Giggs '(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes' music video

(Is It Gangsta?) Yes Yes Yes (2013)


Director: Reg Traviss

C. Perkins '9 Inches (Toot Dat Ass Up)' music video

9 Inches (Toot Dat Ass Up) (2013)

C. Perkins

Lil Chuckee 'Blow Up' music video

Blow Up (2013)

Lil Chuckee

Blood Orange 'Chamakay' music video

Chamakay (2013)

Blood Orange

Director: Adam Bainbridge

Au Revoir Simone 'Crazy' music video

Crazy (2013)

Au Revoir Simone

Director: Alex Braverman, Poppy de Villeneuve

Radarfield 'Discovered Secrets' music video

Discovered Secrets (2013)


The Internet 'Dontcha' music video

Dontcha (2013)

The Internet

Director: Lacey Duke

Valerra 'Gone Too Far' music video

Gone Too Far (2013)


Director: EPIC Productions Ireland

Colette Carr 'HAM' music video

HAM (2013)

Colette Carr

Director: Mikey Easterling

Future 'Honest' music video

Honest (Version 1) (2013)


Director: Colin Tilley

Hustle Man Hefner 'I Love Fort Worth' music video

I Love Fort Worth (2013)

Hustle Man Hefner

Director: Juan Salas

Father John Misty 'I'm Writing A Novel' music video

I'm Writing A Novel (2013)

Father John Misty

Director: Noel Paul

Nick Hook 'It's a Sin' music video

It's a Sin (2013)

Nick Hook

Director: Shane Annas

K-DA 'Jussumish' music video

Jussumish (2013)


Director: Steven Webster

The Weeknd 'Live For' music video

Live For (2013)

The Weeknd

Director: Sam Pilling

Allan Kingdom 'mediocre.' music video

mediocre. (2013)

Allan Kingdom

Rin Tin Tiger 'Michelangelo' music video

Michelangelo (2013)

Rin Tin Tiger

Three Days Grace 'Misery Loves My Company' music video

Misery Loves My Company (2013)

Three Days Grace

Director: Esther Quenneville, Xavier Collet-Garand

Thiago Pethit 'MOON' music video

MOON (2013)

Thiago Pethit

Director: Heitor Dhalia

The Stepkids 'Moving Pictures' music video

Moving Pictures (2013)

The Stepkids

Director: Henry DeMaio

Vince Kidd 'My Gang' music video

My Gang (2013)

Vince Kidd

Eagulls 'Nerve Endings' music video

Nerve Endings (2013)


Director: Sam Alder

Shred Kelly 'New Black' music video

New Black (2013)

Shred Kelly

Director: Christina Ienna

Alexandra Damiani 'Queen of the Dancefloor' music video

Queen of the Dancefloor (2013)

Alexandra Damiani

Crystal Antlers 'Rattlesnake' music video

Rattlesnake (2013)

Crystal Antlers

Director: CR Stecyk III, Crystal Antlers

Quasi (2) 'See You On Mars' music video

See You On Mars (2013)


Twinn Towerz 'Somebody Call The Police' music video

Somebody Call The Police (2013)

Twinn Towerz

Nite Jewel 'Stay a Little Longer' music video

Stay a Little Longer (2013)

Nite Jewel

Director: Cole MGN, Emily Jane Kuntz

Dems 'Toca's Miracle' music video

Toca's Miracle (2013)


Lil Dicky 'Too High' music video

Too High (2013)

Lil Dicky

Director: Mickey Finnegan

Chela 'Vegas Nights' music video

Vegas Nights (2013)


Shit Robot 'We Got A Love' music video

We Got A Love (2013)

Shit Robot

Emis Killa 'Wow' music video

Wow (2013)

Emis Killa

Director: Roberto Cinardi