Five Knives 'All Fall Down' music video

All Fall Down (2013)

Five Knives

Director: Bryan Schlam

Alex Goot 'Begin Again' music video

Begin Again (2013)

Alex Goot

Lana del Rey 'Burning Desire' music video

Burning Desire (2013)

Lana del Rey

The Last Royals 'Crystal Vases' music video

Crystal Vases (2013)

The Last Royals

Director: Michael Lawrence

RiFF RAFF 'Drive Thru' music video

Drive Thru (2013)


Malika Ayane 'E se poi' music video

E se poi (2013)

Malika Ayane

Director: Federico Brugia

Halestorm 'Freak Like Me' music video

Freak Like Me (2013)


Hell Or Highwater 'Gimme Love' music video

Gimme Love (2013)

Hell Or Highwater

MØ 'Glass' music video

Glass (2013)

Director: Casper Balslev

Rittz 'High 5' music video

High 5 (2013)


Director: Once Upon a iToon

Carmen Electra 'I Like It Loud' music video

I Like It Loud (2013)

Carmen Electra

Director: Marco Ovando

Jason Dottley 'It's Our Night' music video

It's Our Night (2013)

Jason Dottley

Director: Nicholas Lam

Both Miklós Folkside 'Kövek Között' music video

Kövek Között (2013)

Both Miklós Folkside

Director: Attila Hartung

Linea 77 'La musica è finita' music video

La musica è finita (2013)

Linea 77

Director: Linea 77

The Afterparty 'Liar, Liar' music video

Liar, Liar (2013)

The Afterparty

Jamie Cullum 'Love for $ale' music video

Love for $ale (2013)

Jamie Cullum

Director: Charlie and Joe

Niia 'Made For You' music video

Made For You (2013)


Director: Tony Kaye

Draco 'Más Y Más' music video

Más Y Más (2013)


Director: Carlos Pérez

Johnny Orlando 'Never Give Up' music video

Never Give Up (2013)

Johnny Orlando

Malika Ayane 'Niente' music video

Niente (2013)

Malika Ayane

Director: Federico Brugia

Billy Bragg 'No One Knows Nothing Anymore' music video

No One Knows Nothing Anymore (2013)

Billy Bragg

Wild Nothing 'Only Heather' music video

Only Heather (2013)

Wild Nothing

My Panda Shall Fly 'Opening Brace' music video

Opening Brace (2013)

My Panda Shall Fly

Director: Chris Toumazou

RuPaul 'Peanut Butter' music video

Peanut Butter (2013)


Director: Steven Corfe

Jef Jon Sin 'Pimp C Woulda Swang 2 It' music video

Pimp C Woulda Swang 2 It (2013)

Jef Jon Sin

Proxy 'Raw' music video

Raw (2013)


I.R.V. 'Romance' music video

Romance (2013)


Modà 'Se si potesse non morire' music video

Se si potesse non morire (2013)


Latent Sea 'Serial Chiller' music video

Serial Chiller (2013)

Latent Sea

The Walker Boyz 'Stack City' music video

Stack City (2013)

The Walker Boyz

Vuvuvultures 'Stay Still' music video

Stay Still (2013)


The Kid and Nic Show 'Take Me There' music video

Take Me There (2013)

The Kid and Nic Show

Angel 'The World' music video

The World (2013)


The Weeknd 'Twenty Eight' music video

Twenty Eight (2013)

The Weeknd

Director: Nabil

Olamide 'Voice Of The Street' music video

Voice Of The Street (2013)


Thousand Foot Krutch 'War Of Change' music video

War Of Change (2013)

Thousand Foot Krutch

Director: Alon Isocianu

Omar Cruz 'We On' music video

We On (2013)

Omar Cruz

Director: Jonathan Andrade

Akini Blake 'With You' music video

With You (2013)

Akini Blake

Director: Mills Miller