Futurecop! '1988 Girls' music video

1988 Girls (2013)


Director: Allen Price

TeeFLii 'Act A Fool' music video

Act A Fool (2013)


Emma 'Amami' music video

Amami (2013)


Sigur Rós 'Brennisteinn' music video

Brennisteinn (2013)

Sigur Rós

Jeremiah Jae 'Cable' music video

Cable (2013)

Jeremiah Jae

Director: Justin Staple

Kery James 'Constat Amer' music video

Constat Amer (2013)

Kery James

Nu:Logic 'Day & Night' music video

Day & Night (2013)


Director: Nezih Sava?kan

Nu:Logic 'Dusk' music video

Dusk (2013)


Director: Nezih Sava?kan

V-Nasty 'Fuck Your Face' music video

Fuck Your Face (2013)


Director: Jonathan Andrade

Reverse 'GLAD To Meet You' music video

GLAD To Meet You (2013)


Director: JP Angers

Coez 'Hangover' music video

Hangover (2013)


Kraze 'I'm Getting F---'d Up' music video

I'm Getting F---'d Up (2013)


Sander van Doorn 'Into The Light' music video

Into The Light (2013)

Sander van Doorn

Wiz Khalifa 'Let It Go' music video

Let It Go (2013)

Wiz Khalifa

Director: Ryan Hope

Maia Hirasawa 'Lights Are Out' music video

Lights Are Out (2013)

Maia Hirasawa

Director: Mats Udd, Peder Bergstrand

Fedde Le Grand 'Long Way from Home' music video

Long Way from Home (2013)

Fedde Le Grand

Cali Y El Dandee 'No Digas Nada' music video

No Digas Nada (2013)

Cali Y El Dandee

Anna Tatangelo 'Occhio per occhio' music video

Occhio per occhio (2013)

Anna Tatangelo

Mark Kozelek 'Onward' music video

Onward (2013)

Mark Kozelek

Steve Aoki 'Ooh' music video

Ooh (2013)

Steve Aoki

Eric Church 'Over When It's Over' music video

Over When It's Over (2013)

Eric Church

Travis Scott 'Quintana' music video

Quintana (2013)

Travis Scott

Director: Nathaniel Brown

Smoochknob 'She's So Ghetto' music video

She's So Ghetto (2013)


Director: Freddy Heath

Avantasia 'Sleepwalking' music video

Sleepwalking (2013)


Stor 'Stolthet' music video

Stolthet (2013)


Director: Oliver Martin

The Aston Shuffle 'Sunrise (Won't Get Lost)' music video

Sunrise (Won't Get Lost) (2013)

The Aston Shuffle

Niello 'Svett' music video

Svett (2013)


Dante 'Swamp Thing' music video

Swamp Thing (2013)


Director: Jorge Jaramillo

Joseph Royal 'Take a Picture' music video

Take a Picture (2013)

Joseph Royal

Charles Choi 'Talking With And To' music video

Talking With And To (2013)

Charles Choi

Nine Days To Drop 'Taxi' music video

Taxi (2013)

Nine Days To Drop

Black Strobe 'The Girl From The Bayou' music video

The Girl From The Bayou (2013)

Black Strobe

Director: Quentin Caffier

Stereopol 'The Pit' music video

The Pit (2013)


Jessica Sanchez 'Tonight' music video

Tonight (2013)

Jessica Sanchez

Director: Justin Francis

Ace Reporter 'Untouched & Arrived' music video

Untouched & Arrived (2013)

Ace Reporter

Bejelit 'We Got The Tragedy' music video

We Got The Tragedy (2013)


Director: Gianni Galli

Jay Sean 'Where You Are' music video

Where You Are (2013)

Jay Sean

Director: Hannah Lux Davis