Thomas Azier 'Angelene' music video

Angelene (2013)

Thomas Azier

Director: Sander Houtkruijer

Otep 'Apex Predator' music video

Apex Predator (2013)


Skruncha-roo 'Atman' music video

Atman (2013)


Director: Philippe Grenade

Kyle Rapps 'Bodies In The Trunk' music video

Bodies In The Trunk (2013)

Kyle Rapps

My Gold Mask 'Burn like the Sun' music video

Burn like the Sun (2013)

My Gold Mask

Carla Bruni 'Chez Keith et Anita' music video

Chez Keith et Anita (2013)

Carla Bruni

Director: Gaëtan Chataigner

Carnage The Executioner 'Different / Dope Mutha' music video

Different / Dope Mutha (2013)

Carnage The Executioner

Husbands 'Dream' music video

Dream (2013)


Mike Stud 'Dreamin'' music video

Dreamin' (2013)

Mike Stud

MC Magic 'Eres Reina' music video

Eres Reina (2013)

MC Magic

Young Dreams 'First Days of Something' music video

First Days of Something (2013)

Young Dreams

SULK 'Flowers' music video

Flowers (2013)


Peace 'Follow Baby' music video

Follow Baby (2013)


Director: Rob & Rob

My Dynamite 'Fork in Your Tongue' music video

Fork in Your Tongue (2013)

My Dynamite

Florida Georgia Line 'Get Your Shine On' music video

Get Your Shine On (2013)

Florida Georgia Line

Sycamore Age 'Heavy Branches' music video

Heavy Branches (2013)

Sycamore Age

UNKLE 'Hold My Hand' music video

Hold My Hand (Version 1) (2013)


Director: James Copeman, James Lavelle, Ben Newbury

DePedro 'Hombre Bueno' music video

Hombre Bueno (2013)


Radar Brothers 'House Of Mirrors' music video

House Of Mirrors (2013)

Radar Brothers

Matt and Kim 'It's Alright' music video

It's Alright (2013)

Matt and Kim

Director: Jacob Lincoln, Matt Johnson

Toby Love 'Lejos' music video

Lejos (2013)

Toby Love

BROKE 'Let The Youth Go Mad' music video

Let The Youth Go Mad (2013)


Director: Ian Isak Ploug Ochoa

Ducktails 'Letter Of Intent' music video

Letter Of Intent (2013)


Troy Ave 'Lord As My Witness' music video

Lord As My Witness (2013)

Troy Ave

The Summer Set 'Maybe Tonight' music video

Maybe Tonight (2013)

The Summer Set

KK Holliday 'Mums' music video

Mums (2013)

KK Holliday

Director: Tim Daust

Max Frost 'My Walk' music video

My Walk (2013)

Max Frost

Ólafur Arnalds 'Old Skin' music video

Old Skin (2013)

Ólafur Arnalds

Director: Magnús Leifsson

Truls Heggero 'Out Of Yourself' music video

Out Of Yourself (2013)

Truls Heggero

Truls 'Out Of Yourself' music video

Out Of Yourself (Version 1) (2013)


Nick Garrie 'Rainy Days in Sunny Sydney' music video

Rainy Days in Sunny Sydney (2013)

Nick Garrie

Francesca Michielin 'Se cadrai' music video

Se cadrai (2013)

Francesca Michielin

Director: Marco Salom

Max Gazzé 'Sotto Casa' music video

Sotto Casa (2013)

Max Gazzé

Director: Lorenzo Vignolo

Night Riots 'Spiders' music video

Spiders (2013)

Night Riots

Ulrik Munther 'Tell The World I'm here' music video

Tell The World I'm here (2013)

Ulrik Munther

Director: Mats Udd

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper 'The Nothing Part II' music video

The Nothing Part II (2013)

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

Director: David Meiklejohn

David Bowie 'The Stars (Are Out Tonight)' music video

The Stars (Are Out Tonight) (2013)

David Bowie

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Logic 'Walk On By' music video

Walk On By (2013)


Director: GRVTY

Don Broco 'Whole Truth' music video

Whole Truth (2013)

Don Broco

Matt Simons 'With You' music video

With You (2013)

Matt Simons