All Music Videos Released in April 2018

Ben Khan '2000 Angels' music video

2000 Angels (2018)

Ben Khan

John Legend 'A Good Night' music video

A Good Night (2018)

John Legend

A$AP Rocky 'A$AP Forever' music video

A$AP Forever (2018)

A$AP Rocky

Director: Dexter Navy

Halsey 'Alone' music video

Alone (2018)


Director: Hannah Lux Davis, Halsey

Rose-Erin Stokes 'Always On My Mind' music video

Always On My Mind (2018)

Rose-Erin Stokes

Cicada Rhythm 'America's Open Roads' music video

America's Open Roads (2018)

Cicada Rhythm

Zola Jesus 'Ash to Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix)' music video

Ash to Bone (Johnny Jewel Remix) (2018)

Zola Jesus

J. Cole 'ATM' music video

ATM (2018)

J. Cole

Director: Scott Lazer

Black Moth Super Rainbow 'Backwash' music video

Backwash (2018)

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson 'Bad Dreams' music video

Bad Dreams (2018)

Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson

Geoffroy 'Bad Habit' music video

Bad Habit (2018)


Cardi B 'Bartier Cardi' music video

Bartier Cardi (2018)

Cardi B

Director: Petra Collins

Sofi Tukker 'Batshit' music video

Batshit (2018)

Sofi Tukker

Director: Mac Boucher, Sofi Tukker

Rush Week 'Be Like Mike' music video

Be Like Mike (2018)

Rush Week

Irina Rimes 'Beau' music video

Beau (2018)

Irina Rimes

Director: Bogdan Paun

Leon Bridges 'Bet Ain't Worth the Hand' music video

Bet Ain't Worth the Hand (2018)

Leon Bridges

Alina Pash 'Bitanga' music video

Bitanga (2018)

Alina Pash

In This Moment 'Black Wedding' music video

Black Wedding (2018)

In This Moment

Director: Maria Brink, Robert John Kley

Fil Bo Riva 'Blindmaker' music video

Blindmaker (2018)

Fil Bo Riva

M¥SS KETA 'BOTOX' music video

BOTOX (2018)


Melody’s Echo Chamber 'Breathe In, Breathe Out' music video

Breathe In, Breathe Out (2018)

Melody’s Echo Chamber

Theia 'Bye Bye' music video

Bye Bye (2018)


The Weeknd 'Call Out My Name' music video

Call Out My Name (2018)

The Weeknd

Director: Grant Singer

Lea Porcelain 'Can I Really Decide' music video

Can I Really Decide (2018)

Lea Porcelain

morgxn 'Carry The Weight' music video

Carry The Weight (2018)


Nyssa 'Champion of Love' music video

Champion of Love (2018)


Courtney Barnett 'City Looks Pretty' music video

City Looks Pretty (2018)

Courtney Barnett

Mastodon 'Clandestiny' music video

Clandestiny (2018)


Rae Sremmurd 'CLOSE' music video

CLOSE (2018)

Rae Sremmurd

Director: Mike Piscitelli

Diplo 'Color Blind' music video

Color Blind (2018)


Director: Austin Peters

Miguel 'Come Through and Chill' music video

Come Through and Chill (2018)


Director: Kevin Calero

Niia 'Constantly Dissatisfied' music video

Constantly Dissatisfied (2018)


Lump 'Curse of the Contemporary' music video

Curse of the Contemporary (2018)


Beach House 'Dark Spring' music video

Dark Spring (2018)

Beach House

Geoffroy 'Day at the Museum' music video

Day at the Museum (2018)


Miya Folick 'Deadbody' music video

Deadbody (2018)

Miya Folick

Vive la Void 'Death Money' music video

Death Money (2018)

Vive la Void

Danny Ocean 'Dembow' music video

Dembow (2018)

Danny Ocean

Madison Rose 'Diamonds' music video

Diamonds (2018)

Madison Rose

The Academic 'Different' music video

Different (2018)

The Academic

Marian Hill 'Differently' music video

Differently (2018)

Marian Hill

Automelodi 'Digresse' music video

Digresse (Version 2) (2018)


Janelle Monáe 'Dirty Computer' music video

Dirty Computer (2018)

Janelle Monáe

Confidence Man 'Don’t You Know I’m In A Band' music video

Don’t You Know I’m In A Band (2018)

Confidence Man

CLARA-NOVA 'Echo' music video

Echo (2018)