Killswitch Engage 'Always' music video

Always (2013)

Killswitch Engage

Director: McFarland & Pecci

Azealia Banks 'ATM Jam' music video

ATM Jam (2013)

Azealia Banks

Adam WarRock 'B.S.F.X.' music video

B.S.F.X. (2013)

Adam WarRock

Saint Michel 'Bob' music video

Bob (2013)

Saint Michel

Capsule (4) 'CONTROL (Short ver)' music video

CONTROL (Short ver) (2013)


Born Of Osiris 'Divergency' music video

Divergency (2013)

Born Of Osiris

Director: Frankie Nasso

Zardaz 'Dreamers' music video

Dreamers (2013)


Bad Wolf 'Drowning Beautiful' music video

Drowning Beautiful (2013)

Bad Wolf

Director: Raiya Corsiglia

Swearin' 'Dust in the Gold Sack' music video

Dust in the Gold Sack (2013)


Luis Coronel 'Escapate' music video

Escapate (2013)

Luis Coronel

Director: Omar Torres

Adrian Vera 'He Don't Know (Remix)' music video

He Don't Know (Remix) (2013)

Adrian Vera

Ashlee Keating 'Helluva Ride' music video

Helluva Ride (2013)

Ashlee Keating

Peter Jackson 'Help' music video

Help (2013)

Peter Jackson

Mic Bebe 'Here We Go' music video

Here We Go (2013)

Mic Bebe

Editors 'Honesty' music video

Honesty (2013)


Director: Favourite Colour Black

Minor Alps 'I  Don't Know What To Do With My Hands' music video

I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands (2013)

Minor Alps

Rebecca Ferguson 'I Hope' music video

I Hope (2013)

Rebecca Ferguson

Kidd Kidd 'I'm A G (Bury Me A G)' music video

I'm A G (Bury Me A G) (2013)

Kidd Kidd

Eve to Adam 'Immortal' music video

Immortal (2013)

Eve to Adam

Nico & Vinz 'In Your Arms' music video

In Your Arms (2013)

Nico & Vinz

Director: Kavar Singh

The Starfolk 'Into the Clouds' music video

Into the Clouds (2013)

The Starfolk

PYYRAMIDS 'Invisible Scream' music video

Invisible Scream (2013)


TOY 'Join The Dots' music video

Join The Dots (2013)


Director: James Henry

Emma 'L'Amore Non Mi Basta' music video

L'Amore Non Mi Basta (2013)


Director: Luca Tartaglia

Blaumut 'Les 7 i Quart' music video

Les 7 i Quart (2013)


Director: Queralt Antú Serrano

Patent Pending 'Let Go' music video

Let Go (2013)

Patent Pending

Kove 'Love For You' music video

Love For You (2013)


Young Fathers 'LOW' music video

LOW (2013)

Young Fathers

The Whethermen 'McNuggets' music video

McNuggets (2013)

The Whethermen

Chlöe Howl 'Paper Heart' music video

Paper Heart (2013)

Chlöe Howl

The Frajle 'Pare vole me (Gramophonedzie Remix)' music video

Pare vole me (Gramophonedzie Remix) (2013)

The Frajle

ALAK 'Pass' music video

Pass (2013)


Rainy Milo 'Rats' music video

Rats (2013)

Rainy Milo

The Belle Game 'River' music video

River (2013)

The Belle Game

His Clancyness 'Safe Around The Edges' music video

Safe Around The Edges (2013)

His Clancyness

Bear's Den 'Sahara' music video

Sahara (2013)

Bear's Den

Director: Harrison Atkins

SayWeCanFly 'Seventeen' music video

Seventeen (2013)


DeLorean 'Sing On Key' music video

Sing On Key (2013)


Jake Bugg 'Slumville Sunrise' music video

Slumville Sunrise (2013)

Jake Bugg

Director: Shane Meadows

Garfunkel and Oates 'Sports Go Sports' music video

Sports Go Sports (2013)

Garfunkel and Oates

Director: Riki Lindhome

Huey Mack 'Take It All Back' music video

Take It All Back (2013)

Huey Mack

Director: Mikey Easterling

Broken Hope 'The Flesh Mechanic' music video

The Flesh Mechanic (2013)

Broken Hope

Director: Corey Soria

Girls Names 'The New Life' music video

The New Life (2013)

Girls Names

Director: Dan Tombs

PTR MILE HIGH 'The Reign' music video

The Reign (2013)


Daedelus 'Tiptoes' music video

Tiptoes (2013)


GoodLuck 'Trickery' music video

Trickery (2013)


Calvin Harris 'Under Control' music video

Under Control (2013)

Calvin Harris

Director: Emil Nava

Breathe Of My Leaves 'We Kissed As Leaves Swirled Around Us' music video

We Kissed As Leaves Swirled Around Us (2013)

Breathe Of My Leaves

All That Remains 'What If I Was Nothing' music video

What If I Was Nothing (2013)

All That Remains

Epoch Failure 'Where I'm Sposed To Be' music video

Where I'm Sposed To Be (2013)

Epoch Failure

Mac Miller 'Youforia' music video

Youforia (2013)

Mac Miller

Director: Rex Arrow