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Back when I was in middle school, a girl’s coolness was determined by how many Lisa Frank folders she had. Pretty much the only thing I knew about girls as a fifth grader is that they loved bright, colorful, kitten and unicorn covered school supplies. Hannah Lux Davis brings the… Read More

Focusing on high contrast and limited camera movement, Lance Drake’s music video for “Clockwork” by Illangelo features a lot of elements that you don’t expect to find in a cool music video these days. Despite that, it’s easily one of the coolest videos of the year, landing a spot on… Read More

“End Of Me” by A Day To Remember is a dark video about the two male members of a family dealing the loss of the female figure in their life. Director Shane Drake tells the story of a teenage son who has taken on the burden of responsibility for the… Read More

One crucial thing for a band to have is a unique and/or cool rehearsal space. Usually this takes the form of a warehouse or sometimes just a space in a house, but in their new video for "Black River," the band Wolf Gang has everyone else beat by parking themselves… Read More

If you aren't familiar with the world of synchronized swimming, the Aqualillies are who you call if you need awesome synchronized swimming in something - from videos to live events. Remember the Nicki Minaj pool scene in the Justin Bieber "Beauty And A Beat" video? That was the Aqualillies synchronized… Read More

What do you get when you mix Shane Drake, Lady Antebellum, Kate Upton, Tony Hale together? You get the music video for “Bartender”! The super fun video features Kate Upton as the main character, living out the lyrics of the song. She finds herself at a bar, trying to get over… Read More

Attention all guys: you’re never cool enough to have two girlfriends. Chlöe Howl sets out to prove this in her new video for “Disappointed,” directed by Emil Nava. The video features Chlöe as the coach of a roller derby team who witnesses the opposing coach trying to mack on a girl from… Read More

“Or Nah” by Ty Dolla $ign takes the classic mansion music video and brings it to an unexpected location. While most mansion videos center around sunshine, pools, and warm colors, director Ryan Patrick focuses on treetops and wood paneling in "Or Nah," giving the video a cooler, darker feel than… Read More

Falling in love is weird. If you’ve ever fallen in love, you know it can make you feel super happy or super upset or super strange – sometimes all at once. If you haven’t ever fallen in love, don’t worry, because the music video for “I’m With You” by Grouplove… Read More

With a soundtrack full of new pop songs, the film The Fault In Our Stars has already had five music videos released in conjunction with its release, including videos from Ed Sheeran, Charli XCX, and Grouplove. The latest music video from the soundtrack is Elliott Sellers’ beautiful performance video for… Read More

The Vamps and Demi Lovato bring good times and sunshine to the music video for “Somebody To You,” directed by Emil Nava. The lighthearted song about happiness and young love is the perfect summertime jam to play while you’re hanging out with your super attractive friends on the beach or… Read More

One day, when I finally get my money right, I’ll get invited to an awesome warehouse dance party, all my attractive friends will be there, and we’ll freak dance until 4am. It’ll be amazing. Until then, I can just watch Cheryl Cole’s video for “Crazy Stupid Love” feat. Tinie Tempah… Read More

Working in an stuffy office environment sucks. That is, unless your office is the office in James Lees’ video for “Scare Away The Dark” by Passenger, in which case your office is kind of awesome. Things start normal enough, with a bunch of sad looking folks slugging through the long… Read More

“Do you feel like movin’?” This is the existential life question addressed in the music video for “Movin” by Mohombi, directed by Colin Tilley. Spoiler alert: the answer is yes! Everyone feels like movin’! The reason? Because as soon as the song “Movin” hits your ears, you automatically have to… Read More

The music video for “High Road” by Mastodon tells the story of a teenaged boy who encounters adversity while live-action role playing, and is able to overcome it with the help of his grandma and badass elderly neighbor. Directed by frequent Mastodon collaborator Roboshobo, the video begins with our young… Read More

After teasing us with two lyric videos and one “audio” video, Nicki Minaj has finally released the official music video for “Pills N Potions,” directed by Diane Martel. Nicki leaves her pink wigs and heavy eye makeup at home for this one, and instead opts for a much more natural… Read More

"Incredible" by Céline Dion feat. Ne-Yo is a song about two people who want to show the world how much they love each other. The lyrics describe a couple whose love has been challenged throughout the relationship, but who are ready to prove to everyone how incredible their love is. Directed by… Read More

A note to all guys: definitely don’t ever touch a girl’s butt unless you’re invited to. This is just a basic rule that all dudes should follow. While unfortunately the crime of uninvited butt touching is one that often goes unpunished, in the video for “Make U Bounce” by DJ… Read More

16-year-old Bella Thorne has a lot on her plate right now. Her twitter profile describes her as “an actress, student, dancer, recording artist and an author,” and according to her newest music video for “Call It Whatever,” she’s also a waitress at Cadillac Jacks Cafe. Slow down, Bella! The Mickey… Read More

The guys in Cherub seem like some pretty fun dudes. So fun, in fact, that if you’re throwing a party and need some sexy male entertainment, they’re your guys. In their new video for “Doses & Mimosas” directed by Zach Merck, they show off their fly dance moves and bodies… Read More

Director Hannah Lux Davis knows how to strike the right chord with big pop stars. In her newest video for “On My Way” by Lea Michele, Hannah takes the Glee star and places her in situations that feel super fun and carefree, giving Lea the freedom to be sexy and… Read More

In the Vimeo description for for “The Rule” by Faces On Film, director Carlos Lopez Estrada describes the music video as “a tale of loss and redemption.” Carlos’ second music video released this week, “The Rule” is literally a split between live footage and Cameron Clark’s 2D animation, with every shot of… Read More

The gorgeous video for “My Silver Lining” by First Aid Kit is a collage of horror movie effects - like ghost trails, moving furniture, and dolly zooms - set in a bright and unexpected location. While the ghostly influence is undeniable, the video isn’t at all dark, in fact it… Read More

We talk about official songs and music videos for big sporting events pretty frequently here at IMVDb. It's a relatively recent phenomenon, and they are a great example of using the power and popularity of music videos to promote something. In the sporting world, the biggest music video player by… Read More

One of our favorite things about director Carlos Lopez Estrada is his ability to bring beauty in otherwise violent circumstances. Whether it’s bullet holes full of yarn, or a zebra that bleeds confetti, Carlos always finds a way to turn dark situations into something magical. In his latest video for… Read More

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