Katy B '5 AM' music video

5 AM (2013)

Katy B

Director: Ronan Pollock

Migos 'Adios' music video

Adios (2013)


Director: Cricket

Laura Veirs 'America' music video

America (2013)

Laura Veirs

Director: Whitey McConnaughy

Bill Carter 'Anything Made of Paper' music video

Anything Made of Paper (2013)

Bill Carter

Director: Brandon Ray

Skylar Grey 'Back From The Dead' music video

Back From The Dead (2013)

Skylar Grey

Director: David Rosenbaum

MattyB 'Back In Time' music video

Back In Time (2013)


Director: Marshall Manning

Roadkill Ghost Choir 'Beggars' Guild' music video

Beggars' Guild (2013)

Roadkill Ghost Choir

RaVaughn 'Best Friend' music video

Best Friend (2013)


Director: Rhyon Brown, Talia Myers

Mark Owen 'Carnival' music video

Carnival (2013)

Mark Owen

Director: James Slater

Migos 'Chinatown' music video

Chinatown (2013)


Bob Sinclar 'Cinderella (She Said Her Name)' music video

Cinderella (She Said Her Name) (2013)

Bob Sinclar

Director: Alexander Tikhomirov

Dre Huss 'Clouds' music video

Clouds (2013)

Dre Huss

Jagwar Ma 'Come Save Me' music video

Come Save Me (2013)

Jagwar Ma

Director: Hans Lo

DCup 'Don't Be Shy' music video

Don't Be Shy (2013)


Brymo 'Down' music video

Down (2013)


Thomas Azier 'Ghostcity' music video

Ghostcity (2013)

Thomas Azier

Wale 'Golden Salvation' music video

Golden Salvation (2013)


Director: Coodie & Chike

The National Parks 'Hot Air Balloon' music video

Hot Air Balloon (2013)

The National Parks

Director: Jacob Cutler, Caitlyn Cutler

Jennifer Thomas 'Illumination' music video

Illumination (2013)

Jennifer Thomas

Director: Jennifer Thomas

Los Ángeles Azules 'Las Maravillas de la Vida' music video

Las Maravillas de la Vida (2013)

Los Ángeles Azules

Into It. Over It. 'No Amount Of Sound' music video

No Amount Of Sound (2013)

Into It. Over It.

Lindsey Stirling 'Pokémon Dubstep Remix' music video

Pokémon Dubstep Remix (2013)

Lindsey Stirling

Toro y Moi 'Rose Quartz' music video

Rose Quartz (2013)

Toro y Moi

Director: Lauren Gregory

¡Mayday! 'Shortcuts & Dead Ends' music video

Shortcuts & Dead Ends (2013)


Director: Bernz, Garcia

Kat Krazy 'Siren' music video

Siren (2013)

Kat Krazy

Director: Edward Drake

Palm Reader 'Smack Hound' music video

Smack Hound (2013)

Palm Reader

Carlos Rivera 'Sólo Tú' music video

Sólo Tú (2013)

Carlos Rivera

Director: Ricardo Calderón

Crocodiles 'Teardrop Guitar' music video

Teardrop Guitar (2013)


Emperor Chung 'The Bloodline' music video

The Bloodline (2013)

Emperor Chung

Hearts & Hands 'The Chosen Ones' music video

The Chosen Ones (2013)

Hearts & Hands

Director: Ernie Gilbert

Crucified Barbara 'The Crucifier' music video

The Crucifier (2013)

Crucified Barbara

Ivan & Alyosha 'The Fold' music video

The Fold (2013)

Ivan & Alyosha

Director: Jesse Burton

Pet Shop Boys 'Thursday' music video

Thursday (2013)

Pet Shop Boys

Director: Justyn Field

Cold War Kids 'Tuxedos' music video

Tuxedos (2013)

Cold War Kids

Franco 'Won't Let You Go' music video

Won't Let You Go (2013)