miles Away' music video

3,000 Miles Away (2009)

Star Fucking Hipsters

Cutty Lue '4 Walls' music video

4 Walls (2009)

Cutty Lue

Yo Gotti '5 Star (Remix)' music video

5 Star (Remix) (2009)

Yo Gotti

Dope (4) '6-6-Sick' music video

6-6-Sick (2009)


Matteo Pelli '900 metri' music video

900 metri (2009)

Matteo Pelli

Kate Voegele '99 Times' music video

99 Times (2009)

Kate Voegele

There For Tomorrow 'A Little Faster' music video

A Little Faster (Version 2) (2009)

There For Tomorrow

Alice In Chains 'A Looking in View' music video

A Looking in View (2009)

Alice In Chains

Death Cab for Cutie 'A Movie Script Ending' music video

A Movie Script Ending (2009)

Death Cab for Cutie

Mudvayne 'A New Game' music video

A New Game (2009)


Creed 'A Thousand Faces' music video

A Thousand Faces (2009)


N.A.S.A. (4) 'A Volta' music video

A Volta (2009)


Method Man & Redman 'A-YO' music video

A-YO (2009)

Method Man & Redman

The Academy Is... 'About A Girl' music video

About A Girl (2009)

The Academy Is...

Miranda Cosgrove 'About You Now' music video

About You Now (2009)

Miranda Cosgrove

Torche 'Across The Shields' music video

Across The Shields (2009)


Danny Fernandes 'Addicted' music video

Addicted (2009)

Danny Fernandes

Dope (4) 'Addiction' music video

Addiction (2009)


Jesse & Joy 'Adios' music video

Adios (2009)

Jesse & Joy

Every Time I Die 'After One Quarter Of A Revolution' music video

After One Quarter Of A Revolution (2009)

Every Time I Die

Andrew Bennett 'Age of Love' music video

Age of Love (2009)

Andrew Bennett

Ivete Sangalo 'Agora Eu Já Sei' music video

Agora Eu Já Sei (2009)

Ivete Sangalo

Trabant 'Ah Oh Aficionados' music video

Ah Oh Aficionados (2009)


Ain't No Sunshine (Benny Blanco Remix) (2009)

Michael Jackson

Dan Smith 'Alchemy' music video

Alchemy (2009)

Dan Smith

Annett Aartani 'Alive' music video

Alive (2009)

Annett Aartani

Damn The Maps 'All Aboard' music video

All Aboard (2009)

Damn The Maps

Rick Ross 'All I Really Want' music video

All I Really Want (2009)

Rick Ross

Rick Ross 'All I Want Is You' music video

All I Want Is You (2009)

Rick Ross

Au Revoir Simone 'All Or Nothing' music video

All Or Nothing (2009)

Au Revoir Simone