Toxic Holocaust 'Acid Fuzz' music video

Acid Fuzz (2013)

Toxic Holocaust

Alvvays 'Adult Diversion' music video

Adult Diversion (2013)


Director: Colin Medley

Lindsey Stirling 'All Of Me' music video

All Of Me (2013)

Lindsey Stirling

So So Glos 'All Of The Time' music video

All Of The Time (2013)

So So Glos

The LaFontaines 'All She Knows' music video

All She Knows (2013)

The LaFontaines

weloveyouwinona 'Anyway' music video

Anyway (2013)


Moonface 'Barbarian' music video

Barbarian (2013)


Jhené Aiko 'Bed Peace' music video

Bed Peace (2013)

Jhené Aiko

Director: Danny Williams

Futuristic 'Day By Day' music video

Day By Day (2013)


Director: George Orozco

KVB, The 'DAYZED' music video

DAYZED (2013)

KVB, The

Tele Novella 'Don't Be A Stranger' music video

Don't Be A Stranger (2013)

Tele Novella

Fallen Up 'Erased' music video

Erased (2013)

Fallen Up

Hunter Hayes 'Everybody's Got Somebody But Me' music video

Everybody's Got Somebody But Me (2013)

Hunter Hayes

Director: Shane Drake

Decades 'For From Me' music video

For From Me (2013)


Mel B 'For Once In My Life' music video

For Once In My Life (2013)

Mel B

Erasure 'Gaudete' music video

Gaudete (2013)


Director: Martin Meunier, Tonya Hurley

Mr. Vegas 'Give it to Har' music video

Give it to Har (2013)

Mr. Vegas

Jason Maek 'God Made All Of Us' music video

God Made All Of Us (2013)

Jason Maek

Shyst Vader 'Gymnastics' music video

Gymnastics (2013)

Shyst Vader

Yandel 'Hasta Abajo' music video

Hasta Abajo (2013)


Fred V & Grafix 'Here With You' music video

Here With You (2013)

Fred V & Grafix

Director: Nezih Sava?kan

Julia Holter 'Horns Surrounding Me' music video

Horns Surrounding Me (2013)

Julia Holter

Director: Angus Borsos

Tommy Trash 'Hounds of Hell (w/ Wolfgang Gartner)' music video

Hounds of Hell (w/ Wolfgang Gartner) (2013)

Tommy Trash

Director: Daniel Cummings

Ellie Goulding 'How Long Will I Love You' music video

How Long Will I Love You (Version 2) (2013)

Ellie Goulding

Director: Roger Michell

KARI 'Hurry Up' music video

Hurry Up (2013)


Director: Zuza Krajewska

Young The Giant 'It's About Time' music video

It's About Time (2013)

Young The Giant

Director: David Vincent Wolf

Major Lazer 'Jet Blue Jet' music video

Jet Blue Jet (2013)

Major Lazer

Director: Grizz Lee

Etienne Daho 'La Peau Dure' music video

La Peau Dure (2013)

Etienne Daho

Leki 'Le Congo' music video

Le Congo (2013)


Obey The Brave 'Lifestyle' music video

Lifestyle (2013)

Obey The Brave

Mr. Vegas 'Love Yourself' music video

Love Yourself (2013)

Mr. Vegas

Lorine Chia 'Might Come Around' music video

Might Come Around (2013)

Lorine Chia

Patent 9 'Mindgrope' music video

Mindgrope (2013)

Patent 9

ChthoniC 'Next Republic' music video

Next Republic (2013)


Director: Alulu Kuo

The Dirty Nil 'Nicotine' music video

Nicotine (2013)

The Dirty Nil

Jules Not Jude 'Perfect Pop Song' music video

Perfect Pop Song (2013)

Jules Not Jude

Abbe May 'Perth Girls' music video

Perth Girls (2013)

Abbe May

Black On Black Rhyme 'Popular' music video

Popular (2013)

Black On Black Rhyme

Glass Animals 'Psylla' music video

Psylla (2013)

Glass Animals

Director: Rafael Bonilla Jr

Honey The Hippie 'Ride' music video

Ride (2013)

Honey The Hippie

Director: Colton White

DeStorm Power 'See Me Standing' music video

See Me Standing (2013)

DeStorm Power

DJ Rhiannon 'Straitjacket' music video

Straitjacket (2013)

DJ Rhiannon

Director: Eric Tabor

Thy Art Is Murder 'The Purest Strain Of Hate' music video

The Purest Strain Of Hate (2013)

Thy Art Is Murder

T.I. 'The Way We Ride' music video

The Way We Ride (2013)


Director: PhillyFlyBoy

D-Lo 'Tic Toc' music video

Tic Toc (2013)


Tripnotic 'Tricky Three' music video

Tricky Three (2013)


Schooner 'Veins' music video

Veins (2013)