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Danny Brown, who is no stranger to sweet music videos, dropped the sweet music video for “WitIt” today, directed by Bijoux Altamirano. This video is full of retro-clipart and animated GIFs, which is a characteristic of the art by Bijoux Altamirano, and is also full of strippers and ass, which is… Read More

There's a line in Taylor Swift's new song "Begin Again" that goes: On a Wednesday, in a cafe, I watched it begin again. And where's the cafe capital of the world? Paris, of course - and that's where we find Taylor Swift for her new music video for "Begin Again",… Read More

Paul Banks (formerly releasing under the moniker Julian Plenti) of Interpol, wants to be young again. In his new video for "Young Again", directed by Sophia Peer, he gets to be just that, getting to relive the magic of elementary school as an adult. Some things suck about being obstensibly young… Read More

When we interviewed director Matt Amato a few weeks ago on the IMVDb Music Video Land podcast, he had this to say about shooting out in the real world: If I'm just going out in the world and doing something myself, I want to keep things very open, because I… Read More

Kailey Swanson sings covers of popular songs on YouTube, and just released her first music video a few days ago for her first single, "Hooked". If you are wary of clicking "play" based on that information, I'm here to tell you that Swanson and director Jared Sagal have hit on… Read More

Everyone loves Psy these days, right? He’s totally still relevant and at the height of his popularity. Still plenty of minutes left in his 15. And because of that, you guys all care so much when he shows up places, especally new music videos! And double bonus if it’s another… Read More

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