Broken Bells 'After The Disco' music video

After The Disco (2014)

Broken Bells

Director: Nelson De Castro

Vindata 'All I Really Need' music video

All I Really Need (2014)


WISH 'All The Time' music video

All The Time (2014)


FreeStay 'Altfel de magie' music video

Altfel de magie (2014)


Director: Dan Petcan

La Pelopony 'Amor Superficial' music video

Amor Superficial (2014)

La Pelopony

Rhodes 'Breathe' music video

Breathe (2014)


ZelooperZ 'Can't Hang' music video

Can't Hang (2014)


Carissa Vales 'City Lights' music video

City Lights (2014)

Carissa Vales

Don Arbor 'County D' music video

County D (2014)

Don Arbor

Rumer 'Dangerous' music video

Dangerous (2014)


Director: Anthony Byrne

Steve Aoki 'Delirious (Boneless)' music video

Delirious (Boneless) (2014)

Steve Aoki

Wet 'Don't Wanna Be Your Girl' music video

Don't Wanna Be Your Girl (2014)


Director: Beauty Today

Alexander Acha 'El amor te va a encontrar (Love Is Gonna Find You)' music video

El amor te va a encontrar (Love Is Gonna Find You) (2014)

Alexander Acha

Feliciana 'Forever' music video

Forever (2014)


Haftbefehl (2) 'Ihr Hurensöhne / Saudi Arabi Money Rich' music video

Ihr Hurensöhne / Saudi Arabi Money Rich (2014)


Director: Chehad Abdallah

Keyshia Cole 'Intro (Last Tango)' music video

Intro (Last Tango) (2014)

Keyshia Cole

Ayyan 'Making Dollars' music video

Making Dollars (2014)


Director: Sherif Francis

Lunar Rescue 'Matriarch' music video

Matriarch (2014)

Lunar Rescue

Heyrocco 'Mom Jeans' music video

Mom Jeans (2014)


Director: Jenny Kleiman

M83 'Moonchild' music video

Moonchild (2014)


Little Daylight 'My Life' music video

My Life (2014)

Little Daylight

The Anchoress 'One For Sorrow' music video

One For Sorrow (2014)

The Anchoress

Director: Matt Francis

Ballet School 'Pale Saint' music video

Pale Saint (2014)

Ballet School

Big Sean 'Paradise' music video

Paradise (2014)

Big Sean

Director: Mike Carson

Uncle Murda 'PYP' music video

PYP (2014)

Uncle Murda

Sat-B 'Satura Amabafle' music video

Satura Amabafle (2014)


Ryan Hemsworth 'Snow In Newark' music video

Snow In Newark (2014)

Ryan Hemsworth

Director: Martin C. Pariseau

Tom Lark 'Something To Tell You' music video

Something To Tell You (2014)

Tom Lark

George Maple 'Talk Talk' music video

Talk Talk (2014)

George Maple

Director: Yeoseop Yoon

Royal Blood 'Ten Tonne Skeleton' music video

Ten Tonne Skeleton (2014)

Royal Blood

Director: never ending fun

Lonely The Brave 'The Blue, The Green' music video

The Blue, The Green (2014)

Lonely The Brave

Director: Greg Davenport

Tommy Lee Sparta 'The Creature' music video

The Creature (2014)

Tommy Lee Sparta

Director: Mental Chung

Jack Kovacs 'The Empty House' music video

The Empty House (2014)

Jack Kovacs

Ty Segall 'The Singer' music video

The Singer (2014)

Ty Segall

Director: Matt Yoka

Logic 'Under Pressure' music video

Under Pressure (2014)


Director: Stephen Mallett

Jimmy Edgar 'Who's Watchin' music video

Who's Watchin (2014)

Jimmy Edgar

Sego 'Wicket Youth' music video

Wicket Youth (2014)


Director: Andrew William Ralph

Wampire 'Wizard Staff' music video

Wizard Staff (2014)


Director: Robbie Augspurger

Blondfire 'Young Heart' music video

Young Heart (2014)