Allan Kingdom 'Achilles' music video

Achilles (2013)

Allan Kingdom

Nova The Rebel 'All In My Business' music video

All In My Business (2013)

Nova The Rebel

Orphaned Land 'All Is One' music video

All Is One (2013)

Orphaned Land

Director: Shahar Hamo

Classixx 'All You're Waiting For' music video

All You're Waiting For (2013)


Director: Tim K

Mike Stud 'Amanda Bynes (Versace Remix)' music video

Amanda Bynes (Versace Remix) (2013)

Mike Stud

Daniela Spalla 'Arruinármelo' music video

Arruinármelo (2013)

Daniela Spalla

Killa Kyleon 'Backseat Freestyle (Cover)' music video

Backseat Freestyle (Cover) (2013)

Killa Kyleon

Director: David Stunts

The Weeknd 'Belong to the World' music video

Belong to the World (2013)

The Weeknd

Director: Anthony Mandler

Dani Martin 'Caminar' music video

Caminar (2013)

Dani Martin

Rogue Wave 'College' music video

College (2013)

Rogue Wave

McMahon 'Deep Down' music video

Deep Down (2013)


Goldfrapp 'Drew' music video

Drew (2013)


Director: Lisa Gunning


El Carnaval (2013)

Tito "El Bambino" El Patrón

Frederick Bayani Mabalot 'Euphoria' music video

Euphoria (2013)

Frederick Bayani Mabalot

Sean Ensign 'Feel the Music' music video

Feel the Music (2013)

Sean Ensign

Danny Byrd 'Get On It' music video

Get On It (2013)

Danny Byrd

Director: Andrew Attah

Lil Wayne 'God Bless Amerika' music video

God Bless Amerika (2013)

Lil Wayne

Freddie Gibbs 'Have U Seen Her' music video

Have U Seen Her (2013)

Freddie Gibbs

Director: Gregory Buissereth

Jana Kramer 'I Hope It Rains' music video

I Hope It Rains (2013)

Jana Kramer

Kidz Bop Kids 'I Love It' music video

I Love It (2013)

Kidz Bop Kids

Terror (3) 'I'm Only Stronger' music video

I'm Only Stronger (2013)


Daughn Gibson 'Kissin on the Blacktop' music video

Kissin on the Blacktop (2013)

Daughn Gibson

Little Nikki 'Little Nikki Says' music video

Little Nikki Says (2013)

Little Nikki

Panic! at the Disco 'Miss Jackson' music video

Miss Jackson (2013)

Panic! at the Disco

Director: Jordan Bahat

Fifth Harmony 'Miss Movin' On' music video

Miss Movin' On (2013)

Fifth Harmony

Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Baustelle 'Monumentale' music video

Monumentale (2013)


Director: Paoloreste Gelfo

RiFF RAFF 'MR. POPULAR' music video

MR. POPULAR (2013)


Director: Paul John

La Femme 'Nous étions deux' music video

Nous étions deux (2013)

La Femme

Director: Les Frères Krassoulia

Austra 'Painful Like' music video

Painful Like (2013)


Director: Exploding Motor Car

A$AP Ferg 'Shabba' music video

Shabba (2013)

A$AP Ferg

Director: Andrew Hines

5ive Star 'Show Me You Love Me' music video

Show Me You Love Me (2013)

5ive Star

Director: Jillian Martin

Pyoot 'So Lost' music video

So Lost (2013)


Luis Coronel 'Somos Ajenos' music video

Somos Ajenos (2013)

Luis Coronel

The More I See 'The Eye That Offends' music video

The Eye That Offends (2013)

The More I See

Calvin Harris 'Thinking About You' music video

Thinking About You (2013)

Calvin Harris

Neon Jungle 'Trouble' music video

Trouble (2013)

Neon Jungle

Director: Emil Nava

The Flaming Lips 'Turning Violent' music video

Turning Violent (2013)

The Flaming Lips

RH3 'When I'm With You' music video

When I'm With You (2013)


James Bay 'When We Were On Fire' music video

When We Were On Fire (2013)

James Bay

Director: Alex Shahmiri

Counterparts 'Witness' music video

Witness (2013)


Director: Max Moore

Breakbot 'You Should Know' music video

You Should Know (2013)


Huey Mack 'Young Love' music video

Young Love (2013)

Huey Mack