Rockapella '4U4Now4Life' music video

4U4Now4Life (2013)


Director: Jeff Thacher

Oddisee 'After Thoughts' music video

After Thoughts (2013)


Director: Grégoire Marty

Wilkinson 'Afterglow' music video

Afterglow (2013)


Postiljonen 'All That We Had Is Lost' music video

All That We Had Is Lost (2013)


Director: Ty Olson

Gmoney 'Alot On My Mind' music video

Alot On My Mind (2013)


Phèdre 'Ancient Nouveau' music video

Ancient Nouveau (2013)


Director: Neil Cavalier

The Cataracs 'Big Dipper' music video

Big Dipper (2013)

The Cataracs

Director: Colin Tilley

Aidonia 'Bruki' music video

Bruki (2013)


Melt Yourself Down 'Camel' music video

Camel (2013)

Melt Yourself Down

Deltron 3030 'City Rising from the Ashes' music video

City Rising from the Ashes (2013)

Deltron 3030

Director: Eve Martin, Nicolas Bueno

Vali 'Dimes' music video

Dimes (2013)


Eli Young Band 'Drunk Last Night' music video

Drunk Last Night (2013)

Eli Young Band

Director: Brian Lazzaro

Sight of Emptiness 'Essence' music video

Essence (2013)

Sight of Emptiness

Director: Andrés Montero Conde

Jonathan Rado 'Faces' music video

Faces (2013)

Jonathan Rado

Jhameel 'Feisty' music video

Feisty (2013)


Director: Kasper Rolf Smits

The Yearning 'Jeremy' music video

Jeremy (2013)

The Yearning

Crystal Fighters 'La Calling' music video

La Calling (Version 1) (2013)

Crystal Fighters

Vaadat Charigim 'Lehitorer Velo Lada'at' music video

Lehitorer Velo Lada'at (2013)

Vaadat Charigim

Save the Clocktower 'Like That' music video

Like That (2013)

Save the Clocktower

Luke Million 'Midnight Galaxy' music video

Midnight Galaxy (2013)

Luke Million

Waxahatchee 'Misery Over Dispute' music video

Misery Over Dispute (2013)


Beto Serrador 'O domador' music video

O domador (2013)

Beto Serrador

Bonde Do Role 'Picolé' music video

Picolé (2013)

Bonde Do Role

Until The Ribbon Breaks 'Pressure' music video

Pressure (2013)

Until The Ribbon Breaks

Director: Marc Josef Bertel

JRand 'Ride' music video

Ride (2013)


Skream 'Rollercoaster' music video

Rollercoaster (2013)


Director: Ian Robertson

Sean Kingston 'Seasonal Love' music video

Seasonal Love (2013)

Sean Kingston

Director: Benny Boom

Heatsick 'Snakes & Ladders' music video

Snakes & Ladders (2013)


Director: Pedro Maia

Obits 'Spun Out' music video

Spun Out (2013)


Director: Alexis Fleisig

Trivium 'Strife' music video

Strife (2013)


Deer Tick 'The Dream's In The Ditch' music video

The Dream's In The Ditch (2013)

Deer Tick

Christ Bearer 'The God' music video

The God (2013)

Christ Bearer

Director: Bob Daff

Julia Holter 'This Is A True Heart' music video

This Is A True Heart (2013)

Julia Holter

Director: Eugene Kotlyarenko

Edward Barrow 'Two Little Birds' music video

Two Little Birds (2013)

Edward Barrow

Jon Bellion 'Ungrateful Eyes' music video

Ungrateful Eyes (2013)

Jon Bellion

Director: GRVTY

Marc Anthony 'Vivir Mi Vida' music video

Vivir Mi Vida (2013)

Marc Anthony

Director: Carlos Pérez

Akshai Sarin 'Walk on Water' music video

Walk on Water (2013)

Akshai Sarin

Director: Tiago Liko

TayF3rd 'We Got Action' music video

We Got Action (2013)


Survive This! 'Where I Belong' music video

Where I Belong (2013)

Survive This!

Director: Aaron Hymes