Greg Macpherson '1995' music video

1995 (2013)

Greg Macpherson

Emblem3 '3000 Miles' music video

3000 Miles (2013)


Director: Ethan Lader

Manic Street Preachers 'Anthem For A Lost Cause' music video

Anthem For A Lost Cause (2013)

Manic Street Preachers

Director: Kieran Evans

Spodee 'Away' music video

Away (2013)


Director: PhillyFlyBoy

T-ARA 'Because I Know' music video

Because I Know (2013)


Lizanne Richards 'Better Love' music video

Better Love (2013)

Lizanne Richards

Cairo 'C'est la vie' music video

C'est la vie (2013)


Lily & Madeleine 'Come To Me' music video

Come To Me (2013)

Lily & Madeleine

Director: Tyler Jones

Espectrostatic 'Consulting the Necronauts' music video

Consulting the Necronauts (2013)


Bodega Bamz 'Don Francisco' music video

Don Francisco (2013)

Bodega Bamz

Director: Ohla, Pacool

Nothing But Thieves 'Emergency' music video

Emergency (2013)

Nothing But Thieves

SHINee 'Everybody' music video

Everybody (2013)


Clementino 'Fratello' music video

Fratello (2013)


Director: Ludovico Galletti, Sami Schinaia

Of Montreal 'Fugitive Air' music video

Fugitive Air (2013)

Of Montreal

Director: Nina Barnes

PAPA 'I Am The Lion King' music video

I Am The Lion King (2013)


Director: Jonathan Hausfater

Young Chris 'I'm Alive' music video

I'm Alive (2013)

Young Chris

Director: Spike Jordan

Atlas Genius 'If So' music video

If So (2013)

Atlas Genius

Director: Änders Rostad

Sevyn Streeter 'It Won't Stop' music video

It Won't Stop (2013)

Sevyn Streeter

Director: Chris Brown

2 Ton Bug 'Jump This Gorge' music video

Jump This Gorge (2013)

2 Ton Bug

Eva Alordiah 'Lights Out' music video

Lights Out (2013)

Eva Alordiah

Schattenherz 'Lonely' music video

Lonely (2013)


Coez 'Lontana Da Me' music video

Lontana Da Me (2013)


Director: Niccolò Celaia

T-ARA 'Number Nine' music video

Number Nine (2013)


Violacida 'Occhi Belli' music video

Occhi Belli (2013)


Pusha T 'Pain' music video

Pain (2013)

Pusha T

Janelle Monáe 'PrimeTime' music video

PrimeTime (2013)

Janelle Monáe

Director: Alan Ferguson

MayaVanya 'Run' music video

Run (2013)


Delorean 'Sing On Key' music video

Sing On Key (2013)


Rizzle Kicks 'Skip To The Good Bit' music video

Skip To The Good Bit (2013)

Rizzle Kicks

Director: Corin Hardy

Smif-N-Wessun 'Solid Ground' music video

Solid Ground (2013)


Director: Guy Blelloch

Gisela 'Sugarwood' music video

Sugarwood (2013)


Director: Pol Turrents

SZA 'Teen Spirit' music video

Teen Spirit (2013)


Director: Fredo Tovar, Scott Fleishman, SZA

Broadcaster 'The Current' music video

The Current (2013)


Apes & Horses 'The Fields' music video

The Fields (2013)

Apes & Horses

Director: Apes & Horses

Troumaca 'The Grace' music video

The Grace (2013)


Deap Vally 'Walk Of Shame' music video

Walk Of Shame (2013)

Deap Vally

Director: Tyler Shields

Mr Beatnick 'Waning Moon' music video

Waning Moon (2013)

Mr Beatnick

Mr Beatnick 'Waning Moon (Don't Be Afraid)' music video

Waning Moon (Don't Be Afraid) (2013)

Mr Beatnick

Chad Brownlee 'Where The Party At?' music video

Where The Party At? (2013)

Chad Brownlee

Kyle Lettman 'Your Body' music video

Your Body (2013)

Kyle Lettman