Wife 'A Nature (Shards)' music video

A Nature (Shards) (2014)


Home Free 'All About That Bass' music video

All About That Bass (2014)

Home Free

Director: Kristine Slipson

Kawehi 'Anthem' music video

Anthem (2014)


D-Pulse 'Astronomers' music video

Astronomers (2014)


Raven Felix 'Bad Lil Bish' music video

Bad Lil Bish (2014)

Raven Felix

UNKNWN 'BBY' music video

BBY (2014)


Director: Daniel Holmes

Tia 'Be Without You' music video

Be Without You (2014)


The Wytches 'Burn Out the Bruise' music video

Burn Out the Bruise (2014)

The Wytches

Director: Hoodbats

Inouwee 'Dirty Birds' music video

Dirty Birds (2014)


Travis Scott 'Don't Play' music video

Don't Play (2014)

Travis Scott

Director: Travis Scott

Eckoclick 'Dream In Colour' music video

Dream In Colour (2014)


Bear Grillz 'Drop That Low' music video

Drop That Low (2014)

Bear Grillz

Roladex 'Glass Statuette' music video

Glass Statuette (2014)


Solomon Jabby 'Got This Feeling' music video

Got This Feeling (2014)

Solomon Jabby

Saint Saviour 'I Remember' music video

I Remember (2014)

Saint Saviour

Director: Andy Berriman

G.G.A 'In The Air' music video

In The Air (2014)


Cable 'In The End' music video

In The End (2014)


Director: Daniel Algarin

B Will 'Indictments' music video

Indictments (2014)

B Will

Director: Sean Allen

CD9 'Me Equivoque' music video

Me Equivoque (2014)


Director: Daniel Shain

Albin 'Moment 22' music video

Moment 22 (2014)


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour 'My Club' music video

My Club (2014)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Karlos Rosé 'Niña De Mi Corazón' music video

Niña De Mi Corazón (2014)

Karlos Rosé

Director: Robert Garcia

Midnight Masses 'Nomad' music video

Nomad (2014)

Midnight Masses

Chelsea Grin 'Playing With Fire' music video

Playing With Fire (2014)

Chelsea Grin

Director: Ryan Sheehy

San Williams 'Really Good to Me' music video

Really Good to Me (2014)

San Williams

Mighty Mystic 'Revolution' music video

Revolution (2014)

Mighty Mystic

Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off' music video

Shake It Off (2014)

Taylor Swift

Director: Mark Romanek

Ca$h Out 'She Wanna Ride' music video

She Wanna Ride (2014)

Ca$h Out

Director: iNightLyfe

Dark Sky 'Silent Fall' music video

Silent Fall (2014)

Dark Sky

Director: Broken Antenna

ThroatpuncH 'Sleeper Cell' music video

Sleeper Cell (2014)


Wouter Hamel 'Sunny Days' music video

Sunny Days (2014)

Wouter Hamel

Director: Chris de Krijger

Melissa Etheridge 'Take My Number' music video

Take My Number (2014)

Melissa Etheridge

Director: Dale Resteghini

LoudKidz 'Twerk 'n Shake It' music video

Twerk 'n Shake It (2014)


BEA 'We're Like The Hard Born' music video

We're Like The Hard Born (2014)


Director: Piet Langeveld

Ecca Vandal 'White Flag' music video

White Flag (2014)

Ecca Vandal

Director: Andrew Stalph

Alpines 'Zero' music video

Zero (2014)


Director: Jason Baker