Deap Vally 'Bad For My Body' music video

Bad For My Body (2013)

Deap Vally

Director: Jess Holzworth

Yowda 'Ballin'' music video

Ballin' (2013)


Director: Dre Films

Iwrestledabearonce 'Boat Paddle' music video

Boat Paddle (2013)


Ours 'Devil' music video

Devil (2013)


So So Glos 'Dizzy' music video

Dizzy (2013)

So So Glos

30 Seconds To Mars 'Do Or Die' music video

Do Or Die (2013)

30 Seconds To Mars

Director: Jared Leto

Machinedrum 'Eyesdontlie' music video

Eyesdontlie (2013)


Director: Weirdcore

The Dossier 'Give Me Your Name' music video

Give Me Your Name (2013)

The Dossier

Ballet School 'Heartbeat Overdrive' music video

Heartbeat Overdrive (2013)

Ballet School

Japan Soul 'Hey Yah Hey' music video

Hey Yah Hey (2013)

Japan Soul

Ryan Star 'Impossible' music video

Impossible (2013)

Ryan Star

Director: Donald/Zaeh

Hot Natured 'Isis (Magic Carpet Ride)' music video

Isis (Magic Carpet Ride) (2013)

Hot Natured

Negrita 'La tua canzone' music video

La tua canzone (2013)


Director: Francesco Fei

Sabine Mondestin 'Let Them Hate' music video

Let Them Hate (2013)

Sabine Mondestin

Fat Joe 'Love Me Long Time' music video

Love Me Long Time (2013)

Fat Joe

Director: Eif Rivera

Danjah (2) 'Melody' music video

Melody (2013)


Animal Collective 'Monkey Riches' music video

Monkey Riches (2013)

Animal Collective

Director: Jack Kubizine

Pinkunoizu 'Moped' music video

Moped (2013)


Diana Vickers 'Music To Make Boys Cry' music video

Music To Make Boys Cry (2013)

Diana Vickers

Charming Liars 'New Disorder' music video

New Disorder (2013)

Charming Liars

Director: Kyle Padilla

Sam Concepcion 'No Limitations' music video

No Limitations (2013)

Sam Concepcion

Director: Jake Soriano

Eytan 'Only Got One Night' music video

Only Got One Night (2013)


Director: James Camali

Last Japan 'Paid In Full' music video

Paid In Full (2013)

Last Japan

Director: Jay Cass

Stubborn Heart 'Penetrate' music video

Penetrate (2013)

Stubborn Heart

Director: Emile Rafael

Reese 'Pull Up' music video

Pull Up (2013)


The Midnight Beast 'QUIRKY' music video

QUIRKY (2013)

The Midnight Beast

Glass Candy 'Redheads Feel More Pain' music video

Redheads Feel More Pain (2013)

Glass Candy

Director: Alberto Rossini

Olly Murs 'Right Place Right Time' music video

Right Place Right Time (2013)

Olly Murs

Taryn Southern 'Royals' music video

Royals (2013)

Taryn Southern

Director: Derrel D'Itri

Henric de la Cour 'Shark' music video

Shark (2013)

Henric de la Cour

Au Revoir Simone 'Somebody Who' music video

Somebody Who (2013)

Au Revoir Simone

Dre Huss 'Talk My Shit' music video

Talk My Shit (2013)

Dre Huss

Chvrches 'The Mother We Share' music video

The Mother We Share (2013)


Director: Sing J. Lee

Casey Veggies 'The Team' music video

The Team (2013)

Casey Veggies

Director: Andrew Nethery

Porcelain Raft 'The Way Out' music video

The Way Out (2013)

Porcelain Raft

Jessica Mauboy 'To the End of the Earth' music video

To the End of the Earth (2013)

Jessica Mauboy

Director: Emma Tomelty

Psyko Punkz 'Trippy Hippie' music video

Trippy Hippie (2013)

Psyko Punkz

Dirty South 'Until The End' music video

Until The End (2013)

Dirty South

Director: Henrik Hanson

Roberto Carcasses 'Viene y va la felicidad' music video

Viene y va la felicidad (2013)

Roberto Carcasses

MGMT 'Your Life Is A Lie' music video

Your Life Is A Lie (2013)


Director: Tom Kuntz