8:58 '8:58' music video

8:58 (2014)


Heart In Hand 'A Beautiful White' music video

A Beautiful White (2014)

Heart In Hand

Director: Tom J Cronin

Klaxons 'A New Reality' music video

A New Reality (2014)


Director: Tom Beard

DolceNera 'Accendi lo spirito' music video

Accendi lo spirito (2014)


Director: Matteo Bombarda

Ricky Martin 'Adiós' music video

Adiós (2014)

Ricky Martin

The Bots 'All I Really Want' music video

All I Really Want (2014)

The Bots

Gwen Stefani 'Baby Don't Lie' music video

Baby Don't Lie (2014)

Gwen Stefani

Director: Sophie Muller, Weirdcore

Patrice 'Boxes' music video

Boxes (2014)


Teyana Taylor 'Broken Hearted Girl' music video

Broken Hearted Girl (2014)

Teyana Taylor

Director: Elspeth Victoria Brown

Saba 'Burnout' music video

Burnout (2014)


Director: Tom Vin, Elijah Alvarado, Jay Caves, Jay Caves

Dilly Dally 'Candy Mountain' music video

Candy Mountain (2014)

Dilly Dally

Director: Benjamin Dabu

Pitbull 'Celebrate' music video

Celebrate (2014)


The Celestics 'Charles Barkley' music video

Charles Barkley (2014)

The Celestics

Jez Dior 'Clean Me Up' music video

Clean Me Up (2014)

Jez Dior

Southern 'Cool Kid' music video

Cool Kid (2014)


Director: Michael Holyk

Divorced Boyz 'Count Me Out' music video

Count Me Out (2014)

Divorced Boyz

Todd Terje 'Delorean Dynamite' music video

Delorean Dynamite (2014)

Todd Terje

The Weekend Classic 'Dread the Weather' music video

Dread the Weather (2014)

The Weekend Classic

The Coathangers 'Drive' music video

Drive (2014)

The Coathangers

Bring Me The Horizon 'Drown' music video

Drown (2014)

Bring Me The Horizon

Director: Plastic Kid

Trevor Moran 'ECHO' music video

ECHO (2014)

Trevor Moran

Director: Andrew Vallentine

Djokovic 'Edmund' music video

Edmund (2014)


Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains 'Fancy Foresight' music video

Fancy Foresight (2014)

Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains

Megaherz 'Für Immer' music video

Für Immer (2014)


FartBarf 'Homeless In Heathrow' music video

Homeless In Heathrow (2014)


Breathe Carolina 'I Don't Know What I'm Doing' music video

I Don't Know What I'm Doing (2014)

Breathe Carolina

Avid Dancer 'I Want To See You Dance' music video

I Want To See You Dance (2014)

Avid Dancer

Shy'm 'La Malice' music video

La Malice (2014)


The Wilderness of Manitoba 'Leave Someone' music video

Leave Someone (2014)

The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Head And The Heart 'Let's Be Still' music video

Let's Be Still (2014)

The Head And The Heart

Director: Jon Jon Augustavo

3 Sud Est 'Liberi' music video

Liberi (2014)

3 Sud Est

Director: Dan Petcan

T.O.L.D. 'Lucifer's Eyes' music video

Lucifer's Eyes (2014)


The Bug 'Mi Lost' music video

Mi Lost (2014)

The Bug

Ought 'New Calm, Pt. 2' music video

New Calm, Pt. 2 (2014)


Night Club 'Not In Love' music video

Not In Love (2014)

Night Club

Seinabo Sey 'Pistols At Dawn' music video

Pistols At Dawn (2014)

Seinabo Sey

Director: Christian Larson

Audio District 'Reach For The Sky' music video

Reach For The Sky (2014)

Audio District

Keyshia Cole 'Remember (Part 2)' music video

Remember (Part 2) (2014)

Keyshia Cole

L'aupaire 'Rollercoaster Girl' music video

Rollercoaster Girl (2014)


denitia and sene 'running' music video

running (2014)

denitia and sene

The Downtown Fiction 'Santa Cruz' music video

Santa Cruz (2014)

The Downtown Fiction

Rob Cantor 'Shia LaBeouf' music video

Shia LaBeouf (2014)

Rob Cantor

Director: Scott Uhlfelder

In This Moment 'Sick Like Me' music video

Sick Like Me (2014)

In This Moment

Director: Robert John Kley, Maria Brink

Ken Park 'Stay At Mine' music video

Stay At Mine (2014)

Ken Park

Luca Fivizzani 'Superstiti' music video

Superstiti (2014)

Luca Fivizzani

Museum Of Love 'The Who's Who of Who Cares' music video

The Who's Who of Who Cares (2014)

Museum Of Love

iLoveMakonnen 'Tuesday' music video

Tuesday (2014)


Jade Koth 'Twistin' 2' music video

Twistin' 2 (2014)

Jade Koth

Fire/Works 'Underneath' music video

Underneath (2014)


S 'Vampires' music video

Vampires (2014)


Godblesscomputers 'What We've Lost' music video

What We've Lost (2014)


Dillon Francis 'When We Were Young' music video

When We Were Young (2014)

Dillon Francis

Director: Agata Alexander

Arm Watches Fingers 'Zep Tepi' music video

Zep Tepi (2014)

Arm Watches Fingers