Crashfaster 'Beacon' music video

Beacon (2013)


Palmistry 'Catch' music video

Catch (2013)


Director: Daniel Swan, Palmistry

Tina DeCara 'Crazy About You' music video

Crazy About You (2013)

Tina DeCara

I See MONSTAS 'Evolution' music video

Evolution (2013)


Director: Stephen Parker

Hopsin 'Hop Is Back' music video

Hop Is Back (2013)


Director: George Orozco, Hopsin

Soulja Boy 'I'm On Now' music video

I'm On Now (2013)

Soulja Boy

Vinnie Paz 'Is Happiness Just A Word?' music video

Is Happiness Just A Word? (2013)

Vinnie Paz

Director: Yan, Kitty Von-Sometime

Nicky Romero 'Legacy' music video

Legacy (2013)

Nicky Romero

Danny Darko 'Livin Loud' music video

Livin Loud (2013)

Danny Darko

Director: Duncan McConchie

Ski Lodge 'Looking For A Change' music video

Looking For A Change (2013)

Ski Lodge

Rixton 'Make Out' music video

Make Out (2013)


Director: Emil Nava

Ylvis 'Massachusetts' music video

Massachusetts (2013)


Director: Ole Martin Hafsmo

Mt. Wolf 'Midnight Shallows' music video

Midnight Shallows (2013)

Mt. Wolf

Director: Jean-Philippe Blunt, Thom Humphreys

Josip A Lisac 'More ska' music video

More ska (2013)

Josip A Lisac

Director: Bojan ?uriši?

Dinosaurs 'N Disasters 'More Than Like Her' music video

More Than Like Her (2013)

Dinosaurs 'N Disasters

Ghost Culture 'Mouth' music video

Mouth (2013)

Ghost Culture

Director: Lewis Lloyd

Nikolas Calme 'My Love' music video

My Love (2013)

Nikolas Calme

Hemmingbirds 'My Love, Our Time is Now' music video

My Love, Our Time is Now (2013)


Director: Kyle Dunleavy

VI Seconds 'Nature' music video

Nature (2013)

VI Seconds

L.B. Rayne 'Nightmare on L.B. Street' music video

Nightmare on L.B. Street (2013)

L.B. Rayne

Koncept 'Not For Nothing' music video

Not For Nothing (2013)


Florent Pagny 'On Sera Là' music video

On Sera Là (2013)

Florent Pagny

Royal Blood 'Out Of The Black' music video

Out Of The Black (Version 1) (2013)

Royal Blood

AuDen 'Pour mieux s'unir' music video

Pour mieux s'unir (2013)


Director: Adrien Lhommedieu

Wisin 'Que Viva la Vida' music video

Que Viva la Vida (2013)


Director: Jessy Terrero

Jack Johnson 'Radiate' music video

Radiate (2013)

Jack Johnson

Rizzo 'Red Wine, Skinny Jeans' music video

Red Wine, Skinny Jeans (2013)


Lloyd Yates 'Runs Like Fire' music video

Runs Like Fire (2013)

Lloyd Yates

Nam Stackz 'Ryda' music video

Ryda (2013)

Nam Stackz

R.A. The Rugged Man 'Sam Peckinpah' music video

Sam Peckinpah (2013)

R.A. The Rugged Man

SV? 'Talking to the Walls' music video

Talking to the Walls (2013)


Plain White T's 'The Giving Tree' music video

The Giving Tree (2013)

Plain White T's

Chords of Truth 'The Power To Be Alive (The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix)' music video

The Power To Be Alive (The Chameleon Acidfolk Remix) (2013)

Chords of Truth

Toploader 'This Is The Night' music video

This Is The Night (2013)


Director: Jack Delaney

Holly Spears 'This Little Light of Mine' music video

This Little Light of Mine (2013)

Holly Spears

Director: Doug Baker Media

Lamb Of God 'Vigil' music video

Vigil (2013)

Lamb Of God

Aloe Blacc 'Wake Me Up' music video

Wake Me Up (2013)

Aloe Blacc

Omar Souleyman 'Warni Warni' music video

Warni Warni (2013)

Omar Souleyman

Director: C. Thornhill DeWitt

Affiance 'We the Machines' music video

We the Machines (2013)


Altered Sky 'Where I Belong' music video

Where I Belong (2013)

Altered Sky

Director: Ben Thornley, Paul Burrows

Turtle 'Who Knows' music video

Who Knows (2013)


Director: Simone Smith

Erick Blu 'You Are My Life' music video

You Are My Life (2013)

Erick Blu

Snak The Ripper 'You Don't Know Me' music video

You Don't Know Me (2013)

Snak The Ripper