Shabazz Palaces '#CAKE' music video

#CAKE (2014)

Shabazz Palaces

Director: Hiro Murai

Stitches '24/7' music video

24/7 (2014)


BAR 'Adios' music video

Adios (2014)


Director: Nikolai Szymanski

The Boxer Rebellion 'Always' music video

Always (2014)

The Boxer Rebellion

Bruce Foster 'Avra' music video

Avra (2014)

Bruce Foster

JUCE 'Burning Up' music video

Burning Up (2014)


Director: Jess Colquhoun

Julien Doré 'Chou Wasabi' music video

Chou Wasabi (2014)

Julien Doré

Director: Julien Doré, Fabrice Laffont

Poets Of The Fall 'Daze' music video

Daze (2014)

Poets Of The Fall

Director: Saku Perintö

Bo Keeney 'Don't You Worry' music video

Don't You Worry (2014)

Bo Keeney

Director: Graham Hughes

Corbu 'Fields & Flowers' music video

Fields & Flowers (2014)


Director: Maxwell Schiano

The Correspondents 'Give You Better' music video

Give You Better (2014)

The Correspondents

Director: Ian Bruce

Children 'Grace' music video

Grace (2014)


Director: Zach Van Hoozer

DJ Felli Fel 'Have Some Fun' music video

Have Some Fun (2014)

DJ Felli Fel

Director: Kai Henry, Ash Innovator

Luke Potter 'It's Okay To Dream' music video

It's Okay To Dream (2014)

Luke Potter

Owl John 'Los Angeles Be Kind' music video

Los Angeles Be Kind (2014)

Owl John

Director: handheldcineclub, Storme Whitby-Grubb

Teyana Taylor 'Maybe' music video

Maybe (2014)

Teyana Taylor

Director: Brendan Kyle Cochrane

Olson 'Mein kleines Hollywood' music video

Mein kleines Hollywood (2014)


Director: Chehad Abdallah

Automelodi 'Métropole sous la pluie' music video

Métropole sous la pluie (2014)


Director: Emilie Serri

Jimmy Nevis 'Misscato' music video

Misscato (2014)

Jimmy Nevis

Director: Shamiel Soni

Firebeatz 'No Heroes' music video

No Heroes (2014)


Director: Nima Nabili Rad

Jeezy 'No Tears' music video

No Tears (2014)


Director: Eif Rivera

Jennie Cruse 'Outsider' music video

Outsider (2014)

Jennie Cruse

Director: Dimi Nakov

Tom Vek 'Pushing Your Luck' music video

Pushing Your Luck (2014)

Tom Vek

Director: Paxi

Fler 'Schutzengel' music video

Schutzengel (2014)


Grayson Gilmour 'Silence & Youth' music video

Silence & Youth (2014)

Grayson Gilmour

Jasmine V. 'That’s Me Right There' music video

That’s Me Right There (2014)

Jasmine V.

Director: Gil Green

Sneakout 'The Art of Hanging On' music video

The Art of Hanging On (2014)


Imogen Heap 'The Beast' music video

The Beast (2014)

Imogen Heap

Coldplay 'True Love' music video

True Love (2014)


Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Jacob Whitesides 'You're Perfect' music video

You're Perfect (2014)

Jacob Whitesides

Soft Riot 'Your Own Private Underworld' music video

Your Own Private Underworld (2014)

Soft Riot

Director: Mikko Makela