Eric Hutchinson 'A Little More' music video

A Little More (2014)

Eric Hutchinson

Director: Justin Coloma

Usurper of Modern Medicine 'Above or Beyond' music video

Above or Beyond (2014)

Usurper of Modern Medicine

Panama Wedding 'All Of The People' music video

All Of The People (2014)

Panama Wedding

Beverly 'All The Things' music video

All The Things (2014)


Havana Brown 'BaBing' music video

BaBing (2014)

Havana Brown

Don Diablo 'Back In Time' music video

Back In Time (2014)

Don Diablo

Beaty Heart 'Banana Bread' music video

Banana Bread (2014)

Beaty Heart

Lil' Jon 'Bend Ova' music video

Bend Ova (2014)

Lil' Jon

Director: Darren Craig

Erland And The Carnival 'Birth Of A Nation' music video

Birth Of A Nation (2014)

Erland And The Carnival

Parquet Courts 'Bodies Made Of' music video

Bodies Made Of (2014)

Parquet Courts

For The Fallen Dreams 'Bombay' music video

Bombay (2014)

For The Fallen Dreams

Les Sins 'Bother' music video

Bother (2014)

Les Sins

Director: HARRYS

Electric Wire Hustle 'By & Bye' music video

By & Bye (2014)

Electric Wire Hustle

Fall Out Boy 'Centuries (Hyperlapse Edition)' music video

Centuries (Hyperlapse Edition) (2014)

Fall Out Boy

Niko Is 'Cherry Beamer Dreaming' music video

Cherry Beamer Dreaming (2014)

Niko Is

Open Mike Eagle 'Dark Comedy Morning Show' music video

Dark Comedy Morning Show (2014)

Open Mike Eagle

Elle Varner 'Don't Wanna Dance' music video

Don't Wanna Dance (2014)

Elle Varner

Director: A.V. Rockwell

Taylor Dayne 'Dreaming' music video

Dreaming (2014)

Taylor Dayne

Erasure 'Elevation' music video

Elevation (2014)


Director: Tom Oxley

Migos 'Handsome And Wealthy' music video

Handsome And Wealthy (2014)


Field Report 'Home (Leave The Lights On)' music video

Home (Leave The Lights On) (2014)

Field Report

We Were Promised Jetpacks. 'I Keep It Composed' music video

I Keep It Composed (2014)

We Were Promised Jetpacks.

Black M 'La légende Black' music video

La légende Black (2014)

Black M

George Kalpa 'Leave That Street Alone' music video

Leave That Street Alone (2014)

George Kalpa

Yellow Claw 'Legends' music video

Legends (2014)

Yellow Claw

Dog Like Status 'Love Sick' music video

Love Sick (2014)

Dog Like Status

Ty Segall 'Manipulator' music video

Manipulator (2014)

Ty Segall

Director: Matt Yoka

Bonaparte 'May The Best Sperm Win' music video

May The Best Sperm Win (2014)


Metronomy 'Month Of Sundays' music video

Month Of Sundays (2014)


Director: Callum Cooper

Damien Rice 'My Favourite Faded Fantasy' music video

My Favourite Faded Fantasy (2014)

Damien Rice

Kellylee Evans 'My Name Is' music video

My Name Is (2014)

Kellylee Evans

Eternal Summers 'Never Enough' music video

Never Enough (2014)

Eternal Summers

Sarah Blaine 'Never Get To Heaven' music video

Never Get To Heaven (2014)

Sarah Blaine

The 2 Bears 'Not This Time' music video

Not This Time (2014)

The 2 Bears

Director: Dan Cadan

John Southworth 'Ode To The Morning Sky' music video

Ode To The Morning Sky (2014)

John Southworth

The Vamps 'Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)' music video

Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart) (2014)

The Vamps

Director: Frank Borin

Hyde & Beast 'Open Your Heart' music video

Open Your Heart (2014)

Hyde & Beast

The Game 'Or Nah' music video

Or Nah (2014)

The Game

Director: Matt Alonzo

Jef Jon Sin 'Over You' music video

Over You (2014)

Jef Jon Sin

Blitz Kids 'Perfect' music video

Perfect (2014)

Blitz Kids

Director: Joe Connor

Jowell y Randy 'Prendan Los Motores' music video

Prendan Los Motores (2014)

Jowell y Randy

SINAH 'R.I.P.' music video

R.I.P. (2014)


Buckcherry 'Say Fuck It' music video

Say Fuck It (2014)


Director: Billy Jayne

Vukovi 'So Long Gone' music video

So Long Gone (2014)


Director: Hamish ReIlly, Iain Hendo

Tigirlily 'Song Of Us' music video

Song Of Us (2014)


LL Cool J 'The Hustler' music video

The Hustler (2014)

LL Cool J

The Incredible Magpie Band 'This Chose Me' music video

This Chose Me (2014)

The Incredible Magpie Band

Pavel Stratan 'Toti avem' music video

Toti avem (2014)

Pavel Stratan

Chayanne 'Tu Respiración' music video

Tu Respiración (2014)


Director: Joaquin Cambre

Flora 'Two Sides' music video

Two Sides (2014)


Adam Cohen 'We Go Home' music video

We Go Home (2014)

Adam Cohen

Director: Gianluca Della Montagna

Orenda Fink 'You Can Be Loved' music video

You Can Be Loved (2014)

Orenda Fink

Coldrain 'You Lie' music video

You Lie (2014)