Passenger '27' music video

27 (2014)


T?L? 'Alchemy' music video

Alchemy (2014)


Director: Kate Moross

Afroman 'Because I Got High (Positive Remix)' music video

Because I Got High (Positive Remix) (2014)


Rökkurró 'Blue Skies' music video

Blue Skies (2014)


Tove Styrke 'Borderline' music video

Borderline (2014)

Tove Styrke

Director: Rúnar Ingi Einarsson

Melanie Martinez 'Carousel' music video

Carousel (2014)

Melanie Martinez

Director: Adam Donald

Dente 'Chiuso dall'interno' music video

Chiuso dall'interno (2014)


Director: Virgilio Villoresi

Youth Code 'Consuming Guilt' music video

Consuming Guilt (2014)

Youth Code

Tommy Lee Sparta 'Crow' music video

Crow (2014)

Tommy Lee Sparta

Director: Wayne South

Luka 'Cult' music video

Cult (2014)


Tunacola 'Danky' music video

Danky (2014)


Director: Piero Medone

The Ting Tings 'Do It Again' music video

Do It Again (2014)

The Ting Tings

Director: Andrew Daffy

Tallesen 'Emmel' music video

Emmel (2014)


Paul Thorn 'Everything Will Be Alright' music video

Everything Will Be Alright (2014)

Paul Thorn

Me And My Friends 'Far Out' music video

Far Out (2014)

Me And My Friends

Lil Herb 'Fight or Flight (Remix)' music video

Fight or Flight (Remix) (2014)

Lil Herb

Director: Verluxe

Vince Staples 'Fire' music video

Fire (2014)

Vince Staples

Director: Spike Jordan, C. Blacksmith

Kadie Elder 'First Time He Kissed A Boy' music video

First Time He Kissed A Boy (2014)

Kadie Elder

Director: Elias Munk

Markéta Irglová 'Fortune Teller' music video

Fortune Teller (2014)

Markéta Irglová

The Ready Set 'Freakin' Me Out' music video

Freakin' Me Out (2014)

The Ready Set

Shanell 'Hittin Like' music video

Hittin Like (2014)


Director: Marques T. Owens

Basheba 'Hold On' music video

Hold On (2014)


Beach Day 'How Do You Sleep At Night' music video

How Do You Sleep At Night (2014)

Beach Day

Alkaline (8) 'How It Feel' music video

How It Feel (2014)


Tennis 'I'm Callin'' music video

I'm Callin' (2014)


Maya Jane Coles 'In Dark, In Day' music video

In Dark, In Day (2014)

Maya Jane Coles

Sarah Jaffe 'Leaving The Planet' music video

Leaving The Planet (2014)

Sarah Jaffe

D Double E 'Lovely Jubbly' music video

Lovely Jubbly (2014)

D Double E

Director: Chas Appeti

The Other 'Lovers Lane' music video

Lovers Lane (2014)

The Other

Cristobal and the Sea 'My Love (Ay Ay Ay)' music video

My Love (Ay Ay Ay) (2014)

Cristobal and the Sea

Daisy Victoria 'Nobody Dies' music video

Nobody Dies (2014)

Daisy Victoria

Los Kahunas 'Nos' music video

Nos (2014)

Los Kahunas

Jenny Hval & Susanna 'O Sun O Medusa // A Mirror In My Mouth' music video

O Sun O Medusa // A Mirror In My Mouth (2014)

Jenny Hval & Susanna

Maudlin Strangers 'Overdose' music video

Overdose (2014)

Maudlin Strangers

Director: Timothy Garrett

Olivia Lane 'Steal Me Away' music video

Steal Me Away (2014)

Olivia Lane

Dear Criminals 'Storm' music video

Storm (2014)

Dear Criminals

Girl Talk & Freeway 'Suicide (Remix)' music video

Suicide (Remix) (2014)

Girl Talk & Freeway

Elisa Ambrogio 'Superstitious' music video

Superstitious (2014)

Elisa Ambrogio

Director: Naomi Yang

Jazz Cartier 'Switch / The Downtown Cliché' music video

Switch / The Downtown Cliché (2014)

Jazz Cartier

Director: Kyle Sanderson

Vök 'Tension' music video

Tension (2014)


Director: Baldvin Albertsson

Home Free 'This is How We Roll' music video

This is How We Roll (2014)

Home Free

Director: FifGen Films

Jess Moskaluke 'Used' music video

Used (2014)

Jess Moskaluke

Gigi D'Alessio 'Vivi' music video

Vivi (2014)

Gigi D'Alessio

Director: Gaetano Morbioli

Lemaitre 'Wait' music video

Wait (2014)


Director: Johannes Greve Muskat

And the Traveler 'You Can't Save Me Now' music video

You Can't Save Me Now (2014)

And the Traveler