GOG '1870-1906' music video

1870-1906 (2013)


The Game 'Ali Bomaye' music video

Ali Bomaye (2013)

The Game

Director: J.R. Saint

Steve Grand 'All-American Boy' music video

All-American Boy (2013)

Steve Grand

Director: Jason Knade

Hodgy Beats 'Alone' music video

Alone (2013)

Hodgy Beats

Director: Hodgy Beats, Ian Flanagan

Adventure (4) 'Alone' music video

Alone (2013)


Jamie Lidell 'Big Love' music video

Big Love (2013)

Jamie Lidell

Tranquilo 'Caça aos Lobos' music video

Caça aos Lobos (2013)


Tope 'Church Girls' music video

Church Girls (2013)


Director: V1 Creative, Tope

Cold War Kids 'Cold War Kids' music video

Cold War Kids (2013)

Cold War Kids

Janelle Monáe 'Dance Apocalyptic' music video

Dance Apocalyptic (2013)

Janelle Monáe

Director: Wendy Morgan

Good Knives 'Dancing With Death' music video

Dancing With Death (2013)

Good Knives

Director: DJay Brawner

NEØV 'DAYDREAM CITY' music video



Axer 'Don't Waste Yourself' music video

Don't Waste Yourself (2013)


Director: Gianluca Grandinetti

Buffetlibre 'El Niño' music video

El Niño (2013)


Željko Stojanovi? 'Encore' music video

Encore (2013)

Željko Stojanovi?

Director: Vladimir "LoOney" Markovi?

The Lacs 'Field Party' music video

Field Party (2013)

The Lacs

Director: Paul Cain

Coco Morier 'Hallucination' music video

Hallucination (2013)

Coco Morier

Director: Nick Ebeling

Blake McGrath 'Heaven (Follow Me)' music video

Heaven (Follow Me) (2013)

Blake McGrath

Nottz 'How Many Tears' music video

How Many Tears (2013)


Director: Shomi Patwary

Abysmal Dawn 'In Service Of Time' music video

In Service Of Time (2013)

Abysmal Dawn

Director: Rob Mestas

Kontinuum 'Moonshine' music video

Moonshine (2013)


Director: Magnús Atli Magnússon

Bloodgroup 'Nothing Is Written In The Stars' music video

Nothing Is Written In The Stars (2013)


Director: Heiðrik á Heygum

LFNT 'Parading Shoes' music video

Parading Shoes (2013)


Director: Yaniv Glaser

Roc Marciano 'Ruff Town' music video

Ruff Town (2013)

Roc Marciano

Director: Deviant

Deftones 'Swerve City' music video

Swerve City (Version 2) (2013)


Zach Sherwin 'SWITCHITUP' music video


Zach Sherwin

Director: Jay Karas

The Pretty Silhouettes 'Take Your Chances' music video

Take Your Chances (2013)

The Pretty Silhouettes

The Recovery! 'Taking Care Of Business' music video

Taking Care Of Business (2013)

The Recovery!

Jairo 'Tempo 106' music video

Tempo 106 (2013)


Director: Rod Taumata

The Night VI 'Thinking Of You' music video

Thinking Of You (2013)

The Night VI

Director: Claire Kurylowski

Ólafur Arnalds 'This Place Was A Shelter' music video

This Place Was A Shelter (2013)

Ólafur Arnalds

Director: Ádám Bedzsula, Erik Kocsis

Kazaky 'Touch Me' music video

Touch Me (2013)


Director: Hendrek Maasik

Phoenix 'Trying To Be Cool' music video

Trying To Be Cool (2013)


Mount Moriah 'White Sands' music video

White Sands (2013)

Mount Moriah

Director: Soleil Ananda Konkel, Jesse Paddock

Fantasia 'Without Me' music video

Without Me (2013)


Director: Gomillion & Leupold