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“Salute” by Little Mix is a song about strong woman who do cool, tough things while still looking fly. The song has a military vibe to it, complete with jody calls and a “Taps” sample - and it has ladies anthem written all over it. Directed by Colin Tilley, the… Read More

So far, Brooke Candy’s career has played out almost exclusively through music videos. She first caught the world’s attention in 2012 when she was featured in Grimes’ “Genesis” video, and then a few months later formally introduced herself through the Matt Boman-directed “Das Me.” Since then, Brooke has blessed us… Read More

In “Senile” by Young Money, director Collin Tilley creates surreal worlds for Tyga, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne, each with their own uniquely outlandish elements and characters. Tilley often tackles colorful and flashy music videos like this one, but he always seems to have the most fun when paired with… Read More

There is this thing that happens in hip hop where if you do a music video with Hiro Murai you’re required to just keep making awesome music videos with him. It’s a trend that was established by Earl Sweatshirt with “Chum” and “Hive,” and has now moved onto Childish Gambino… Read More

Can you all just do me a favor at take a few minutes to get funky with me here at the end of the day on a Friday? Can you do that for me please? We’ve all had a long week, work's been shitty, Tina from accounting has been a… Read More

After releasing a fairly simple video for “Midnight” earlier this year, Coldplay is back with a much larger production for their “Magic” music video. The video begins with the words “a Jonas Åkerlund film,” and that’s no exaggeration as everything about this video feels like a film, more specifically a… Read More

Let me give you guys a word of advice: no matter where you are, if you ever see Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme with a group of Asian business men, you need to get the fuck out of there as fast as you can. If you stick… Read More

There are a few ways to approach the music video for an emotional ballad like “Still” by Katy B. There are some directors who may have tried to go with a more literal interpretation of the lyrics, showing two former lovers still thinking about each other having being apart from… Read More

Indonesian recording artist Agnez Mo has been making her name in the US pop scene since releasing her self-titled debut English-language album last year. Now, with the premiere of the “Coke Bottle” music video, she can cross “receiving the Colin Tilley treatment” off her list of US pop star requirements. From the… Read More

I’m going to just come right out and say it, the guys in Rixton need to learn how to think with their heads and not with their hearts sometimes. Take a look at the “Me And My Broken Heart” video for example, all it takes is a pretty girl showing… Read More

"The Struggle" by Grizfolk, directed by Keith Musil, tells the story of a vigilante grizzly bear emotionally wreaking havoc on everyone he comes in contact with. While most people will realize that in real life this is actually an actor in a bear costume, it isn’t clear for most of… Read More

As a website run by two dudes who basically wear the same 11 tshirts in rotation all year long, style obviously isn’t our focus. However, when a music video comes along that’s so packed full of sweet clothes and set pieces, we can’t help but recognize its coolness. Such is… Read More

“2 On” by Tinashe ft. Schoolboy Q takes the idea of a choreographed club music video and lets it build out gradually throughout the piece. Choreographed by JaQuel Knight, choreographer for several iconic music videos including “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, the viewer knows going in that this is going to… Read More

Earlier this month, Future released a Benny Boom-directed music video for his song “Move That Dope,” featuring Pharrell Williams and Pusha T. While there is a very small narrative involving a car chase and Ronald Reagan masks, for the most part "Move That Dope" shakes out to be your classic… Read More

The drag race is an iconic Hollywood film scene. They usually start out with a woman standing between the two racers to signal the cars to go, followed by an intense race. Usually it's between two characters in a film that have a score to settle, but in "Talkin' Bout"… Read More

The music video catalog of LA-based singer-songwriter BANKS has been in heavy rotation at IMVDb for the past year or so. Even without a full album to her name, BANKS has established a strong image as a natural performer throuh a set of videos featuring the singer. Her latest video,… Read More

Leaving your phone unattended around your significant other is a dangerous game. YG's girlfriend learns this lesson the hard way at the beginning of the new video for "Who Do You Love?" featuring Drake, when YG notices that a call is coming through to his girlfriend's phone under the name "Don't Answer."… Read More

Director Frank Borin?s video for ?She Looks So Perfect? by 5 Seconds Of Summer starts out simple enough. We?re introduced to a series of characters in different locations who all have pretty average lives, including a grocery store chashier, a cook, a police officer, some dudes working out in jail,… Read More

“Battle Cry” by Angel Haze ft. Sia is a song about overcoming adversity, no matter how hard it gets. The lyrics are uplifting and strong, but also general enough to be meaningful to anyone who is hoping to grow out of a difficult situation. Directed by Frank Borin, the video… Read More

You guys want to know the definition of not giving a fuck? Not giving a fuck is violently kidnapping rapper Big Sean by first trying to rub chloroform on his face, failing, and then straight up just bashing him on the head with a thing to knock him out. You… Read More

For those keeping count, "I'm A Freak" by Enrique Iglesias is already the third music video released in 2014 by director Colin Tilley. In 2013, Colin released over 20 music videos, and if he keeps up his current rate, dude is on pace to nearly double that this year. So… Read More

Most people already know that if you want to have a good time, an easy way to do that is to throw on some Chromeo and get funky. But did you also know that getting funky with Chromeo music videos is also super fun? Maybe even more fun that just… Read More

If any of you guys have watched the TV show the news this week, you know our boy Justin Bieber has gotten himself in a little bit of trouble. But in the video for “Confident” directed by Colin Tilley, Justin has way more important things to worry about – mainly,… Read More

In the video for “Stick To” by Ace Reporter, directors Peter and Annie aim to personify the natural attraction that moths have to a flame. The video begins by introducing its main characters: Moth Guy, a dust cover dude set in a dimly lit living room, and Flame Girl, a… Read More

In general, you shouldn’t cheat on people, no matter who they are, because it’s mean and dishonest. However, if you are going to cheat, make sure it’s not on Kelleigh Bannen, because based on what we learned in her video for “Famous,” if you cheat on Kelleigh Bannen oh brother… Read More

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