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Averaging at least two music video releases a month in 2013, director Colin Tilley is one of the most active directors in the industry. All of Colin’s videos from this year have been massive, cinematic efforts, and "No Games" by Rick Ross ft. Future is no different. We open on… Read More

British producer Naughty Boy's debut record, Hotel Cabana, is a concept album based on a luxury hotel where musicians come to perform. The latest video from the album, "Think About It" directed by Lance Drake, features rapper Wiz Khalifa and singer/songwriter Ella Eyre as said musicians. Based in the hotel itself, the… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. "Promises" by Cloud Control is a dark video about a beautiful woman whose not-so-beautiful husband seems to have just been murdered, and she appears to be significantly involved in the crime. Directed by Keith Musil, the video opens on the woman looking distressed after waking… Read More

"All I Know" by Washed Out centers around two friends, Victor and Laslo, on a road trip inspired by Victor’s recent breakup. Told mainly from the perspective of Laslo’s handycam, the video tells the story of two young dudes having fun and meeting girls while exploring California. Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. There are a few mysteries "Heart Attack", the new video from Enrique Iglesias, directed by Colin Tilley. One of them is what happened to his hand, which for most of the video is bandaged with some blood soaking through. The other is why the character… Read More

Warning: This post contains spoilers. One thing music videos can do that no other medium really can is present a story fragment - something that could be part of a full narrative, but the viewer only sees a piece of. Inside of that piece can contain plot twists, plays on… Read More

After releasing a series of videos with a darker, black and white style to them, The 1975 released the Adam Powell directed "Sex" in July, a more narrative video that is also in color. Despite not really resembling a typical pop video very much, this stylistic change sparked a bit… Read More

"Come To Me" by Goo Goo Dolls is a song about the positive moments in love that are so significant that if feels like things have started over – moments like starting a new relationship, getting married, having kids, and growing old together. The music video for the song focuses… Read More

In the new music video for "A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES" by Linkin Park x Steve Aoki, the artists at Ghost Town Media created a virtual city on a pretty epic scale - 50,000 buildings divided into 7 districts, each marked by a giant structure resembling each of the 6… Read More

Änders Rostad, who worked with Atlas Genius back in April for their "Centered On You" video, teams back up with the band to direct their latest, "If So." Shot in New York, Änders uses a variety of split screen techniques throughout the video. Featuring Sofia Black-D'Elia, from All My Children… Read More

British boy band The Wanted take a very grown up approach to their latest video, "Show Me Love (America)" directed by Frank Borin. The video finds the members of the band, accompanied by an orchestra, performing while wearing suits and looking dapper in an empty theater. The performance portions are… Read More

An Afrojack-produced song, "Good Time" by Paris Hilton featuring Lil Wayne, had a music video release earlier this week, and now it's the Dutch music producer and DJ's turn with a music video for his own single, "The Spark". Featuring Spree Wilson and directed by Tim Nackashi, "The Spark" follows… Read More

Directed by Christopher Hill, the video for "Free Your Mind" by Cut Copy has sparked a lot of internal debate here at IMVDb. Upon first watch, we were pretty sure that this video, starring Alexander Skarsgård from HBO’s True Blood, was about a weird but laid back cult with a gentle giant… Read More

The summer music video season has been over for a while now, but that didn’t stop Pusha T and director Colin Tilley from shooting "Sweet Serenade" at the beach. The dark but laid back track, produced by Swizz Beatz, matches the setting of the video perfectly, which finds Pusha T… Read More

Shot over a week with no actors, "Cruel City" by Augustines offers an intimate and unique look at London, the band’s favorite city and drummer Rob Allen’s hometown. The off the cuff video, directed by Bryan Schlam, focuses on a middle-aged taxi driver with thinning white hair and an infectious… Read More

Paris Hilton has been full of surprises over the last few years. Perfumes and handbag lines aside, she made her DJ debut in 2012 at the Pop Music Festival in Brazil, and then appeared in a 3D K-Pop music video later on that year. In May, she signed with Cash… Read More

You have to wonder what the casting call description said to produce the group of people that appear in the new video for "What I Might Do" by Ben Pearce. Directed by James Copeman, the video is set up as casting call montage in front of a white cyc that… Read More

The new video for "High Roads" by Cults starts with a shot that travels through Cults members Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, as well as a TV screen and a wallpaper pattern. At the end of the video, we're shown the same sequence but in reverse, taking us out of… Read More

"Work Bitch" by Britney Spears is a song all about needing to work in order to achieve all the things that you want, like having a hot body, driving a Lamborghini, and living in a big mansion. Ya know, the simple things in life. Director Ben Mor, who also directed… Read More

In "This Is What It Feels Like," we find BANKS seductively performing in a house as a storm brews outside. As the storm moves past the windows, the lighting in each room shifts and shadows from the raindrops move along the walls. BANKS, as always, is almost impossibly beautiful in… Read More

It's a post-apocalyptic world and wolves have taken over the city in the animated video for "Hijack" by Tgya ft. 2 Chainz. The Colin Tilley directed clip begins with giant wolves running loose, smashing into cars and buildings as they're known to do. We then find Tyga, who triple backflips… Read More

Skylar Grey gets lucky in a variety of different ways in the music video/Nissan commercial for her cover of Daft Punk’s "Get Lucky," directed by Declan Whitebloom. Part of Vevo’s original #NissanTracks series, the video allows Skylar to embody several unique characters throughout the video. It begins with Skylar as… Read More

In "Romantic Dreams" by Deftones, director Brett Novak follows pro skateboarder Jason Park around downtown LA at night to capture some beautiful images of Jason as he maneuvers through the concrete. Focusing just as much on negative space it does on Jason, and using only the lights that the city provides,… Read More

Sons of the Sea, the new project from Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd, released their self-titled album Sons of the Sea today, and with it a music video for their single "Come Together". Directed by Taylor Cohen and presented in one single shot, the video features a scantily clad Brandon Boyd with a female friend… Read More

Shot in New York the day after the MTV MVAs, "23" by Mike WiLL Made ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J has been one of the most anticipated music videos of the year. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis, the video features Mike WiLL, Wiz, and Juicy throughout, but the… Read More

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