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Church and music aren't that far apart, especially when it's the kind of church that encourages spontaneous physical outbursts when meeting in a small room. In the the new video for "Counting Stars" by OneRepublic, music and church are truly not that far apart - that's as far as we'll… Read More

One day after Joel Compass’s music video for “Back To Me” won two MVPA Awards (for Best International Video and Best Directorial Debut for directors Ian & Cooper), Joel releases the equally dark video for “Fucked Up,” directed by Ryan Patrick. This video features an ambitious concept as Joel moves between, time, space,… Read More

In the video for “Cindy + Me” by Caged Animals, director by Carlos Lopez Estrada brings us to a world where a group of baboon scientists run a series of tests on Caged Animals singer Vincent Cacchione - creating likely the only type of animal testing that PETA would be… Read More

Tyga and Chris Brown are finding themsleves in a comptemplative mood, so they've headed to their giant hideaway in the mountains where everything - incuding the dogs - is pure white. This is the scene in the music video for "For the Road" by Tyga ft. Chris Brown, which was… Read More

Anyone who has ever wondered what the members of a band do after they break up will get that question answered in the music video for the song “Leave The World Behind” by Lune, who teamed up with Swedish House Mafia to remake their 2008 song. The stunning video, directed… Read More

If you’re anything like us, the first time you heard She & Him (the musical duo made up of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward) you went, “Whaaat? I didn’t know Zooey Deschanel could sing like that, you guys!” And now, you get to have the same reaction to her abilities as… Read More

In the video for “Around The Block” by Pretty Lights featuring Talib Kweli, director Anthony Dickenson focuses on the technical process of creating music and visuals - the wires, knobs, interfaces, and the human element that goes into creating sound and visuals. Pretty Lights is stationed at his setup, recording… Read More

Remember that reality show The Simple Life where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie would travel the country failing at low-wage jobs? Apparently the managers and owners of the places they worked at on that show actually made out easy, because based on what we’ve learned from the Rich Gang “Tapout”… Read More

In the behind the scenes video, director Colin Tilley says that he wanted to showcase Jason Derulo's energy in his new video for "The Other Side". It worked, becuase Derulo is working hard as a performer, a dancer, and a ladies man in this video, as the screenshot from the… Read More

The one sure sign that winter is over is the release of the first major pool-side hip-hop music video. This year, the switch from cold to hot weather is marked by the release of the music video for “Beat It” by Sean Kingston featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, directed by Colin Tilley.… Read More

We're not positive, but we’re pretty sure the song “Molly” by Tyga feat. Wiz Khalifa and Mally Mall isn’t about their missing female friend. We have a strict drug testing policy here at IMVDb, so none of us have ever tried any drugs (we've never even done a marijuana), but based on what we've… Read More

A word of warning: if Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are hanging around your mansion and your pool, keep a sharp eye out for them stealing from you and leaving in a helicopter. That's the central lesson behind the new video for “High School” by Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne, directed by Benny Boom and produced… Read More

Jay Sean is a smooth dude, even when he’s constantly getting things spilled on him. In the new video for “Where You Are” directed by Hannah Lux Davis, not even mustard, coffee, or a giant bouncer can keep him from putting some subtle moves on a fly girl in the… Read More

New Release: Lil Wayne 'Love Me'

Posted by Doug Klinger on February 15, 2013 in New Releases

If there's any rapper that looks right at home in a Victorian-style bed surrounded by water and barely-clothed women, it's Lil Wayne. He's an artist that often insists there's something supernatural about him (he did name two albums I Am Not a Human Being, after all), and in "Love Me,"… Read More

In the new video for "With Ur Love," Cher Lloyd and her accomplices don't just want your love, they want to bottle it and mix it into a cauldron. Shot at the Hollywood Castle, the video stars Cher as the leader of a team of ladies hosting a dinner party… Read More

Director duo fourclops mix sailing performance footage with scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 to create the ‘Speak Up’ music video by the band POP ETC. Read More

Vincent Haycock directs Florence Welch and Ben Mendelsohn in "Lover to Lover," the latest song released from Florence + the Machine's Ceremonials album. The video premiered on and, according to Florence, was completely improvised. The action of the video is centered around a relationship in turmoil, and ends with a fiery-climax that is particularly empowering… Read More

Dugan O'Neal Presents Stupid Hype

Posted by Doug Klinger on November 14, 2012 in New Releases

Director Dugan O'Neal takes a slight break from directing amazing music videos to direct the amazing CW web series Stupid Hype! After you check out the promotional music video below, peep the first three episodes here! C'mon Steve!Credits DirectorDugan O'Neal Remove Read More

An IMVDb Milestone

Posted by Adam Fairholm on November 13, 2012 in New Releases

Our 9,000th video, Rest Of My Life by Ludacris ft. Usher and David Guetta (directed by Christopher Sims). Today we reached 9,000 music videos that are listed on IMVDb (We like to celebrate every 1,000). Do we have a lot of work to do? We definitely do. However, this milestone… Read More

If the phrase "make my Bub-Bubs bounce" has any meaning to you, you probably get excited when Tim Heidecker makes an appearance in anything. We here at IMVDb get extra excited when Tim Heidecker makes an appearance in a music video, which he did today. Tim not only appears in… Read More

You most likely know Idris Elba as Russell "Stringer" Bell on HBO's "The Wire". Starting today you can watch him put on a clinic in music video acting in the video for Mumford & Sons' new single "Lover of the Light" (due to be issued as a single on December… Read More

When Grant Singer directed the video for Sky Ferreira's previous single, "Everything is Embarassing", he put a basic premise to work: Sky Ferreira can hold our attention throughout a music video just by looking us in the eye. In "Sad Dream", released today, Singer works off that same premise but… Read More

In the new video for "Girl" by Das Racist, Fahim Anwar plays Lance Cantstopolis, a denim rocking, grooving dancing badass with a crush on a pretty girl. The only thing stronger than his roundhouse kick, is his game. Despite all that he has going for him, we find that in the… Read More

One of the most technically complicated videos made at the 2012 OMG Everywhere summer camp finally came out today. This is the perfect opportunity for me to remind everyone that you can donate to OMG all year long, you don’t have to wait until next summer to support the cause. … Read More

Both Fun and Anthony Mandler are kind of having banner years. For Fun, Some Nights was released in February and you know the rest. For Mandler, he's been releasing some of 2012's best work, including "National Anthem" for Lana del Rey and "As Long as You Love Me" by Justin Bieber.… Read More

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