DJ Swab 'A Killer In My Dreams' music video

A Killer In My Dreams (2013)

DJ Swab

Colapesce 'Anche oggi si dorme domani' music video

Anche oggi si dorme domani (2013)


Director: Giacomo Triglia

Gloryhammer 'Angus McFife' music video

Angus McFife (2013)


Director: Oliver Sommer

Kid Ink 'Bad Ass' music video

Bad Ass (2013)

Kid Ink

Director: Alex Nazari

Midnight Juggernauts 'Ballad of the War Machine' music video

Ballad of the War Machine (2013)

Midnight Juggernauts

Jared Evan 'Black & White' music video

Black & White (2013)

Jared Evan

Luke Sital-Singh 'Bottled Up Tight' music video

Bottled Up Tight (Version 1) (2013)

Luke Sital-Singh

Director: Joseph Rodrigues Marsh

Indiana 'Bound' music video

Bound (2013)


Maggie Ballard and Anna Marie Odom 'Break Free' music video

Break Free (2013)

Maggie Ballard and Anna Marie Odom

Freemasons 'Bring It Back' music video

Bring It Back (2013)


Director: Freemasons

Uncle Murda 'Brother & Sister' music video

Brother & Sister (2013)

Uncle Murda

Reik 'Con la Cara en Alto' music video

Con la Cara en Alto (2013)


Kazaky 'Crazy Law' music video

Crazy Law (2013)


Director: Hendrek Maasik

Patience Price 'Crooked (F'd Up)' music video

Crooked (F'd Up) (2013)

Patience Price

Lady Antebellum 'Downtown' music video

Downtown (2013)

Lady Antebellum

Director: Peter Zavadil

Tomorrow Kings 'Dropkicks From Saturn' music video

Dropkicks From Saturn (2013)

Tomorrow Kings

Antillas 'Evolution' music video

Evolution (2013)


Director: Ciro Ayala

Nephew 'Gå Med Dig' music video

Gå Med Dig (2013)


Dallaserra 'Give It Away' music video

Give It Away (2013)


Radio Rescue 'If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You're the Titanic' music video

If Loose Lips Sink Ships, Then You're the Titanic (2013)

Radio Rescue

G.E.M. 'Inception' music video

Inception (2013)


Director: Juuso Syrja

Infinity Ink 'Infinity' music video

Infinity (2013)

Infinity Ink

Director: Dawn Shadforth

The Soft Moon 'Insides' music video

Insides (2013)

The Soft Moon

Director: Jacqueline Castel

Fantasia 'Lose To Win' music video

Lose To Win (2013)


Auburn Hip Hop Congress 'Lyrics, Legends and Leaders' music video

Lyrics, Legends and Leaders (2013)

Auburn Hip Hop Congress

Miranda Lambert 'Mama's Broken Heart' music video

Mama's Broken Heart (2013)

Miranda Lambert

Director: Trey Fanjoy

Sam Peters 'Man Oh Man' music video

Man Oh Man (2013)

Sam Peters

Depresszió 'Megyek el?re' music video

Megyek el?re (2013)


Willy Moon 'My Girl' music video

My Girl (2013)

Willy Moon

Director: Focus Creeps

Dido 'No Freedom' music video

No Freedom (2013)


Fler 'Nummer Eins' music video

Nummer Eins (2013)


Autre Ne Veut 'Play By Play' music video

Play By Play (2013)

Autre Ne Veut

Director: Georgie Greville, Geremy Jasper, Geremy & Georgie

Chlöe Howl 'Rumour' music video

Rumour (Version 1) (2013)

Chlöe Howl

Leah Mckendrick 'SICK' music video

SICK (2013)

Leah Mckendrick

Bring Me The Horizon 'Sleepwalking' music video

Sleepwalking (2013)

Bring Me The Horizon

Director: A Nice Idea Every Day, Richard Sidwell

Tyccoon 'Slow Down' music video

Slow Down (2013)


Soda Fabric 'Swim' music video

Swim (2013)

Soda Fabric

Unknown Mortal Orchestra 'Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark)' music video

Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) (2013)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Director: Becky & Joe

Stars Away From Home 'Talk To The Dead' music video

Talk To The Dead (2013)

Stars Away From Home

The Veronicas 'This Love' music video

This Love (2013)

The Veronicas

Griff Lamar 'Unforgettable' music video

Unforgettable (2013)

Griff Lamar

Ludwig Bell 'Vinklar' music video

Vinklar (2013)

Ludwig Bell

The Belle Game 'Wait Up For You' music video

Wait Up For You (2013)

The Belle Game

Eyes On Film 'Waking Up Dead' music video

Waking Up Dead (2013)

Eyes On Film

Flyying Colours 'Wavy' music video

Wavy (2013)

Flyying Colours

Director: Sirap, An Architect Photographed My Undies

The Darkness 'With A Woman' music video

With A Woman (2013)

The Darkness

Baran 'Ziadi' music video

Ziadi (2013)


Director: Alex Ferra