Run The Jewels '36

36" Chain (2013)

Run The Jewels

Director: Timothy Saccenti

Maximum The Hormone 'A-L-I-E-N' music video

A-L-I-E-N (2013)

Maximum The Hormone

Soldier's Heart 'African Fire' music video

African Fire (2013)

Soldier's Heart

Director: Stef Van Looveren

James Tha Spitta 'Ain't Looking Back' music video

Ain't Looking Back (2013)

James Tha Spitta

Director: Jonathan Benavente

Colton Ford 'All My Love' music video

All My Love (2013)

Colton Ford

Director: Aaron Cobbett

Stray From The Path 'Badge & A Bullet' music video

Badge & A Bullet (2013)

Stray From The Path

Xenon 'Bienvenidos al desierto' music video

Bienvenidos al desierto (2013)


Jay Blahnik 'Boom Box' music video

Boom Box (2013)

Jay Blahnik

Jessi Malay 'Bougie' music video

Bougie (2013)

Jessi Malay

Director: Kareem Black

CocoRosie 'Child Bride' music video

Child Bride (2013)


Director: Emma Freeman

Elle Jay Bee 'City Lights' music video

City Lights (2013)

Elle Jay Bee

Mister Loveless 'Curfew' music video

Curfew (2013)

Mister Loveless

Director: The Perez Brothers

Rainy Milo 'Deal Me Briefly' music video

Deal Me Briefly (2013)

Rainy Milo

Torion 'Diamonds' music video

Diamonds (2013)


Dubl Dutch 'Do You Speak English' music video

Do You Speak English (2013)

Dubl Dutch

Director: Super Massive

B.E.F. 'Every Time I See You I Go Wild' music video

Every Time I See You I Go Wild (2013)


Locksmith 'Everything' music video

Everything (2013)


Director: The Young Gunz

Matty Ride 'First Day Of Summer' music video

First Day Of Summer (2013)

Matty Ride

Sleep Party People 'Heaven Is Above Us' music video

Heaven Is Above Us (2013)

Sleep Party People

Earl Sweatshirt 'Hive' music video

Hive (2013)

Earl Sweatshirt

Director: Hiro Murai

Sammy Adams 'L.A. Story' music video

L.A. Story (2013)

Sammy Adams

Director: Jon Jon Augustavo

Pussy Riot 'Like A Red Prison' music video

Like A Red Prison (2013)

Pussy Riot

Is Tropical 'Lover's Cave' music video

Lover's Cave (2013)

Is Tropical

Inna 'More Than Friends' music video

More Than Friends (2013)


Maniaxxx 'Mugwump' music video

Mugwump (2013)


Sea Wolf 'Old Friend' music video

Old Friend (2013)

Sea Wolf

Director: Jeff Gardner

Sky Blu 'Salud' music video

Salud (2013)

Sky Blu

Director: Wilmer Valderrama

Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz 'Sausage Fest' music video

Sausage Fest (2013)

Chocolate Puma & Firebeatz

The Joy Formidable 'Silent Treatment' music video

Silent Treatment (2013)

The Joy Formidable

Director: ArchEnemies

GRMLN 'Teenage Rhythm' music video

Teenage Rhythm (2013)


Director: Tim Hendrix

Jef Jon Sin 'Thats Love' music video

Thats Love (2013)

Jef Jon Sin

TeeFLii 'THIS D' music video

THIS D (2013)


David Bowie 'Valentine's Day' music video

Valentine's Day (2013)

David Bowie

Director: Indrani, Markus Klinko

Ace Hood 'We Outchea' music video

We Outchea (2013)

Ace Hood

Director: Colin Tilley

David Nail 'Whatever She's Got' music video

Whatever She's Got (2013)

David Nail

Director: Chris Hicky