F. Charm '30 Degrees' music video

30 Degrees (2014)

F. Charm

Redlight '9TS' music video

9TS (2014)


T.Cash 'Add Water' music video

Add Water (2014)


Kiriyama Family 'Apart' music video

Apart (2014)

Kiriyama Family

Fences 'Arrows' music video

Arrows (2014)


Director: Jason Koenig, John Keatley

Zoo Harmonics 'Awake At Night' music video

Awake At Night (2014)

Zoo Harmonics

Director: Jonathan Vardi

George Ezra 'Blame It On Me' music video

Blame It On Me (2014)

George Ezra

Director: Roger Guàrdia

Ben Cooling 'Breathe Again' music video

Breathe Again (2014)

Ben Cooling

Raury 'Cigarette Song' music video

Cigarette Song (2014)


Director: Andrew Donoho, Carlon Ramong

Eric Church 'Cold One' music video

Cold One (2014)

Eric Church

Director: Peter Zavadil

Bad Girlfriend 'Colors' music video

Colors (2014)

Bad Girlfriend

Dream on, Dreamer 'Darkness Brought Me Here' music video

Darkness Brought Me Here (2014)

Dream on, Dreamer

Chae Hawk 'Dinner Plates' music video

Dinner Plates (2014)

Chae Hawk

Emii 'Fiesta (We Own the Night)' music video

Fiesta (We Own the Night) (2014)


Chet Faker 'Gold' music video

Gold (2014)

Chet Faker

DJ Khaled 'Hold You Down' music video

Hold You Down (2014)

DJ Khaled

Jason Nelson 'I AM' music video

I AM (2014)

Jason Nelson

Director: Brian Kyle Atkins

Lil Wayne 'Krazy' music video

Krazy (2014)

Lil Wayne

The Never Ever 'Leading Me On' music video

Leading Me On (2014)

The Never Ever

Kimberly Cole 'Let Me Go' music video

Let Me Go (2014)

Kimberly Cole

Frameworks 'Loom' music video

Loom (2014)


Director: Samuel Gursky, Eric Teti

Reighnbeau 'Milk Of Amnesia' music video

Milk Of Amnesia (2014)


A Higher Demise 'My Therapist Knows You By Name' music video

My Therapist Knows You By Name (2014)

A Higher Demise

Rae Sremmurd 'No Flex Zone' music video

No Flex Zone (Version 2) (2014)

Rae Sremmurd

Director: Mike Waxx, Yung Jake

Zulu Pearls 'Not Like The Others' music video

Not Like The Others (2014)

Zulu Pearls

Down 'n' Outz 'One Of The Boys' music video

One Of The Boys (2014)

Down 'n' Outz

Director: Lee Ford

Bayside 'Pigsty' music video

Pigsty (2014)


Director: Ernie Gilbert, Zach Harward

Client Liaison 'Queen' music video

Queen (2014)

Client Liaison

Director: Client Liaison, Thomas Moody, Rhys Mitchell, Robert Frantzeskos

The Maine 'Run' music video

Run (2014)

The Maine

Director: Daniel Gomez

Tombs 'Seance' music video

Seance (2014)


Alex Wiley 'Splash Game (Self Doubt)' music video

Splash Game (Self Doubt) (2014)

Alex Wiley

Darkness Divided 'The Hands That Bled' music video

The Hands That Bled (2014)

Darkness Divided

Beartooth 'The Lines' music video

The Lines (2014)


Director: Drew Russ

Black Rivers 'The Ship' music video

The Ship (2014)

Black Rivers

Mick Flannery 'The Small Fire' music video

The Small Fire (2014)

Mick Flannery

JahleelFaReal 'Two Faces' music video

Two Faces (2014)


Friends In Paris 'Waiting' music video

Waiting (2014)

Friends In Paris

Director: Skinny Joey

Steve Angello 'Wasted Love' music video

Wasted Love (2014)

Steve Angello

Director: Lance Drake

Wild Party 'When I Get Older' music video

When I Get Older (2014)

Wild Party

Director: Tim Hendrix

Five Finger Death Punch 'Wrong Side Of Heaven' music video

Wrong Side Of Heaven (2014)

Five Finger Death Punch

Director: Nick Peterson

Jamie T 'Zombie' music video

Zombie (2014)

Jamie T

Director: James Slater