Jacques Greene '1 4 ME' music video

1 4 ME (2014)

Jacques Greene

Hamilton Leithauser '5 AM' music video

5 AM (2014)

Hamilton Leithauser

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa 'Aether Curtain' music video

Aether Curtain (2014)

Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa

Moondy 'Boo' music video

Boo (2014)


Dels 'Burning Beaches' music video

Burning Beaches (2014)


Jessica Mauboy 'Can I Get a Moment?' music video

Can I Get a Moment? (2014)

Jessica Mauboy

Director: Stu Gosling

Burna Boy 'Check and Balance' music video

Check and Balance (2014)

Burna Boy

Director: Mattmax

Kim and the Created 'Dead to Me' music video

Dead to Me (2014)

Kim and the Created

Munk 'Deceiver' music video

Deceiver (2014)


Pasabordo 'Devuélveme la vida' music video

Devuélveme la vida (2014)


Sinéad O'Connor 'Eight Good Reasons' music video

Eight Good Reasons (2014)

Sinéad O'Connor

Director: Hugh O'Conor

RadU 'Esti Prea Perfecta' music video

Esti Prea Perfecta (2014)


Director: Ioana Gomoi

Jessi Malay 'Fetish' music video

Fetish (2014)

Jessi Malay

Fitz And The Tantrums 'Fools Gold' music video

Fools Gold (2014)

Fitz And The Tantrums

Freak Kitchen 'Freak of the Week' music video

Freak of the Week (2014)

Freak Kitchen

Director: Juanjo Guarnido

August Alsina 'Grindin' music video

Grindin (2014)

August Alsina

Director: Payne Lindsey

Lucius 'Hey, Doreen' music video

Hey, Doreen (2014)


Clones of Clones 'I Don't Need Your Love' music video

I Don't Need Your Love (2014)

Clones of Clones

Director: Adam Peditto

Nick Mulvey 'I Don't Want To Go Home' music video

I Don't Want To Go Home (2014)

Nick Mulvey

Director: Ty Johnson

Crucified Barbara 'I Sell My Kids For Rock 'N' Roll' music video

I Sell My Kids For Rock 'N' Roll (2014)

Crucified Barbara

Kentish Fire 'In Our Band' music video

In Our Band (2014)

Kentish Fire

Brooke Fraser 'Kings & Queens' music video

Kings & Queens (2014)

Brooke Fraser

Director: NORTON

Oliver Heldens 'Last All Night (Koala)' music video

Last All Night (Koala) (2014)

Oliver Heldens

Director: Remy Cayuela

Rayden (6) 'Matemática de la Carne' music video

Matemática de la Carne (2014)


Future User 'Medication Nation' music video

Medication Nation (2014)

Future User

La Sera 'Never Come Around' music video

Never Come Around (2014)

La Sera

Director: Brady Hall

Shamir 'On The Regular' music video

On The Regular (2014)


Director: Anthony Sylvester

Lemonade 'Orchid Bloom' music video

Orchid Bloom (2014)


Mila J 'Pain In My Heart' music video

Pain In My Heart (2014)

Mila J

Anagogia 'Perla Nera' music video

Perla Nera (2014)


Emmon 'Pitch Black' music video

Pitch Black (2014)


The Last Skeptik 'Propulsion' music video

Propulsion (2014)

The Last Skeptik

Emma Marrone 'Resta ancora un po'' music video

Resta ancora un po' (2014)

Emma Marrone

Danity Kane 'Rhythm Of Love' music video

Rhythm Of Love (2014)

Danity Kane

Director: Dan Fisher

Kotak 'Rock N Love' music video

Rock N Love (2014)


Bleachers 'Rollercoaster' music video

Rollercoaster (2014)


Daye Jack 'Summer Day' music video

Summer Day (2014)

Daye Jack

Flight Facilities 'Sunshine' music video

Sunshine (2014)

Flight Facilities

Director: Rhett Wade-Ferrell

AM Aesthetic 'The End' music video

The End (2014)

AM Aesthetic

Orenda Fink 'This Is a Part of Something Greater' music video

This Is a Part of Something Greater (2014)

Orenda Fink

The Landing 'We Are' music video

We Are (2014)

The Landing

Black Milk 'What It's Worth' music video

What It's Worth (2014)

Black Milk

Director: King David

Eyedress 'When I'm Gone' music video

When I'm Gone (2014)


Mono 'Where We Begin' music video

Where We Begin (2014)


Director: Mitsuyo Miyazaki

Ylvis 'Yoghurt' music video

Yoghurt (2014)


Director: Ole Martin Hafsmo

Sharon Van Etten 'Your Love Is Killing Me' music video

Your Love Is Killing Me (2014)

Sharon Van Etten

Director: Sean Durkin

Mateusz Mijal 'Za to co mam' music video

Za to co mam (2014)

Mateusz Mijal