Smoke Noises '2000 Pounds' music video

2000 Pounds (2013)

Smoke Noises

Mike WiLL Made It '23' music video

23 (2013)

Mike WiLL Made It

Director: Hannah Lux Davis, Mike WiLL Made It

Seekae 'Another' music video

Another (2013)


Director: Ian Pons Jewell

Conway 'Big Talk' music video

Big Talk (2013)


Director: Conway

Indochine 'Black City Parade' music video

Black City Parade (2013)


Tim Hecker 'Black Refraction' music video

Black Refraction (2013)

Tim Hecker

Director: Sabrina Ratté

Kopecky Family Band 'Change' music video

Change (2013)

Kopecky Family Band

Sons Of The Sea 'Come Together' music video

Come Together (2013)

Sons Of The Sea

Director: Taylor Cohen

El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus 'Crocodile-Skinned Man' music video

Crocodile-Skinned Man (2013)

El Le Faunt & His Traveling Circus

Martina Topley-Bird 'Crystalised' music video

Crystalised (2013)

Martina Topley-Bird

Director: Javier Badet

C2C 'Delta' music video

Delta (2013)


Minizza 'Dominé par des abstractions' music video

Dominé par des abstractions (2013)


Misteur Valaire 'Don't Get Là' music video

Don't Get Là (2013)

Misteur Valaire

Director: Nicolas Davenel

Autre Ne Veut 'Ego Free Sex Free' music video

Ego Free Sex Free (2013)

Autre Ne Veut

Director: Allie Avital

The Lost Brothers 'Far Side' music video

Far Side (2013)

The Lost Brothers

Skylar Grey 'Get Lucky' music video

Get Lucky (2013)

Skylar Grey

Morcheeba 'Gimme Your Love' music video

Gimme Your Love (2013)


DENA 'Guest List' music video

Guest List (2013)


Machinedrum 'Gunshotta' music video

Gunshotta (2013)


Director: Institute For Eyes

Andre Nickatina 'Ho' Lat' music video

Ho' Lat (2013)

Andre Nickatina

Director: Ben Griffin

Drake 'Hold On We're Going Home' music video

Hold On We're Going Home (2013)


Moonstone Continuum 'Hors D'oeuvres' music video

Hors D'oeuvres (2013)

Moonstone Continuum

Cher Lloyd 'I Wish' music video

I Wish (2013)

Cher Lloyd

Director: Gil Green

Ewert & The Two Dragons 'In the End There's Only Love' music video

In the End There's Only Love (2013)

Ewert & The Two Dragons

Flo Rida 'Laser Light Show' music video

Laser Light Show (2013)

Flo Rida

Newsboys 'Live With Abandon' music video

Live With Abandon (2013)


Ali Brustofski 'Loveblind' music video

Loveblind (2013)

Ali Brustofski

Spenzo 'My Hoe' music video

My Hoe (2013)


A Thousand Colours 'New Colors' music video

New Colors (2013)

A Thousand Colours

The Assyrians 'Oceans' music video

Oceans (2013)

The Assyrians

Director: Sterven Jonger

65daysofstatic 'PRISMS' music video

PRISMS (2013)


Magmana 'Rabbit Holes' music video

Rabbit Holes (2013)


A Brilliant Lie 'Red Eyes (of Thoughts Awry)' music video

Red Eyes (of Thoughts Awry) (2013)

A Brilliant Lie

Fekky 'Rudeboy Ting' music video

Rudeboy Ting (2013)


Rhodes 'Run' music video

Run (2013)


Director: David Lieb

Nikki Yanofsky 'Something New' music video

Something New (2013)

Nikki Yanofsky

Director: Ben Knechtel

Shy Girls 'Still Not Falling' music video

Still Not Falling (2013)

Shy Girls

Director: Chris Cantino

Jussi Mikkola 'Tähtitaivaan matkaaja' music video

Tähtitaivaan matkaaja (2013)

Jussi Mikkola

Dream Theater 'The Enemy Inside' music video

The Enemy Inside (2013)

Dream Theater

Mudhoney 'The Only Son of the Widow from Nain' music video

The Only Son of the Widow from Nain (2013)


Director: Carlos Lopez

Michael Howard (2) 'Tiny Birch Basket' music video

Tiny Birch Basket (2013)

Michael Howard

Wteve Baker 'Tree Haus' music video

Tree Haus (2013)

Wteve Baker

Lettie 'Turnaround' music video

Turnaround (2013)


Sky Ferreira 'You're Not The One' music video

You're Not The One (2013)

Sky Ferreira

Director: Grant Singer