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Stealing a mysterious bag from a giant house - after likely killing a few people - is just the beginning of the story for the two ladies in "Alarm" by Wise Blood, directed by Keith Musil. We never do find out what was inside the mysterious leopard print bag, but whatever is… Read More

Yesterday, there are lots of Keith Urban fans that were upset at Good Morning America. They were upset because Keith’s new video for "Little Bit Of Everything," directed by Isaac Ravishankara, was supposed to premiere during the broadcast, but was bumped for royal baby coverage. Lucky for Keith Urban fans,… Read More

Recent Doomsday signee Elliott Sellers has been one of the most consistent directors of 2013. His use of effects always help to establish a distinct tone or narrative in his videos, and are rarely used to simply look cool. His latest video, "Tiger" by MYPET is a great example of… Read More

Colin Tilley is Tyga's music video director of choice for Hotel California - the fourth Tilley-directed video for Tyga's album was released today for "Show You" featuring Future. For this installment, Tyga is taking some time to relax on Catalina island with a yacht and a good book (just kidding,… Read More

Good times come in the form of bike rides and barnyards in "Talking Dreams" by Echosmith, directed by Clea DuVall. The video is full of warm colors and summertime vibes – there is even a lemonade stand. In their last video, Echosmith lead singer Sydney Sierota sung about her desire to… Read More

Juicy J continues his run of strip club-themed hits with the Benny Boom directed "Bounce It," featuring Wale and Trey Songz. The Academy Award Winner/guy behind "Bands That Make Her Dance" has been making an impact on the hip-hop industry and the gentleman’s entertainment industry since the mid-90s with Three-6… Read More

"Silent Treatment" by Welsh alternative rock band The Joy Formidable is an intensely personal song, and the band have released an equally personal video for the song, directed by ArchEnemies. The black and white video features one person - vocalist/guitarist Ritzy Bryan - performing for the camera in front of… Read More

Broward county’s own Ace Hood lets everybody know that he’s outchae in “We Outchea,” featuring Lil Wayne and directed by Colin Tilley. The gritty video shows Ace, Wayne, Birdman, DJ Khaled, and a bunch of other badass looking people in what appears to be the streets of South Florida. The… Read More

At the end of last year, Earl Sweatshirt released the Hiro Murai directed "Chum," a dark and introspective video that was easily one of the best hip-hop videos of 2012. Earl and Hiro’s latest collaboration, "Hive," has a similar dark tone and features Earl surrounded by several monsters wearing Vans… Read More

There are lots of singing shows out there, you guys. So many, in fact, that it’s pretty difficult to keep track of all the winners, let along all the finalists. However, the girls in X-Factor finalists Fifth Harmony seem to have enough talent and personality to break out of the… Read More

The Benny Boom directed video for "V.S.O.P." by K. Michelle is a classic example of the relationship video. It features K. Michelle looking fly in a variety of cool outfits, from low cut tops to high-wasted pants, and co-stars a dude who’s so handsome that it’s intimidating. The video highlights… Read More

Before there was DVR, if someone wanted to save something from TV, they would have to get some blank VHS tapes and record it with their VCR (usually with the red audio cable left out because most old TVs didn't have the input for it). Often times, they’d be taping… Read More

When Ciara and Nicki Minaj get together in skin-tight white jumpsuits, good times are sure to follow. This theory is proven over and over again in the Hannah Lux Davis directed “I’m Out,” in which Ciara and Nicki perform in a futuristic-looking space, doing dance moves that are guaranteed to… Read More

Normally, upscale daytime parties like the one featured in "Do Or Die" by Flux Pavilion feat. Childish Gambino would be fine with just an iPod and some speakers in the corner playing a Pandora station. This party, however, has booked English dubstep DJ Flux Pavilion, and they don't know what… Read More

In the video for "Homeless Romantic" by the British artist Itch ft. Adam Lazzara (of Taking Back Sunday), a gang of kids take over an abandoned, graffiti-filled warehouse, and they're there to mess shit up. Director Hannah Lux Davis mixes in intense performances by Itch and Lazzara with scenes of the group waving… Read More

Snoop Dogg's ability to cross generations and age groups has made the once hardcore MC the type of artist you can now turn to when you need to have a fun rap song for your animated Dreamworks movie about racing snails. That rap song, “Let The Bass Go,” for the… Read More

In “Somebody To Die For” by Hurts, director Frank Borin follows Theo Hutchcraft as he performs around Christian imagery in desolate and broken down environments. Theo encounters several characters through his performance, including a bright blue nun, a man giving blessings from a toilet, and a dude in front of a… Read More

Performance segments in music videos can serve a variety of purposes. They can show how awesome the band is, how sexy they are, how cool their dance moves are, and sometimes, they are able to add something to the song that wouldn’t be there in an audio recording of it.… Read More

We've never been to a casting audition before, but we figure that if you need some odd characters for a music video, that'd be the first place you'd look. In the video for "No Bueno" by Angel Haze, director by Frank Borin has decided to cut out the middle man and feature people… Read More

Some music videos just seem to, for whatever reason, embody a time period from a whole decade to just a year. It's something about the ubiquity of a music video plus the added element of music which is always tied to a time and place. So today we're watching a… Read More

If you're going to put a sound system on a bike a ride it around, it feels right that it should be playing a cassette tape. Amplify Dot pops one in at the beginning of "I'm Good" and rides around the streets of Jamaica. Directed by Jeremy Rall, the video… Read More

The Wild Feathers don't have an album out yet (that's coming in August) but they've already released three great music videos just this year with director/musician Gus Black. Their latest, "Hard Wind", premiered Tuesday on CMT Pure. A take on a tour video, the video features shots of travel, shows, and… Read More

It’s rare that a video production creates a meme, but that’s exactly what happened when a photo from the set of “No New Friends” by DJ Khaled, showing Drake leanin’ in a Dada outfit, hit the internet. The image of Drake has been so popular, that it actually has it’s… Read More

If you're not familiar with him, Austin Mahone is a 17-year-old singer/dancer whose fans are known as "Mahomies". When your fanbase has a nickname, you know you've got to deliver the goods in your music videos, and Austin Mahone and director Colin Tilley do just that in "What About Love",… Read More

Shadow and dance are two of the oldest forms of performance, and in the video for "Cold Front" by Laura Welsh, choreographers Daniel "Cloud" Campos and Tamara Levinson-Campos bring it back to those basics to create a beautiful black and white performance piece. The video features a woman (Levinson-Campos) struggling with… Read More

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