Classified '3 Foot Tall' music video

3 Foot Tall (2013)


William Tyler 'A Portrait of Sarah' music video

A Portrait of Sarah (2013)

William Tyler

Sebadoh 'All Kinds' music video

All Kinds (2013)


TEef 'Allyson Grey' music video

Allyson Grey (2013)


Jamieboy 'California' music video

California (2013)


Director: Arrad Rahgoshay

Delerium 'Chrysalis Heart' music video

Chrysalis Heart (2013)


Director: Jose Ho-Guanipa

Zander Bleck 'Dirty Love Song' music video

Dirty Love Song (2013)

Zander Bleck

Cumulus 'Do You Remember' music video

Do You Remember (2013)


Moses Campbell 'Drop D' music video

Drop D (2013)

Moses Campbell

Director: Charlyne Yi, Sean Solomon

Carlos Baute 'En el buzón de tu corazón' music video

En el buzón de tu corazón (2013)

Carlos Baute

Chance The Rapper 'Everybody's Something' music video

Everybody's Something (2013)

Chance The Rapper

Director: Austin Vesely

Strickly Biniz 'Fuk Boy' music video

Fuk Boy (2013)

Strickly Biniz

Director: Jeffrey J. Hart

Sharks 'Gold' music video

Gold (2013)


Aaron Lewis 'Granddaddy's Gun' music video

Granddaddy's Gun (2013)

Aaron Lewis

The Naked And Famous 'Hearts Like Ours' music video

Hearts Like Ours (2013)

The Naked And Famous

Director: Campbell Hooper

The Queens 'Heels & Bling' music video

Heels & Bling (2013)

The Queens

Director: Andrew Fiebiger

Ski's Country Trash 'Hell Yeah' music video

Hell Yeah (2013)

Ski's Country Trash

Wallpaper. 'Hesher' music video

Hesher (2013)


Director: Frank Door

Pate 'I Just Wanna' music video

I Just Wanna (2013)


Director: Reez

Brynjolfur 'I Love You' music video

I Love You (2013)


The West 'It Was Disco And It's Over' music video

It Was Disco And It's Over (2013)

The West

Leandro Fresco 'Las Calles de tu Ciudad' music video

Las Calles de tu Ciudad (2013)

Leandro Fresco

Director: Germán Saez

Kery James 'Le Mystère Féminin' music video

Le Mystère Féminin (2013)

Kery James

Director: Leïla Sy

Jay Sean 'Mars' music video

Mars (2013)

Jay Sean

Director: Parris

Francesco Rossi 'Paper Aeroplane' music video

Paper Aeroplane (2013)

Francesco Rossi

Director: Jack Pirie, Alex Hylands-White

Asking Alexandria 'Run Free' music video

Run Free (2013)

Asking Alexandria

Director: Frankie Nasso

Bataille Solaire 'Sauropodes & Acacias' music video

Sauropodes & Acacias (2013)

Bataille Solaire

Samo 'Sin Ti' music video

Sin Ti (2013)


Director: Ricardo Calderón

Shad 'Stylin' music video

Stylin (2013)


Director: Justin Broadbent

Justin Timberlake 'Take Back The Night' music video

Take Back The Night (2013)

Justin Timberlake

Director: Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven, Darren Craig

Archeo 'The Payback' music video

The Payback (2013)


Marc Vedo & Federico Scavo 'These Gods Will Fall' music video

These Gods Will Fall (2013)

Marc Vedo & Federico Scavo

Director: Jessica Paliza

The KickDrums 'Thinking Out Loud' music video

Thinking Out Loud (2013)

The KickDrums

Télépopmusik 'Try Me Anyway' music video

Try Me Anyway (2013)


Director: Philipp Virus

Fly Ty 'Usher Raymond' music video

Usher Raymond (2013)

Fly Ty