EarthGang '16 Albinos in the S.W.A.T.S.' music video

16 Albinos in the S.W.A.T.S. (2014)


Too Short '19,999' music video

19,999 (2014)

Too Short

Director: Maxwell Benson

VIVL 'ASTRA LAI' music video

ASTRA LAI (2014)


Archive 'Black & Blue' music video

Black & Blue (2014)


Jaden Smith 'Blue Ocean' music video

Blue Ocean (2014)

Jaden Smith

Bass Turbat 'Bro' music video

Bro (2014)

Bass Turbat

Seth Frightening 'Bully' music video

Bully (2014)

Seth Frightening

Mndsgn 'Camelblues' music video

Camelblues (2014)


Director: Ross Harris

Honeyblood 'Choker' music video

Choker (2014)


Director: Williams & Tardo

Whilk & Misky 'Darklands' music video

Darklands (2014)

Whilk & Misky

The Dø 'Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy' music video

Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy (2014)

The Dø

Director: Noel Paul

Páll Ivan frá Eiðum 'Expanding' music video

Expanding (2014)

Páll Ivan frá Eiðum

The Avener 'Fade Out Lines' music video

Fade Out Lines (2014)

The Avener

Director: Antoine Mandot

Coves 'Fall Out Of Love' music video

Fall Out Of Love (2014)


Inna 'Fata din randul trei' music video

Fata din randul trei (2014)


Maxïmo Park 'Give, Get, Take' music video

Give, Get, Take (2014)

Maxïmo Park

Director: Matt Stokes

Vacationer 'Go Anywhere' music video

Go Anywhere (2014)


Director: Matthew Albasi

Oh Land 'Head Up High' music video

Head Up High (2014)

Oh Land

Director: Duncan Winecoff

Irie Maffia 'Jump Up' music video

Jump Up (2014)

Irie Maffia

Director: Miki357

Flyte 'Light Me Up' music video

Light Me Up (2014)


Sister Cristina 'Like A Virgin' music video

Like A Virgin (2014)

Sister Cristina

Director: Marco Salom

Inouwee 'Lovers' music video

Lovers (2014)


Twin Peaks 'Making Breakfast' music video

Making Breakfast (2014)

Twin Peaks

Director: Ryan Ohm

Pierre Kwenders 'Mardi Gras' music video

Mardi Gras (2014)

Pierre Kwenders

Roy Kafri 'Mayokero' music video

Mayokero (2014)

Roy Kafri

Maejor Ali 'Me and My Team' music video

Me and My Team (2014)

Maejor Ali

Director: G. Visuals

Shawn Hook 'Million Ways' music video

Million Ways (2014)

Shawn Hook

Bas 'Mook In New Mexico' music video

Mook In New Mexico (2014)


Interpol 'My Desire' music video

My Desire (2014)


Director: Markus Lundqvist

Joss Stone 'No Man's Land' music video

No Man's Land (2014)

Joss Stone

Carnival Youth 'Octopus' music video

Octopus (2014)

Carnival Youth

Ormonde 'Paintings' music video

Paintings (2014)


Emma Russack 'Paris' music video

Paris (2014)

Emma Russack

LA VERY 'Playground' music video

Playground (2014)


LE VERY 'Playground' music video

Playground (2014)


The Church 'Pride before a Fall' music video

Pride before a Fall (2014)

The Church

Director: Clint Lewis

Clean Bandit 'Real Love' music video

Real Love (2014)

Clean Bandit

Director: Jack Patterson

Tuff Love 'Slammer' music video

Slammer (2014)

Tuff Love

Foo Fighters 'Something From Nothing' music video

Something From Nothing (2014)

Foo Fighters

Thurston Moore 'Speak To The Wild' music video

Speak To The Wild (2014)

Thurston Moore

Director: Santiago Mostyn

FairyTaleShow 'Spider-Man' music video

Spider-Man (2014)


Kishi Bashi 'The Ballad of Mr. Steak' music video

The Ballad of Mr. Steak (2014)

Kishi Bashi

Director: Benjamin Violet

Sonar Soul 'The Dive' music video

The Dive (2014)

Sonar Soul

U 'The Kids Will Take Care Of Themselves' music video

The Kids Will Take Care Of Themselves (2014)


BLEITCH 'This Is Our Youth' music video

This Is Our Youth (2014)


Archie Bronson Outfit 'Two Doves On A Lake' music video

Two Doves On A Lake (2014)

Archie Bronson Outfit

Etnik 'Unclassified' music video

Unclassified (2014)


Director: Björn Jonas

Nothing But Thieves 'Wake Up Call' music video

Wake Up Call (2014)

Nothing But Thieves

Saint Agnes 'Where The Lightning Strikes' music video

Where The Lightning Strikes (2014)

Saint Agnes

Chlara 'You Complete Me' music video

You Complete Me (2014)


Union J 'You Got It All' music video

You Got It All (2014)

Union J