Cartie 'And You Know This' music video

And You Know This (2013)


J-Dub 'Back In This' music video

Back In This (2013)


Director: Impossible Minds

American Authors 'Believer' music video

Believer (Brooklyn Version) (2013)

American Authors

Deaf Havana 'Boston Square' music video

Boston Square (2013)

Deaf Havana

Mikal Cronin 'Change' music video

Change (2013)

Mikal Cronin

Director: Claire Marie Vogel

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark 'Dresden' music video

Dresden (2013)

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Seas of Wake 'Dying of Humanity' music video

Dying of Humanity (2013)

Seas of Wake

Hey Marseilles 'Heart Beats' music video

Heart Beats (2013)

Hey Marseilles

Director: Hayley Young

OTW 'Heaven or Hell' music video

Heaven or Hell (2013)


Richard There 'If You Call Me' music video

If You Call Me (2013)

Richard There

Trek Life 'Just The Music' music video

Just The Music (2013)

Trek Life

Director: Jake Handegard

Queens Of The Stone Age 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled' music video

Keep Your Eyes Peeled (2013)

Queens Of The Stone Age

Director: Boneface

Andrea Nardinocchi 'Le pareti' music video

Le pareti (2013)

Andrea Nardinocchi

Director: Ludovico Galletti, Sami Schinaia

Bad Cop 'Light On' music video

Light On (2013)

Bad Cop

Director: Seth Graves

Petite Noir 'Noirse' music video

Noirse (2013)

Petite Noir

Director: Tim & Joe

!!! 'One Girl/One Boy' music video

One Girl/One Boy (2013)


Biffy Clyro 'Opposite' music video

Opposite (2013)

Biffy Clyro

Director: Elliott Sellers

Wampire 'Orchards' music video

Orchards (2013)


Director: Daniel Portrait

Tall Ships 'Phosphorescence' music video

Phosphorescence (2013)

Tall Ships

Director: Duncan Howsley

The Epilogues 'Saboteur' music video

Saboteur (2013)

The Epilogues

a crowd of rebellion 'Satellitear' music video

Satellitear (2013)

a crowd of rebellion

Can't Stop Won't Stop 'Scrape The Sky' music video

Scrape The Sky (2013)

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Director: Lars Lindstrom

Come Wind 'Sleep' music video

Sleep (2013)

Come Wind

Director: Nathan William

5Loops 'Su ema günekoloog' music video

Su ema günekoloog (2013)


ÍRiS 'Swiftly Siren' music video

Swiftly Siren (2013)


Leprous 'The Cloak' music video

The Cloak (2013)


Director: David Solbjørg

Krisko 'The Minister of Fun' music video

The Minister of Fun (2013)



SHINHWA 'This Love' music video

This Love (2013)


Director: Cho Soo-hyun

London Grammar 'Wasting My Young Years' music video

Wasting My Young Years (2013)

London Grammar

Exitmusic 'White Noise' music video

White Noise (2013)


Director: Monica Perez

Bridges and Powerlines 'Williamsburg' music video

Williamsburg (2013)

Bridges and Powerlines

Bridges and Powerlines 'Williamsburg' music video

Williamsburg (2013)

Bridges and Powerlines

Director: Christopher Arcella

Natalie Maines 'Without You' music video

Without You (2013)

Natalie Maines

Debbie Aramide 'Wonder Boy' music video

Wonder Boy (2013)

Debbie Aramide

A$AP Ferg 'Work REMIX' music video

Work REMIX (2013)

A$AP Ferg

Director: A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky

Elijah Blake 'X.O.X.' music video

X.O.X. (2013)

Elijah Blake

Director: Jonathan Andrade, Supadope