Cold Cave 'A Little Death To Laugh' music video

A Little Death To Laugh (2013)

Cold Cave

Joel Compass 'Back To Me' music video

Back To Me (2013)

Joel Compass

Director: Ian & Cooper

Inc. 'Black Wings' music video

Black Wings (2013)


Director: Andrew Aged, Daniel Aged, Ryan Kuhlman

Burning Jet Black 'Bleeding Heart' music video

Bleeding Heart (2013)

Burning Jet Black

Director: Daniel Mercaldi

L.A.C 'Borstal Boy' music video

Borstal Boy (2013)


La Luz 'Call Me In The Day' music video

Call Me In The Day (2013)

La Luz

Director: Bobby McHugh

Rocky Diamonds 'Day One' music video

Day One (2013)

Rocky Diamonds

Director: Miguel Lozano, Rocky Diamonds, Half Awake Clothing

David Archuleta 'Don't Run Away' music video

Don't Run Away (2013)

David Archuleta

Poni Hoax 'Down on Serpent Street' music video

Down on Serpent Street (2013)

Poni Hoax

Director: David Barrouk

Dag Savage 'DRUGS' music video

DRUGS (2013)

Dag Savage

Director: Ryan Calavano

Elena Gheorghe 'Ecou' music video

Ecou (2013)

Elena Gheorghe

Director: Dan Petcan

Cold War Kids 'Fear and Trembling' music video

Fear and Trembling (2013)

Cold War Kids

Director: Spencer Moody

Klassik 'Forever Whatever' music video

Forever Whatever (2013)


Nikki Williams 'Glowing' music video

Glowing (2013)

Nikki Williams

Director: Sarah Chatfield

TOKiMONSTA 'Go With It' music video

Go With It (2013)


Nu:Logic 'Halflight' music video

Halflight (2013)


Director: Nezih Sava?kan

Rickstar 'I Just Wanna' music video

I Just Wanna (2013)


Director: Peter Dmitriyev

Sizzy Rocket 'Jamie' music video

Jamie (2013)

Sizzy Rocket

Director: Eve Del Prado

CES Cru 'Juice' music video

Juice (2013)


FUZZ 'Kevin Durant' music video

Kevin Durant (2013)


Toro y Moi 'Never Matter' music video

Never Matter (2013)

Toro y Moi

Director: Steve Daniels

Kleenex Girl Wonder 'NUBS' music video

NUBS (2013)

Kleenex Girl Wonder

Director: Greg and Fake

Tim Burgess 'Ours' music video

Ours (2013)

Tim Burgess

Director: Michele Civetta

Sons of Hippies 'Spaceship Ride' music video

Spaceship Ride (2013)

Sons of Hippies

Director: Blake Cortes

Concorde 'Summer House' music video

Summer House (2013)


Fall Out Boy 'The Phoenix' music video

The Phoenix (2013)

Fall Out Boy

Director: Donald/Zaeh

Simple Plan 'This Song Saved My Life' music video

This Song Saved My Life (Version 2) (2013)

Simple Plan

Director: David F. Mewa

50 Cent 'We Up' music video

We Up (2013)

50 Cent

Director: Eif Rivera

50 Cent 'We Up' music video

We Up (2013)

50 Cent

A$AP Rocky 'Wild for the Night' music video

Wild for the Night (2013)

A$AP Rocky

Director: Chris Robinson, A$AP Rocky