Jessie J 'Bang Bang' music video

Bang Bang (2014)

Jessie J

Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Altimet 'Belantara Konkrit' music video

Belantara Konkrit (2014)


Director: Hafiz Mohtar

Charli XCX 'Break The Rules' music video

Break The Rules (2014)

Charli XCX

Director: Marc Klasfeld

Mack Wilds 'Don't Turn Me Down' music video

Don't Turn Me Down (2014)

Mack Wilds

Ashrae Fax 'Dreamers Tied To Chairs' music video

Dreamers Tied To Chairs (2014)

Ashrae Fax

Emmelie de Forest 'Drunk Tonight' music video

Drunk Tonight (2014)

Emmelie de Forest

Director: Mike Spooner

Skuki 'Eleda Ti Gbemileke' music video

Eleda Ti Gbemileke (2014)


Prides 'I Should Know You Better' music video

I Should Know You Better (2014)


Director: Ian Greenhill, Jordan Laird

Proxy 'Iron' music video

Iron (2014)


Banky W 'Jaiye Ori Mi' music video

Jaiye Ori Mi (2014)

Banky W

Kilo Kish 'Locket' music video

Locket (2014)

Kilo Kish

Director: Phillip T. Annand

Sun Glitters 'Lonely Trip' music video

Lonely Trip (Version 1) (2014)

Sun Glitters

Ricky Furiati 'Mientras Tú Me Quieras' music video

Mientras Tú Me Quieras (2014)

Ricky Furiati

For Today 'Molotov' music video

Molotov (2014)

For Today

Director: Justyn Moro

Eight Two 'Motivation' music video

Motivation (2014)

Eight Two

Hoodie Allen 'Movie' music video

Movie (2014)

Hoodie Allen

Director: Jackson Adams

¡Mursday! 'My Own Parade' music video

My Own Parade (2014)


Redfoo 'New Thang' music video

New Thang (2014)


Director: Mickey Finnegan

Kodak Black 'No Flockin' music video

No Flockin (2014)

Kodak Black

Mushroomhead 'Out Of My Mind' music video

Out Of My Mind (2014)


LaHa 'People' music video

People (2014)


Sean Tizzle 'Perfect Gentleman' music video

Perfect Gentleman (2014)

Sean Tizzle

Susan Blake 'Promises' music video

Promises (2014)

Susan Blake

MisterWives 'Reflections' music video

Reflections (2014)


Director: Andrew Joffe

Ace Levy 'Roam' music video

Roam (2014)

Ace Levy

Night Club 'She Wants To Play With Fire' music video

She Wants To Play With Fire (2014)

Night Club

Obey The Brave 'Short Fuse' music video

Short Fuse (2014)

Obey The Brave

Dirtcaps & The Oddword 'Stand Up' music video

Stand Up (2014)

Dirtcaps & The Oddword

Dizzy Wright 'State Of Mind' music video

State Of Mind (2014)

Dizzy Wright

Director: Ryan Pinkall

Inna 'Take Me Higher' music video

Take Me Higher (2014)


Daarchlea 'The Great Extinction' music video

The Great Extinction (2014)


Sleepwave 'The Wolf' music video

The Wolf (2014)


Director: Stephen Mckendree

Afrojack & Martin Garrix 'Turn Up The Speakers' music video

Turn Up The Speakers (2014)

Afrojack & Martin Garrix

Wolvves 'White on White' music video

White on White (2014)


The Axis of Awesome 'Why Aren't Lasers Doing Cool Shit?' music video

Why Aren't Lasers Doing Cool Shit? (2014)

The Axis of Awesome

Director: Bryan Moses

Gerardo Ortíz 'Y me Besa' music video

Y me Besa (2014)

Gerardo Ortíz

Director: Omar Torres