Warriors Of Ajax 'Anticipated Moment' music video

Anticipated Moment (2013)

Warriors Of Ajax

Lewis Watson 'Calling' music video

Calling (2013)

Lewis Watson

Director: Samuel Craven

Taryn Southern 'Crush' music video

Crush (2013)

Taryn Southern

Director: Leo Kei Angelos

Lightning Dust 'Diamond' music video

Diamond (2013)

Lightning Dust

Ai Weiwei 'Dumbass' music video

Dumbass (2013)

Ai Weiwei

Hit-Boy 'Fan' music video

Fan (2013)


Julia Holter 'Finale' music video

Finale (2013)

Julia Holter

Omnium Gatherum 'Formidable' music video

Formidable (2013)

Omnium Gatherum

Director: Hannu Mikkola

Carla's Dreams 'Funeral Face (66 inches)' music video

Funeral Face (66 inches) (2013)

Carla's Dreams

Director: Sergiu Barajin

T.I. 'Hello' music video

Hello (2013)


Director: Marc Klasfeld

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down 'Holy Roller' music video

Holy Roller (2013)

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

Director: Mimi Cave

She & Him 'I Could've Been Your Girl' music video

I Could've Been Your Girl (2013)

She & Him

Director: Zooey Deschanel

Spose 'I'm Starving' music video

I'm Starving (2013)


MaeDea 'If You Needed Me' music video

If You Needed Me (2013)


Director: Beau Patrick Coulon

When Saints Go Machine 'Iodine' music video

Iodine (2013)

When Saints Go Machine

Director: Kristian Nordentoft, William Reynish

The Action Figures 'Jumanji' music video

Jumanji (2013)

The Action Figures

Nek 'La mitad de nada' music video

La mitad de nada (2013)


Nadàr Solo 'Le case senza le porte' music video

Le case senza le porte (2013)

Nadàr Solo

Murder By Death 'Lost River' music video

Lost River (2013)

Murder By Death

Director: Gabe Darling

Chief Keef 'Macaroni Time' music video

Macaroni Time (2013)

Chief Keef

Matt Nathanson 'Mission Bells' music video

Mission Bells (2013)

Matt Nathanson

Director: Marc Ripper

Lody Kong 'mOnkeys alWays Look' music video

mOnkeys alWays Look (2013)

Lody Kong

Duke Dumont 'Need U (100%)' music video

Need U (100%) (2013)

Duke Dumont

MAX 'Nothing Without Love' music video

Nothing Without Love (2013)


Director: Daniel Karp

Joey Fatts 'Picture Me Rolling' music video

Picture Me Rolling (2013)

Joey Fatts

Director: Joey Fatts

Rockapella 'Pretty Much You' music video

Pretty Much You (2013)


Redstar 'Public Enemy' music video

Public Enemy (2013)


The Echo 'Responsible' music video

Responsible (2013)

The Echo

Aly & Fila 'Running Out Of Time' music video

Running Out Of Time (2013)

Aly & Fila

Director: Yahya Ismail

Waylayers 'S.O.S' music video

S.O.S (2013)


Kutt Calhoun 'Same Thing' music video

Same Thing (2013)

Kutt Calhoun

Braainzz 'StoneColdSteveBoston' music video

StoneColdSteveBoston (2013)


Bracket (3) 'Temperature' music video

Temperature (2013)


Congo Natty 'UK All Stars' music video

UK All Stars (2013)

Congo Natty

Director: GlobalFaction

Hi-Tone 'Un-Parallel' music video

Un-Parallel (2013)


Max Marani 'Wanna B Like A Man 2k13' music video

Wanna B Like A Man 2k13 (2013)

Max Marani

Kepstar 'Who Are You?' music video

Who Are You? (2013)


T.I. 'Wit Me' music video

Wit Me (2013)


Director: PhillyFlyBoy

Blue 'Without You' music video

Without You (2013)


Little Big Town 'Your Side Of The Bed' music video

Your Side Of The Bed (2013)

Little Big Town