Hayley Kiyoko 'A Belle to Remember' music video

A Belle to Remember (2013)

Hayley Kiyoko

Postiljonen 'Atlantis' music video

Atlantis (2013)


Director: Ty Olson

Mumford & Sons 'Babel' music video

Babel (2013)

Mumford & Sons

Director: Sam Jones

The Manx 'Blood Gold' music video

Blood Gold (2013)

The Manx

Ellie Goulding 'Burn' music video

Burn (2013)

Ellie Goulding

Director: Mike Sharpe

Dani Martin 'Cero' music video

Cero (2013)

Dani Martin

TOKiMONSTA 'Clean Slate' music video

Clean Slate (2013)


Leverage Models 'Cooperative Extensions' music video

Cooperative Extensions (2013)

Leverage Models

Blackmore's Night 'Dancer And The Moon' music video

Dancer And The Moon (2013)

Blackmore's Night

ASG 'Day's Work' music video

Day's Work (2013)


Director: Jason Shi

Oblast 'Foxy' music video

Foxy (2013)


Mac Miller 'Gees' music video

Gees (2013)

Mac Miller


Asher Monroe 'Hush Hush' music video

Hush Hush (2013)

Asher Monroe

Max Gazzé 'I tuoi maledettissimi impegni' music video

I tuoi maledettissimi impegni (2013)

Max Gazzé

Night Engine 'I'll Make It Worth Your While' music video

I'll Make It Worth Your While (2013)

Night Engine

Glasvegas 'If' music video

If (2013)


Director: Alex Hardy

Arash 'Kandi' music video

Kandi (2013)


Kalin And Myles 'Keep Up' music video

Keep Up (2013)

Kalin And Myles

Director: Tyler Garcia

Mikky Ekko 'Kids' music video

Kids (2013)

Mikky Ekko

Director: Jared Eberhardt

Eels 'Kinda Fuzzy' music video

Kinda Fuzzy (2013)


Director: Jessica Hundley

Gavin Turek 'Let Me Go' music video

Let Me Go (2013)

Gavin Turek

Future Bible Heroes 'Living, Loving, Partygoing' music video

Living, Loving, Partygoing (2013)

Future Bible Heroes

RDGLDGRN 'Lootin' In London' music video

Lootin' In London (2013)


Director: Ronan Pollack

Midori and Ezra Boy 'Mona Lisa' music video

Mona Lisa (2013)

Midori and Ezra Boy

Don Christian 'My Crew' music video

My Crew (2013)

Don Christian

Hit-Boy 'New Chains' music video

New Chains (2013)


Magneto Dayo 'Nightmares Of The DopeGame' music video

Nightmares Of The DopeGame (2013)

Magneto Dayo

Oathbreaker 'No Rest For The Weary' music video

No Rest For The Weary (2013)


Director: Jeroen Mylle, Fabrice Parent

Dinosaur Jr. 'Over It' music video

Over It (2013)

Dinosaur Jr.

Hayden James 'Permission To Love' music video

Permission To Love (2013)

Hayden James

Director: Entropico

The Safety Fire 'Red Hatchet' music video

Red Hatchet (2013)

The Safety Fire

Director: Jamie Carter

Manic Street Preachers 'Rewind The Film' music video

Rewind The Film (2013)

Manic Street Preachers

Director: Kieran Evans

Franz Ferdinand 'Right Action' music video

Right Action (2013)

Franz Ferdinand

Director: Jonas Odell

Stuck In The Sound 'Silent and Sweet' music video

Silent and Sweet (2013)

Stuck In The Sound

Director: Rosalie Loncin

Mark Mallman 'Slow the Guillotine' music video

Slow the Guillotine (2013)

Mark Mallman

Boys Noize 'Starwin' music video

Starwin (2013)

Boys Noize

Titus Andronicus 'Still Life With Hot Deuce And Silver Platter' music video

Still Life With Hot Deuce And Silver Platter (2013)

Titus Andronicus

Torch 'Supa Hard' music video

Supa Hard (2013)


Grumbling Fur 'The Ballad Of Roy Batty' music video

The Ballad Of Roy Batty (2013)

Grumbling Fur

Jungle Rot 'Utter Chaos' music video

Utter Chaos (2013)

Jungle Rot

Director: Eric Richter

The People's Temple 'Vice Grip' music video

Vice Grip (2013)

The People's Temple

Danny Avila 'Voltage' music video

Voltage (2013)

Danny Avila

Olivia Ruiz 'Volver' music video

Volver (2013)

Olivia Ruiz

Director: Christophe Acker, Sylvain Gripoix

Soulja Boy 'We Ready' music video

We Ready (2013)

Soulja Boy