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Daniel "Cloud" Campos, or simply Cloud, starting dancing way before he started directing, which is why it’s no surprise that in addition to directing "Stay The Night" by Zedd ft. Hayley Williams, he also stars in it along side of dancer Jessica Lee Keller. Cut between performance shots of Zedd… Read More

Jason Derulo is out to put other romantic music videos to shame with his new video for "Marry Me", which was released today. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the video features Derulo and his real life girlfriend Jordin Sparks doing romantic things together like playing around in bed, watching home… Read More

Shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, "Elevate" by St. Lucia follows the band as they’re evicted from their apartment and decide to throw one final party/rooftop concert before they have to leave. NORTON, who directed the video, is currently an LA based director, but spent most of the last decade living in… Read More

Lawrence Rothman was the first artist signed to Mamaroma Records, the record label curated by director Floria Sigismondi. The video for his debut single, "Montauk Fling," was directed by Floria and features Lawrence dressed as Elizabeth Taylor while dancing provocatively around a hotel room. When the video premiered months ago,… Read More

Colin Tilley has made a name for himself by perfecting the art of the performance first video. However, in "Big Dipper" by The Cataracs, he takes that perfect performance atmosphere and makes it the location for a really high energy narrative video. We start with Niles "Cyranizzy" Hollowell-Dhar, of The… Read More

In the new video for "Honest", the first single off of Future's 2nd album (also titled Honest), Future is doing pretty well for himself, living in a giant mansion with Letoya Luckett. Directed by Colin Tilley, The video explores some visuals we're not used to seeing in hip-hop videos, including… Read More

Shot in Washington DC and set in an ornate mansion complete with a golden throne, "We Been On" by Rich Gang featuring R. Kelly does a great job highlighting how awesome your life is after several years of success in the hip-hop industry. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, "We Been… Read More

Anyone who was upset about the Miley Cyrus VMA performance last month might as well just look away now (this means you Mika Brzezinski) because it was nothing compared to Miley’s new video for "Wrecking Ball," directed by Terry Richardson. Throughout the video, Miley is seen wielding a sledgehammer, laying… Read More

Do you ever wish you could go back to the horror section of a 1995 Blockbuster Video and find wall-to-wall VHS copies of campy horror films that you’ve never heard of? Well with "Evil Eye" by Franz Ferdinand, directed by Diane Martel, you can get pretty close. The video is… Read More

The Ladies of G.R.L. are in a tough spot in "Vacation", their new music video. Some dudes are staying at the G.R.L. house, and these dudes are anything but good housemates. They are the messiest cereal pourers ever, shave and leave hairs all over the bathroom sink, and just play… Read More

Ass and rap videos go together like Simon and Garfunkel, but there are stuff fun and unique ways to approach the pairing, and director Benny Boom proves that with the video for "Clappers" by Wale ft. Nicki Minaj and Juicy J. Interestingly enough, the video features people actually clapping their… Read More

In "Kangaroo Court" by Capital Cities, a nerdy zebra takes some serious measures to get into an exclusive club that doesn’t allow his species. Co-directed by the band and Carlos Lopez Estrada, the video has a pretty massive cast of people dressed as animals (including Darren Criss of Glee), some… Read More

"Let It Rain" by Eliza Doolittle is a performance based video which features beautiful shots and some really effective VFX. The Elliott Sellers directed video begins inside a dimly lit house, but the walls soon are ripped away and Eliza is found in the middle of the desert, looking gorgeous… Read More

If there was one moment that everyone seems to be talking about from last night’s VMAs, it’s Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke’s medley performance of "We Can't Stop," "Blurred Lines," and "Give It 2 U." While Miley is getting most of the attention right now, Robin is definitely getting some… Read More

When Disturbed went on hiatus in 2011, front man David Draiman started Device and released a self-titled debut album. The first video to come from that album, Vilify, dropped in February, and the second, "You Think You Know", was released this week, both directed by P.R. Brown. The video itself… Read More

Phil Mucci continues to have the dark yet colorful metal music video game on lock. "Zenith" by Huntress is a hardcore trip into outer space and features vocalist Jill Janus as both a cosmic nun and as a sexy cosmic demon. The video, like the track, does not slow down… Read More

The new music video for "Taste of Disarray" by Hawaii-based band Ignite The Red begins with a woman (Justine Godfrey) staring out into sea and looking at a scrap of fabric with a strange symbol on it. Next, we see a man (Darren Inos) fishing on a different shore -… Read More

You might not think a music video about pants and a shirt would be very interesting, but director NORTON and the band PAPA are about to change your opinion with the music video for "Young Rut." In this video, a pair of jeans and a yellow button down shirt fall… Read More

Avenged Sevenfold takes a more subtle approach to the badass rock video with "Hail To The King," directed by Syndrome. Set in a white cyc with the members of Avenged Sevenfold dressed in black and tattoos, the setting of the performance portions allow the band standout the way a rock band is… Read More

In "Replay", Zendaya's first single off of her upcoming album, the singer/dancer/actress walks into an empty, dingy dance studio and starts dancing by herself. As the song progresses, we see her in two fanicer stage setups - one set up in her dance studio, and another stage set in a… Read More

Warning: if you are afraid of doctors of have a fear of drowning, you may want to sit this one out. The new video for "This Is Gospel" by Panic! at the Disco plays out like a nightmare as Brendon Urie is held down against his will by a team… Read More

Super groups come in all shapes in sizes, but there is only one super group that can get away with song titles like "Sex Never Felt Better", and that is TGT, a group made up of Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank. Their latest video, directed by Benny Boom and for their… Read More

Director Colin Tilley is a frequent collaborator with Jason Derulo, having directed videos for his songs "The Other Side" (2013) and "It Girl" (2011), among others. Tilley's latest video for Derulo, "Talk Dirty To Me", features silhouetted dancing in front of an orange screen, a setup in a blue-striped room,… Read More

If you are a group of girls trying to levitate one of your friends at a birthday sleepover and you actually succeed, there is the question of what to actually do next. In the case of "The False Alarms" by LA electronic band Fol Cehn, the post levitation doesn't go… Read More

It’s white cycs, motorcycles, and booty drums in "Get Like Me" by Nelly featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams, directed by Colin Tilley. Shot with some of Tilley’s signature camera movements, the mostly black and white video features splashes of color and ass throughout. Nelly, Pharrell, and Nicki all perform… Read More

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