Godsmack '1000hp' music video

1000hp (2014)


Director: Troy Smith

Snak The Ripper 'Alive' music video

Alive (2014)

Snak The Ripper

Director: Stuey Kubrick

together PANGEA 'Badillac' music video

Badillac (2014)

together PANGEA

Director: Ryan Baxley

Iggy Azalea 'Black Widow' music video

Black Widow (2014)

Iggy Azalea

Director: Director X, Iggy Azalea

Ariana Grande 'Break Free' music video

Break Free (2014)

Ariana Grande

Director: Chris Marrs Piliero

18+ 'Crow' music video

Crow (2014)


Steed Lord 'Curtain Call' music video

Curtain Call (2014)

Steed Lord

Sean Nicholas Savage 'Darkness' music video

Darkness (2014)

Sean Nicholas Savage

Director: Angus Borsos

The Offspring 'Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell' music video

Dividing By Zero/Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell (2014)

The Offspring

French Montana 'Don't Panic' music video

Don't Panic (2014)

French Montana

Director: Eif Rivera

Crystal Kay 'Dum Ditty Dumb' music video

Dum Ditty Dumb (2014)

Crystal Kay

Yo Gotti 'Errrbody' music video

Errrbody (2014)

Yo Gotti

Director: Benny Boom

Daphne Guinness 'Evening In Space' music video

Evening In Space (2014)

Daphne Guinness

Young War 'Eyes Closed' music video

Eyes Closed (2014)

Young War

Meishi Smile 'Honey' music video

Honey (2014)

Meishi Smile

Matthew Connor 'How Is July Already Over?' music video

How Is July Already Over? (2014)

Matthew Connor

Oliver Heldens 'Koala' music video

Koala (2014)

Oliver Heldens

Crobot 'Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer' music video

Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer (2014)


Director: Kyle Thrash

Cove 'Love & Work' music video

Love & Work (2014)


Oracles 'Melt Tonight' music video

Melt Tonight (2014)


Director: Fabian Podeszwa

Young Roddy 'Money' music video

Money (2014)

Young Roddy

Director: Kenny Allen

Watsky 'Never Let it Die' music video

Never Let it Die (2014)


Director: Jackson Adams, Mike Dempsey

Seyr 'Nights...' music video

Nights... (2014)


The Cadillac Three 'Party Like You' music video

Party Like You (2014)

The Cadillac Three

Director: Brian Lazzaro

Amber Run 'Pilot' music video

Pilot (2014)

Amber Run

Director: Joe Elliott

Myka, Relocate 'Playing It Safe' music video

Playing It Safe (2014)

Myka, Relocate

Director: Ernie Gilbert

Mansoor 'Realm' music video

Realm (2014)


MORDiCUS 'Roi Soleil' music video

Roi Soleil (2014)


Jerzee 'Scurred' music video

Scurred (2014)


Alexandria 'Secret Beach' music video

Secret Beach (2014)


Gwen Sebastian 'Small Town Soul' music video

Small Town Soul (2014)

Gwen Sebastian

Director: Matt Fern

Tomahawk 'South Paw' music video

South Paw (2014)


Atmosphere 'Southsiders' music video

Southsiders (2014)


Director: Andrew Melby

Madi Diaz 'Stay Together' music video

Stay Together (2014)

Madi Diaz

Director: Claire Marie Vogel

Tenterhook 'Stereo' music video

Stereo (2014)


The History Of Apple Pie 'Tame' music video

Tame (2014)

The History Of Apple Pie

Yowda 'That's How It Go' music video

That's How It Go (2014)


Director: Jonathan Andrade

Trash Talk 'The Great Escape' music video

The Great Escape (2014)

Trash Talk

Director: Jim Dirschberger

Erreon Lee 'The Separation' music video

The Separation (2014)

Erreon Lee

Rittz 'Turn Down' music video

Turn Down (2014)


Tommy Lee Sparta 'We Got Food' music video

We Got Food (2014)

Tommy Lee Sparta

Coral Cross 'With A Lancet' music video

With A Lancet (2014)

Coral Cross

Battleships 'You Can't Change It' music video

You Can't Change It (2014)