will.i.am 'Bang Bang' music video

Bang Bang (2013)


Director: Igor Kovalik

Palma Violets 'Best of Friends' music video

Best of Friends (Version 2) (2013)

Palma Violets

Director: Fabian Röttger, Vivien Weyrauch

Jay Stansfield 'Building A Shield' music video

Building A Shield (2013)

Jay Stansfield

Baby Blue 'Bump' music video

Bump (2013)

Baby Blue

Chad Erickson & The Untimely 'Buy The Ticket' music video

Buy The Ticket (2013)

Chad Erickson & The Untimely

Dirty Beaches 'Casino Lisboa' music video

Casino Lisboa (2013)

Dirty Beaches

The Lonely Island 'Diaper Money' music video

Diaper Money (2013)

The Lonely Island

K. Roosevelt 'Do Me Now' music video

Do Me Now (2013)

K. Roosevelt

Director: Jelani Lockhart, K. Roosevelt

Young Wonder 'Electrified' music video

Electrified (2013)

Young Wonder

Director: Brendan Canty, Conal Thomson

Locksmith 'Fleming Street' music video

Fleming Street (2013)


Director: The Young Gunz

Agendas 'Fortress' music video

Fortress (2013)


The Family Rain 'Friction' music video

Friction (2013)

The Family Rain

Director: The Family Rain

Randy Rogers Band 'Fuzzy' music video

Fuzzy (2013)

Randy Rogers Band

Laura Jansen 'Golden' music video

Golden (2013)

Laura Jansen

Director: Menno Fokma, Floris Vos

Hatebreed 'Honor Never Dies' music video

Honor Never Dies (2013)


Director: BLAKE & NIC

Late Nite Howl 'Insomnia' music video

Insomnia (2013)

Late Nite Howl

Zac Brown Band 'Jump Right In' music video

Jump Right In (2013)

Zac Brown Band

Director: Cole Cassell

Igor Volk 'Labyrinth' music video

Labyrinth (2013)

Igor Volk

Maroon 5 'Love Somebody' music video

Love Somebody (2013)

Maroon 5

Director: Rich Lee

Jagwar Ma 'Man I Need' music video

Man I Need (2013)

Jagwar Ma

Literati 'Modern Life' music video

Modern Life (2013)


Victoria Kimani 'MTOTO' music video

MTOTO (2013)

Victoria Kimani

Akkord 'Navigate' music video

Navigate (2013)


Director: Ed Lister, Chris Kaboli

HS87 'Nothin' music video

Nothin (2013)


Director: Charlie Black

Sarah Silverman 'Perfect Night' music video

Perfect Night (2013)

Sarah Silverman

Director: Liam Lynch

Touch Sensitive (2) 'Pizza Guy' music video

Pizza Guy (2013)

Touch Sensitive

Director: Entropico

George Hora 'Privesc inainte' music video

Privesc inainte (2013)

George Hora

Director: George Hora

V V Brown 'Samson' music video

Samson (2013)

V V Brown

Zoe Boekbinder 'Seven Times' music video

Seven Times (2013)

Zoe Boekbinder

The Role Call 'She's All I Think About' music video

She's All I Think About (2013)

The Role Call

Hibria 'Silence Will Make You Suffer' music video

Silence Will Make You Suffer (2013)


Director: Luís Mário Fontoura

Nasty 'Slaves To The Rich' music video

Slaves To The Rich (2013)


Director: Daniel van Hauten

Wino & Conny Ochs 'Somewhere Nowhere' music video

Somewhere Nowhere (2013)

Wino & Conny Ochs

Among Savages 'Start at the Beginning' music video

Start at the Beginning (2013)

Among Savages

Action Bronson 'Strictly 4 My Jeeps' music video

Strictly 4 My Jeeps (2013)

Action Bronson

Director: Jason Goldwatch

Leikeli47 'Synonym' music video

Synonym (2013)


Vega 'What The Hell!' music video

What The Hell! (2013)


Dreamshade 'Your Voice' music video

Your Voice (2013)


Director: Andrea Todaro