Kay 'Alive' music video

Alive (2013)


JOLLY 'As Heard On Tape' music video

As Heard On Tape (2013)


Yemi Alade 'Bamboo' music video

Bamboo (2013)

Yemi Alade

Uncle Kracker 'Blue Skies' music video

Blue Skies (2013)

Uncle Kracker

Director: Eric Welch

Brookes Brothers 'Carry Me On' music video

Carry Me On (2013)

Brookes Brothers

Vix Sambi 'Don't Fly Away' music video

Don't Fly Away (2013)

Vix Sambi

Jovanotti 'Estate' music video

Estate (2013)


Director: Leandro Manuel Emede, Nicolò Cerioni

Left Boy 'Eternal Sunshine' music video

Eternal Sunshine (2013)

Left Boy

August Burns Red 'Fault Line' music video

Fault Line (2013)

August Burns Red

Director: Daniel Davison

Cabron 'Frunzele si iarba' music video

Frunzele si iarba (2013)


Talib Kweli 'Hamster Wheel' music video

Hamster Wheel (Version 2) (2013)

Talib Kweli

Director: Sam Sneed, Slick

Baby Bee 'High Heel Leather Boots' music video

High Heel Leather Boots (2013)

Baby Bee

Director: Autumn de Wilde

¡Mayday! 'HighRide' music video

HighRide (2013)


Director: Jokes

The Used 'Iddy Biddy' music video

Iddy Biddy (2013)

The Used

Hot Sugar 'Leverage' music video

Leverage (2013)

Hot Sugar

Director: Jay Sprogell, Hot Sugar

The Ketamines 'Line By Line' music video

Line By Line (2013)

The Ketamines

Director: C. Askey

Co$$ 'Love is a Crown of Thorns' music video

Love is a Crown of Thorns (2013)


Director: Ryan Calavano

Pakho Chau 'My Vow' music video

My Vow (2013)

Pakho Chau

Anitta 'Não Para' music video

Não Para (2013)


Director: Eduardo Magalhães

The Levellers 'No Barriers' music video

No Barriers (2013)

The Levellers

Director: Dunstan Bruce

Yo La Tengo 'Ohm' music video

Ohm (2013)

Yo La Tengo

Director: Donick Cary

DIANA 'Perpetual Surrender' music video

Perpetual Surrender (2013)


Bilderbuch 'Plansch' music video

Plansch (2013)


Kashmir (2) 'Purple Heart' music video

Purple Heart (2013)


Director: Kasper Eistrup

Young Fathers 'Queen Is Dead' music video

Queen Is Dead (2013)

Young Fathers

Francesco Serra 'Questo sconfinato immenso mare azzurro' music video

Questo sconfinato immenso mare azzurro (2013)

Francesco Serra

Director: Serena Corvaglia

Natalia Kills 'Saturday Night' music video

Saturday Night (2013)

Natalia Kills

Director: Guillaume Doubet

Deniro Farrar 'Separate' music video

Separate (2013)

Deniro Farrar

Lil Dicky 'Sports' music video

Sports (2013)

Lil Dicky

The xx 'Sunset (Jamie xx Edit)' music video

Sunset (Jamie xx Edit) (2013)

The xx

Tesla Boy 'Undetected' music video

Undetected (2013)

Tesla Boy

Tarja 'Victim Of Ritual' music video

Victim Of Ritual (2013)


Director: Florian Kaltenbach

DAX 'You See Him' music video

You See Him (2013)


Eli Lieb 'Young Love' music video

Young Love (2013)

Eli Lieb

Director: Geoff Boothby